Splurge or Save? Save on the Overalls Trend!

Overalls are back in a big way!

My jury is still out (though I did wear a pair of dark denim overall cutoffs last summer), they’re growing on me. I’m not sure if it’s the updated, slimmer lines, or seeing how effortlessly chic they look on others, but the more I see, the more I’m thinking that I need to invest in a pair. And by “invest in a pair” I mean spend as little money as possible on something I’m not sure I love.

So for me, the overalls trend, is for sure, a “save” trend.

Splurge or Save? Save on the overalls trend! From left to right: Overalls from Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Express, Nordstrom, and Forever21

However, last weekend while wandering around one of my local malls, I spotted a super cute pair of distressed denim overalls at Anthropologie.  I figured they might be worth it from a quality standpoint and looked at the price tag. They were a whopping $348!  There’s absolutely no way I’m spending that much money on this kind of trend, so I started to dig to see what I could find that looked similar, but was much, much cheaper.

The friend I’d been shopping with that particular day had wanted to go into Nordstrom after Anthropologie, and saw a couple pairs there.  I decided I’d look at pricing online, since I hadn’t looked that day.  Bit of a range… there was one pair by Free People for $148, and another by Fire (a brand I’m not familiar with) for $48.  $48 is more my speed, but I still figured I’d be able to find an even better deal.

I turned to Express, because I recalled seeing a pair online there while I was hunting for a black lace skirt.  They have ’em, but I’d be better off with the $48 pair from Nordstrom… the Express Boyfriend Overalls are a surprising $98!  They’d have been an ok deal a couple weeks ago when everything was 40% off, but still not as cheap as the pair by Fire at Nordstrom.  On to the “fast fashion” stores… they always have the latest trends for cheap.

And I was right… I hit the savings jackpot at H&M and Forever21!

Both H&M and Forever21 have overalls that are staggeringly similar to the original pair I thought was cute at Anthropologie.  The overalls at H&M are $29.95 and feature the suspender-type back.  I’m thinking this kind back makes the overalls look a little more appealing from the back, as sometimes overalls can lean a little a “saggy diaper”.  Forever21 has three different options, all for just $29.80 each!  One Life in Progress pair has a standard overall back, while another Life in Progress pair has a suspender-inspired back, and the third is a pair of railroad striped overalls that are kind of cute, but not quite what I’m looking for.

I haven’t quite decided which I’m going to buy yet, and I may see if either of my local stores has them in stock so I can try them on before I spend the money.  It may be a “save” trend, but if they look ridiculous, then I’ll be really saving by not spending anything, haha!

What about you? Splurge, save, or pass?

Are overalls so your style that you’re willing to part with $100 or more for a pair?  Or would you rather save and not spend more than $30?  Heck, even if this trend is so totally-not-even-remotely for you, let me know what you think in the comments below!

Thanks to Erin from Credit Card Insider for suggesting this theme to me! This may be a new weekly or semi-weekly feature here at SSC!

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