Random Outfits: April 20: Spring Has Sprung!

Yesterday I showed you how I went sporty chic for Easter dinner, and for Easter brunch the next day, I opted for a totally different look.  Since it was definitely spring, I busted out the beautiful dress I got while I was at Go Blog Social, and did some pattern-mixing and arm-partying like it was nobody’s business.  This brightly colored dress is actually something I normally would have avoided, but for some reason, it called my name while I was at the Garment District in KC, and ended up coming home with me.  The tribal-inspired pattern and flattering cut were really what sold me, but I’ve discovered that the bright colors are a welcome addition to my spring and summer wardrobe.  I’m not sure if it’s because my winter wardrobe was so drab and repetitive, or if I’m just branching out, but either way, I like where this dress is taking me.

Spring Has Sprung!

I always feel obliged to dress a little nicer on Easter, even though I grew up Jewish and don’t do more than go out for a food-coma-inducing brunch with my husband’s immediate family.  Heck, maybe it’s because it’s usually the first time in at least a couple months that I can bust out a dress and open-toe heels.  Who knows… anyway, I put this super fun outfit together in my head well over a week in advance, and was so glad it was one I was actually able to wear (and that it looked just like I wanted it to when I put it on).  I started with the great dress and added cropped opaque tights in black.  Then I added my black and white heels, which I got over the winter and have fallen in love with.  I added three belts at my waist–one solid black, one black with clear and yellow gems, and one solid white–to nip in the waist and tie in the black and white shoes.  I threw on my Somervell necklace for a little sparkle–I didn’t want to go over the top with all that was going on with the dress, but felt naked without something on–and added an arm party that actually incorporated my dress watch that hubs got me for the holidays before we got married.  I added an 1154 LILL clutch that my cousin made me and shrugged on a cropped jacket for a little extra warmth since it was chilly out of the sun, threw my hair in a top knot, and off we went to get our food babies.
Random Outfits: April 20: Spring Has Sprung!

This look was one that really mixed some great elements of my style, and had me feeling like myself, even while dressed up.  Granted, I still incorporated some casual elements here, like the cropped tights and an arm party, but for brunch, this is a little dressier.  I really liked the way this look stood out, and how all the pieces came together for great coherence.  Like this bag, which was a last-minute “oh yea, I totally forgot I had this” addition.  Even though it’s patterned, it didn’t clash with the dress at all, and instead added another element to it that worked really nicely.

I’m so proud of this detail shot I can’t even begin to tell you!  It does such a good job capturing the vibrance of this look and everything I loved about it.  You can clearly see all of my rings (including the bow ring, which is the third piece I added to the Mimi stack) and the infinity midi ring, which I also got at the Garment District in Kansas City.  Plus, you can see my fab arm party here, featuring my beautiful Raymond Weil watch, a couple of Stella & Dot regulars (the Renegade and the Christina), one of my Lily and Laura beaded bracelets, and a couple of randoms thrown in for extra color and texture.  You can also see the great nail polish I had on–a deep, rich pink that, sadly, was already chipping the second day into my mani.  But boy did it look beautiful with this outfit!

Random Outfits: April 20: Spring Has Sprung!

A random outfts post like this wouldn’t be complete without a detail shot of a newfound favorite pair of shoes!  Here they are, though slightly over-exposed, in all of their high-heeled glory.  I was nervous about getting them, because I wasn’t sure if my poor feet could handle the heel height (and lack of platform), and I was worried that the high “collar” on the back would dig into my ankles and cause blisters, but the height is surprisingly ok, and there are no blisters to be found after wearing these numerous times.  They did have to be worn sparingly at first, but the more I wear them, the longer I’m able to be in them.  They have such a great shape, and go with so much in my closet.  Definitely a good purchase!  And if you love them as much as I do, they’re the “Hot Spot Ankle Strap Heels” at GoJane and they’re on sale now (just a few sizes left)!

Random Outfits: April 20: Spring Has Sprung!

While this outfit wasn’t as staggeringly inspiring to me as the previous day’s look, this one has proven that I can add color into my wardrobe.  Unfortunately, spring didn’t stick around as much as I would have liked (though at this point, it’s proven to be here to stay), and I was back to wearing sweaters for a little.  Regardless, this look totally rocked it.

What’s your take on color?

Are you the type to shy away from bold patterns and lots of color?  If so, would you ever buy such a bold piece to try to inject your wardrobe with a little color?  Let me know in the comments!

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