Random Outfits: May 7: Rags & Riches

Ok, I know some of my Instagram followers have been dying to see this whole Random Outfits look since I posted pics of it the day I wore it, and here it is, finally!  This was another great take on the sporty trend that I’ve worn here and here, and quite possibly my favorite spin on it so far.  It started with a vintagey White Sox tee I thrifted, which I then paired with my Valentino pencil skirt.  I finished the look with some white heels, and pigtails… because pigtails make everything awesome, I’ve decided.

Rags & Riches

So, the Valentino skirt… it was actually, a gift, believe it or not!  Once upon a time, my cousin worked for Neiman Marcus, and one of the perks of her job was getting a great discount on everything, even sale stuff.  So when she spotted this skirt on the sale rack, she snagged it and bought it for way cheap, and gave it to me when I was the lucky one it fit.  I didn’t have much use for it then, but boy has it become a fantastic, versatile skirt!  I wish I had it in like, 10 different colors!  I probably wouldn’t wear much else… it fits me so well and is pretty darn comfortable for being a wool skirt.  But I guess that’s why it’s a luxury brand, right?

So why not pair it with a well-worn, vintage-inspired White Sox tee found at a thrift store, right? Right! I couldn’t resist the pairing, and finished it off with my newly-favorite black and white spotted heels.  My Stella & Dot Somervell necklace and navy and red medallion Mercer Zip Wallet finished off the look, though it wouldn’t have been complete without braided pigtails and my glasses.

Random Outfits: May 7: Rags & Riches

I’m pretty sure, at this point, you’re sick of seeing these sho–ah who am I kidding? It’s impossible to be sick of seeing these shoes! They’re fantastic, and way more versatile than I thought they would be when I bought them! I am hooked, and kind of wish the heel were a little shorter so I could wear them more. But if that were the case, they probably wouldn’t be as great-looking.

Random Outfits: May 7: Rags & Riches

And my wallet? Doubles as a great clutch too, which is awesome because sometimes, I just don’t feel like dealing with a purse!  This was one of those days.

Random Outfits: May 7: Rags & Riches

Yup, I loved this look!  It was adorable for work, and a little dressier than normal for me (that’s ok though–I like to keep my coworkers on their toes).  I may or may not be growing my collection of sport-inspired pieces so that I can revisit this look and rewear it as much as possible without being too “hi, I wore this exact outfit 2 weeks ago”, because as much as I loved this look, I love variety too!

So what do you think?

If you were one of the ones itching to see this look, is it everything you thought it would be?  Do you think you’re going to be rummaging through your closet for a tee to dress up with a pencil skirt like this? Let me know in the comments below!

Disclaimer: This post contains links to Stella & Dot. I’m a Stella & Dot rep, so if you click on them and purchase, I may receive commission on the sale. 

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