Random Outfits: April 28: Welcome Back, Fall… or… Winter?

Well, so spring definitely decided to take a little vacation and come back later at the end of April. In fact, this random outfits look was originally going to feature a lighter-weight, 3/4 sleeve cardigan, but I ended up being so cold I went home on lunch and changed into a cozier sweater!  I was straight up dressed for winter on April 28, over-the-knee boots and all.

Welcome Back, Fall… or.. Winter?

Initially, this outfit was actually very similar to one I wore in March.  It started with my navy fleece-lined leggings (yes, it was that chilly out) and my black over-the-knee boots.  I really liked the look, back in March, of the “Made in USA” shirt with the gold striped cardigan, so I put that on in the morning and added my Stella & Dot Somervell necklace, and out the door I went.  It was cool out, but I figured it would warm up by the time I went to lunch.  Totally not the case, and I ended up heading home and swapping the lighter weight sweater out for my cozy tribal-print cardigan (which is a couple years old and from Old Navy).

Random Outfits: April 28: Welcome Back, Fall...

The second version of this outfit was way more comfortable, and actually worked really well together.  It isn’t something I’d have thought to put together, but sometimes, necessity is the mother of fashion, right?  Here’s a close up of the necklace, which has become a wardrobe favorite–it layers beautifully but stands alone well too.

Random Outfits: April 28: Welcome Back, Fall...

I still can’t believe I was wearing fleece-lined leggings and OTK boots at the end of April, but then again, this is Chicago-land, so I shouldn’t really be all that surprised.  In fact, I think the week before Memorial Day we had snow.  Ah well, what can you do, aside from roll with Mother Nature’s punches?

Random Outfits: April 28: Welcome Back, Fall...

I rather liked this outfit, and will most likely wear it again come fall or winter.  It’s proof that even some pieces can work year-round, I suppose.  I’ve had this tank for almost a year now, and only recently thought to put it under a cardigan.  Prior to that, I really only wore it with a bralette underneath, because it has oversize arm holes, and to me, that always read “tank top” for some strange reason.

Have you ever worn something in a way other than it was intended?

What’s your favorite way to wear something that’s different than the “real” way to wear it?  Do you wear dresses as skirts, or maybe you put your cardigans on backwards?  Feel free to share your ideas in the comments below!

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