21 Day Challenge: Days 8-11

Phew!  Long weekend of no blogging, and that means a long post with a few days’ worth of outfits and such.  For those who don’t know, I was visiting a friend in Davenport, Iowa and took a little day trip to Ames on Sunday to get my ear pierced (I’ll blog more about that later).  Anyway, as I’ve done in the last couple posts like this, I’ll start with today and work my way backwards.

Day 11
Today’s rule was “wear a dress or skirt”, so I went the easy route and remixed the striped dress I chose for that exact purpose last earlier in the challenge.  Because I was going to be driving from Davenport and heading right into work, I wanted to be both comfortable and work-ready.  So, I opted to add a thermal hooded top over the dress, and added a blazer over that to dress it up a bit.  This hoodie is about the only red thing I own, because most red just doesn’t look all that great on me.  I love this top though, mostly because of the awesome graphic, so I won’t get rid of it.  This is the first time I’m wearing in ages, and the first time I’m dressing it up.  I went with cocoa tights and my black lace up booties, which I topped with grey leg warmers.  I was going to add a big chunky grey scarf to the outfit, but it was way too nice this morning to even think about it, so I left it out.  Here’s how it all looks together.

This is actually the first time I’m wearing legwarmers, aside from around the house.  I kinda like it, though I think next time I’ll add socks over the tights as well… my toes are a little chilly.  But it’s not bad, and I may try it again… we’ll see.

Day 10
Sunday’s rule was “wear a closet orphan”.  After thinking long and hard about it, I chose grey, open cardigan sweater.  I was originally going to wear it over a tunic dress, belted, with tights and these socks, but decided at the last minute the “Women Rule The World” shirt was more appropriate for going to get my ear pierced.  Probably a wise choice, as it ended up being way colder than it was supposed to be the last time I checked the weather.  I wore combat boots ’cause I was going to be driving for 3 hours, and my awesome ripped up socks because, well, they’re awesome (and warm–I ended up pulling them up to OTK length at one point).  No coat, because I didn’t think I’d need one.  Dumb.  I wore boyfriend shorts from H&M to complete the look, and added a black tank under the shirt for modesty.  I wore glasses, mostly because I decided to be lazy and not put my contacts in.

Oh hey, a pretty good shot that shows my black glasses (I have brown ones too that are different).  Yay!  Anyway, I’ll definitely be bringing the cardi into my winter rotation.  I forgot how cozy it is, even though it doesn’t close.  Plus, it’s got tiny silver threads running thru it, giving it a little sparkle.  Pretty!

Day 9
Saturday was monochrome day.  I actually didn’t end up getting “for real” dressed until later in the evening, because my friend and I ran a quick errand (which turned into a long one and an awesome thrift store find), but that’s ok.  I also didn’t wear what I planned on wearing, and instead opted to wear another oversized sweater over the DIY torn jeans I’d planned on wearing.  The jeans are cut up all the way down the front, and I wore sheer black tights underneath, so it wasn’t so obvious (and revealing).  I added a white chunky sweater on top and that was it.  Pretty easy, and actually a little cuter than the all-black look I’d been planning.  I went with combat boots instead of heels because it kinda emphasized the “rocker” look of the pants, which I liked.  Plus, we weren’t going anywhere special, so yea.

I was kind of in a pose-y mood, since we’d spent a couple hours shooting.  I also had on pretty heavy makeup.  Had a little fun taking pics haha.

Day 8
And finally, day 8, which was Friday.  Friday’s rule was “mix fancy and casual”.  I was going to do a great maxi skirt I have, that is actually the bottom part of a formal dress.  But I was also going to be driving all morning and didn’t feel like wearing a maxi dress.  So instead I paired my ruffley skirt with an un-ironed buttondown shirt, which I tied at the waist (a first for me, very likely since the early 90’s, no joke).  I wore tights, black OTK socks that I scrunched down, and combat boots.  I kept my makeup pretty neutral, with just a sweep of sheer shimmery eyeshadow, some mascara, and a little blush, and that’s it.  I actually really liked this look.

So that’s it.
My 4 looks from over the weekend.  I’ll write a post about my new piercing shortly!