Random Outfits: April 10: Hidden Skullies

One of the things I’ve learned from my Reader Survey was that you all like my style and want to see more of it. A few of you have even mentioned my Random Outfits posts. Yay! Something I’d been toying with the idea of was expanding on Random Outfits and doing one look per post, instead of a whole month or two per post, giving me the ability to go a little more in depth regarding specific looks, how to get them, and showing off detail. So, with you all essentially affirming my thoughts on things, I figured I’d start that now! So here’s my first new Random Outfits post… though you’ll have to pardon the pics for these first few, since I decided to do this breakout-type post about mid-way through the month, so I’ve been working on my detail shots a little.

Hidden Skullies

I’d bought these pants nearly a year ago, no joke, on clearance at H&M, and for whatever reason, found excuse after excuse to not wear them.  At first, it was too chilly out, and they wouldn’t work with boots.  Then it was summer, and they were too dark… whatever the excuse was, I just let them hang in my closet.  But I couldn’t get rid of them, in all their hidden skully glory, because I did actually really like them, and they fit me pretty well.  And I’m glad I kept them, because when I finally got around to wearing them the first time, the outfit came together nicely.

I paired this burgundy and black cropped pair of dress pants with a semi-sheer top that’s not quite cream, not quite tan.  Believe it or not, the top is actually from Costco!  It’s something I’m going to have to snap better detail shots of the next time I wear it, because it’s got some neat detailing on it that you can’t see here.  It came with an at-waist belt, which I nixed for this outfit, and has bronzy buttons and roll-up sleeves.  I left the sleeves down and added a plain black tank underneath for some much-needed modesty at work.  Then I added pewter flats, some jewelry, and a top-knot.

Random Outfits: April 10: Hidden Skullies I wasn’t particularly pleased with any of the shots from this full-length set, to be honest, but this one was the cutest.  A bird “buzzed the tower” just before this shot was taken, hence my reaction here.

I call these pants “Hidden Skullies” because the baroque-inspired pattern actually has skulls incorporated into it!  I distinctly recall squealing with delight when I found these pants, because they spoke to me.  They were business-casual-friendly, but weren’t the type of pant that was going to force me to tell my inner rockstar to STFU.  I loved them, and still do!  They’re so much fun, and actually, a really great color on me.  A great alternative to a plain black pant!

Random Outfits: April 10: Hidden Skullies Fun, right?! From far away, you can’t even see the skulls, but when you’re close, there they are. It’s genius, really. 

I mentioned throwing on a pile of necklaces, as I often do, and here’s a better look at them.  I went with a more dainty look, since I was wearing skulls all over my pants, and started off with a vintage gold choker. I wear this a lot, as it’s a great base for a layered look.  I followed it up with a now (unfortunately) discontinued labradorite pendant from Stella & Dot, and finished off the look with my rose gold name necklace from 9th and Elm Inc.  It’s a good, light stack of mixed metals, which tied into my platinum wedding set and rose gold Michael Kors watch into things nicely.

Random Outfits: April 10: Hidden Skullies You can actually see a little bit of the cool detailing on this shirt here.  There’s braiding along the shoulders that makes this shirt just a little special.

Overall, I was rather pleased with this wear-to-work look.

It was a little on the conservative side, in terms of being dress pants and fairly simple pieces, but there’s nothing wrong with that!  In fact, sometimes, that’s just what you need to sort of recharge.  Simple pieces like this top can give you a new appreciation for their versatility, while more fun pieces can give them new life.

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