Random Outfits: May 11: Flowers for Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day, May 11, we had some beautiful weather.  It was gorgeous out, and even–dare I say it–hot!  I took full advantage of the situation and dressed up a little bit for my family’s Mother’s Day brunch, busting out a skirt that’s been in and out of the donate pile and the alteration pile over the years, but still manages to find its way back into my heart before it gets donated or altered.

Flowers for Mother’s Day

Let’s talk about this skirt real quick, k?  I got it probably about eight years ago, maybe even nine.  It’s from Express, though I found it off-season at TJ Maxx.  I loved the flattering cut, the vintage feel, and the pockets. Pockets!! I also loved that it was long enough to wear to work if I wanted to.  I loved everything about it… and yet I only wore it a handful of times.  Eventually, it made its way to the donate pile simply based on the “I never wear this” criteria.  But then I snatched it back and hung it up where I could see it better, giving it another chance.  This happened a couple more times, and at some point, I decided I’d shorten it so it was a little more flattering with flats (but still modest enough to wear to work).  So it sat for probably a year, unworn, unaltered, and largely forgotten.

When I was thinking about what I wanted to wear for Mother’s Day brunch, I knew I wanted to pair a crop top with a skirt.  I’d just gotten a basic black cropped tank from Forever21 (here are three similar tops), and wanted to wear it with a springy skirt. I went and dug this pink number out of my alterations pile, miraculously un-creased, and it was perfect!  I then added my black and white heels, the same 1154 LILL clutch you saw on my Easter random outfits post, and an arm party.  My nails were painted with Sally Hansen Triple Shine in “Dive In” (which came in one of my VoxBoxes), so I did a pop of shimmery teal on my eyelids too.

Random Outfits: May 11: Flowers for Mother's Day

Here are those fab shoes again! This is from the front, where you can really see the beautiful nail color on my toes.  I really can’t get over how easy to wear these shoes are, especially with the issues my foot has been giving me lately.  I’m so glad they’re wearable though… because they really go with pretty much everything.

Random Outfits: May 11: Flowers for Mother's Day

And here’s a look at my clutch and my arm party.  I wore my three Stella & Dot bracelets, but added a black beaded one and a pearl beaded one, to kind of tie in the black and white in the shoes and the clutch.  I loved the way this stack looked… elegant with just a little rocker. Just the way I like it lately, and absolutely perfect for a Mother’s Day brunch.

Random Outfits: May 11: Flowers for Mother's Day

I got quite a few complements on my outfit, which was really nice.  I loved the look, and felt great in it.  There wasn’t even a sliver of midriff showing either, which was kind of nice, but a little disappointing at the same time (I’d wanted that when I initially decided to pair the two together). But either way, it looked smashing and I’m glad this skirt has stuck around.

Do you have any items like this skirt?

Pieces that keep making their way back into your closet, even though you rarely wear them?  Or are you the type of person that gets rid of something right away, without giving yourself a chance to think about it?

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