21 Day Challenge: Day 7

It’s already been a week, wow!  Today’s rule was layering accessories, which was pretty easy for me.  I did, however, pull stuff I haven’t worn in awhile to layer, because what fun is it if I’m laying stuff I wear all the time?

I’ve been wanting to wear this sweater since I got it, and today’s chilly weather was perfect for it.  It’s a thrift store find that I’m in absolute love with, and have already gotten a couple of complements on from coworkers.  You’ll very likely be seeing this sweater again next week, as I plan on bringing it with for Thanksgiving weekend.  I added a teal scarf and a cute owl pendant necklace, and wore the sweater over dark blue-grey skinny jeans.  I wore my favorite boots to lengthen my legs a bit and give my bottom half some more defined shape.  And glasses again today… still giving my eyes a bit of a rest.

Yea, I totally love this outfit!  Comfy but chic at the same time.  And I’m getting more and more comfortable laying accessories like scarves and necklaces.

Not sure how posting is going to be this weekend.  I’m on the road tomorrow headed to Iowa, where I’ll be visiting a friend, shooting, and doing some other random stuff (stay tuned, I’ll be posting about it!).  Chances are, it’ll be another big long post Mon or Tues.

Happy weekend!