Random Outfits: May 5: The 90’s Called & I Answered!

May 5th was still a little on the chilly side.  Chilly enough that I wore leggings, OTK socks under OTK boots, and a flannel and a pleather jacket over a cute floral babydoll dress, in a great nod to the 90’s for this Random Outfits post from a season I like to call “it’s spring… somewhere”.

The 90’s Called & I Answered

I can’t remember what inspired this look, to be honest. But chances are, I just really wanted to wear this floral dress I got at Goodwill, and it was too cold to wear it like a dress, so instead, I paired it with leggings and allowed it to act more like a tunic.  Though, reality is, I kind of shrunk it and am not sure I’d wear it without shorts or capris under it regardless haha.  Anyway, I popped leggings under this dress and then topped them with brown and white marled over-the-knee socks, which I topped with my black OTK riding boots.  Because the dress is short-sleeved, I added a black and white flannel (also thrifted) and then my black faux leather moto jacket.  And then, of course, I threw on four necklaces to finish the look.

Random Outfits: May 5: The 90's Called & I Answered!

The four necklaces I chose consisted of my choker-length gold chain, my Stella & Dot Rebel Pendant, my Syd Rocks necklace, and a coral-colored beaded necklace that I made. I chose these 4 pieces because I liked the way they stacked and I liked the pop of color the coral necklace added.

Random Outfits: May 5: The 90's Called & I Answered!

Here’s a closer look at the pattern on the dress, as well as the rings I have on.  Two of them are from Stella & Dot.  The first is the gold Eternal Band Ring on my left index finger, and the second is two-thirds of the Mimi Stackable Ring Set, which is on sale and being discontinued if you like it.  That stack sits on top of a bow ring from Premier Designs jewelry, and both the Eternal Band and the stack I wear almost every day.

Random Outfits: May 5: The 90's Called & I Answered!

Overall, I really liked this look, and will probably wear it again in fall.  It was comfortable and fun, and I liked the pattern mixing and the nod to 90’s grunge, while still being a little modern.

The 90’s seem to be back…

Do you think it’s rad, or are you all “as if” about it?  I think it’s totally rad, obviously!

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