Random Outfits: April 19: Casual, Sporty Chic

Oy, I’m way behind here on getting these up, but that’s ok… I’m working on it and will get caught up eventually. I’m super excited about this new Random Outfits post format, and can’t wait to show you some of my more recent looks! But, this outfit, which I wore to Easter dinner with my husband’s family on April 19, actually helped inspire me to put a different spin on my style, and has me thinking a little more out of the box in regards to my wardrobe.

The more I see this sporty chic look that’s in, the more I love it, and this outfit was directly inspired by this trend. It all started with a few pins: this one, this one, and (oddly enough) this one. For quite some time I’ve loved the idea of mixing “harder” pieces–like leather–with “softer” ones–like lace. This mix of sporty, more masculine-inspired pieces with soft, feminine pieces, took that to a totally different level though, and was way more unexpected than a tried-and-true mixing of leather and lace.  Plus, sport-inspired pieces are super in right now, which makes them easier to find.  I found this particular cropped top on the clearance rack at Target, and snatched it up without even trying it on. It fit into my closet perfectly, and prevented me from spending months trying to find the perfect tee to cut short in various thrift stores, all without setting me back much more than what I would have spent at a thrift store. That’s not to say I haven’t still been hunting for (and finding) sporty pieces at thrift stores, but that’s ok.

Overall, this sporty trend, and the idea to take it and pair it with something more feminine, has me looking at my wardrobe totally differently.  What else can I mix-and-match, in terms of styles?  Are there “hard” elements that I can pair with “soft” ones that might work together, despite one’s gut reaction to it?  You’ll see, coming up in some of my more recent random outfits, what I’ve found I can do with my wardrobe and my new thoughts on things.  In the meantime, here’s the outfit that started it all…

Casual, Sporty Chic

With Easter dinner looming, my desire was to wear something comfortable but still nicer-looking, so I opted to take this grey cropped top and pair it with my cream lace skirt, which I got a few years ago at H&M.  Since this top is cropped (but bought a little oversized) it hit nicely just below the waistband of the skirt, which meant I wasn’t even showing a sliver of skin unless I raised my arms above my head.  I opted to go with my grey smoking flats, though initially I’d intended on changing into heels after running some errands in flats… my feet just were not having it though, so I stayed in the flats.  For jewelry, I wore my Michael Kors rose gold watch, and two Stella & Dot bracelets I’m sure you’re pretty used to seeing by now.  I also added a little green fox bracelet for a drop of color (even though there’s a dayglo greenish-yellow on the sleeves of the tee, it was mostly hidden by my ancient Max Studio denim jacket).  For necklaces, I wore my Rebel Pendant with my Syd Rocks necklace and that vintage collarbone-skimming one I’ve had since I was a kid.  I went a little messy-waves with my hair, but by the end of the night it was up in a high ponytail.

Random Outfits: April 19: Casual, Sporty Chic

I didn’t shoot a detail shot of these shoes, mostly because they’re pretty plain, and what fun is that?  I did, however, snag a shot of my necklaces (and tee) as well as one of my bracelets.  This tee is crazy soft and worn-on feeling, which I absolutely love.  It speaks to that part of rockstar me that loves things broken in and worn.  And while I got this top oversized, it still work on me fairly nicely.  I think it’s the slight high-low cut of the hem and the longer sleeves… it makes it look more intentionally oversized and not just big and frumpy.  The almost-burnout heathering on this top is what makes the fabric so soft, which allows it to drape really nicely.  The wider neckline also really help keep it more feminine while still being sporty.  All things to look for, I think, if you’re looking to bring this trend into your wardrobe.  Try to find pieces that work well for your body shape and aren’t just sporty for the sake of being sporty.

Random Outfits: April 19: Casual, Sporty Chic

And here’s a closer shot of the detail in the skirt as well as my chosen arm wear.  This cream lace skirt is one of the few light bottoms I own.  In fact, it’s the lightest bottom half article of clothing I have, and I think the only reason I’ve managed to keep it remarkably clean is because I take special care to be gentle with it because of the fabric.  Nearly every other lighter article of clothing I have has gotten something on it during the course of regular wear.  Pen seems to be the number one culprit, followed by food.  I don’t know how I’ve managed to keep this skirt clean and free from random pen marks and strange, sat in substances, but I have.  And now I’ve just jinxed it, I’m sure.

Random Outfits: April 19: Casual, Sporty Chic

This is actually probably one of the better shots I have that shows my new obsession: the Stella & Dot Mimi Stackable Ring set.  From the moment I got it, it’s been part of my daily jewelry wear. I love the Labradorite and silver combination, and the daintiness of it. I’ve recently added a third ring to the stack (I don’t wear the textured one that came with this set because I don’t like the way it feels on my adjacent fingers).  It’s currently on sale now, the Mimi ring set, and it’s actually a retired item, so when the stock is gone, it’s gone for good!  If you dig it, order now.

Success on so many levels!

I loved this look (obviously), and can’t wait to show you some of the random outfits I’ve put together since this one inspired me to look at my wardrobe differently!  What do you think of the sporty trend, or just the idea of taking something hard and mixing it with something soft for an unexpected aesthetic?  Is it something you’re into, something you’d try, or something you stay far, far away from?  Let me know in the comments below… I love hearing from you!

I am a Stella & Dot Stylist, which means I may receive commission on purchases you make through the Stella & Dot website.

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