Random Outfits: May 8: Shades of White

Summer showed up on May 8th, which was really nice and a little surprising at the same time.  After what seemed like weeks of unseasonably cool weather, we were met with some really warm stuff.  The office was still cold, but outside it was warm (and later in the afternoon, just downright hot).  So I had to figure out an outfit that would keep me comfortable inside as well as outside.  Enter a random outfits look comprised of a maxi skirt and one of the tops I got during Go Blog Social, some capri tights, and a long duster cardigan.

Shades of White

This outfit started out pretty simply.  I wanted to wear the tribal print tank top I got in Kansas City, and I wanted to wear this white burnout maxi I got at Target. Initially, this look was the one I’d been going for… but when I tucked the tank into the maxi, it was… not good.  So I went untucked.  It lended itself a little more towards PJs, especially with the cardigan on top, but I added some necklaces and black tights to kind of bolden the look up a bit.

Random Outfits: May 8: Shades of White

The necklaces consisted of a jeweled butterfly necklace I’ve had since freshman year of college or so, my Syd Rocks necklace, my Stella & Dot Sahara Pendant, and a long string of purpley-grey pearls that’s probably as old as the butterfly necklace.  I added my daily rings, and a pair of longer earrings from H&M, and that was it.

Random Outfits: May 8: Shades of White

I was back and forth on the shoes for this look.  Heels likely would have taken it even a step farther from PJs, but I just couldn’t bring myself to spend the day suffering in heels.  And I also feel like the length of the skirt would have been off too, with heels.  So I opted for my grey smoking flats.

Random Outfits: May 8: Shades of White

I ended up really liking this outfit, and still like it looking at photos.  I do want to work more on wearing this skirt in the style of my inspiration photo, and like the comfort of the skirt itself (and the fact that the underskirt is long enough for work and doesn’t ride up to embarrassing heights when I move).  I will be playing more with this skirt as summer goes along.

Are you a fan of all-white looks?

I’m usually not, largely because I feel like I’m going to get something on them.  But lately I’ve been wearing more and more white (especially on the bottom half).  Maybe I’m finally “grown up” enough that I can manage to keep things cleaner? Ha!

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