Random Outfits: April 11: Tropical Stripes

April 11th was one of the first nice days we had in awhile. And by “nice” I mean in the 70’s after a long, long stretch of 40’s and 50’s. So I busted out this tropical-print skirt that I got at Savers over the winter. It’s actually Banana Republic, and it’s got pockets! I love me a skirt with pockets! It’s the perfect length for work, which is great too. Not too bad a buy, considering it was around $10.

Tropical Stripes

I paired the bright, tropical-print skirt with a black and white striped top.  Honestly, I probably would have worn solid black with this the first time, but I couldn’t find a plain black tee or long-sleeved top, so that’s why I opted for stripes.  It worked out really well, though.  On top of the tee, for warmth in the morning and in the office, I added a black pleather moto jacket, which accented my black cutout Steve Madden booties (similar here). I added a statement necklace that pulled out the turquoises and greens in the skirt, a basic black leather band watch, and that was it.
Random Outfits: April 11: Tropical Stripes

Here’s a closer shot of the statement necklace.  I picked it up over the winter, on clearance at Franchesca’s Collections.  I’m still not 100% sure I love it, but it was free when I got my awesome acrylic necklace, so I’ll give it a try a couple more times before it goes into the donate pile.  It did work really well with this outfit though, I’m not going to deny that.  If you dig it, Stella & Dot has a similar one on sale (and being discontinued) right now, so head on over and grab the Juniper Necklace before it’s gone!

Random Outfits: April 11: Tropical Stripes

And here’s a look at my booties, along with my super pasty legs.  I hadn’t realized just how pale I really was (which is silly, considering I haven’t gotten tan for years) until I was walking from my car into the office.  I looked down and it was blinding, haha! Normally, I’m all about being pale, but seeing just how white I am, I might actually lay out this summer with intention of getting a little color. Maybe it was the bright blues in the skirt that highlighted it just right, but boy… I felt like a vampire going out into the sun.

Random Outfits: April 11: Tropical Stripes Hello, Trixie! And hello to my black, low cut socks… that’s one of the issues I have with these boots, which I hadn’t noticed when I tried them on because I hadn’t been wearing socks. Oh well… 

I liked this look, vampire legs and all.

So that was my second random outfit for April.  I really liked it, and am so glad I grabbed the skirt at Savers over the winter!  No doubt it was one of those pieces I saw, thought of the tropics, and thought I’d try on… normally, I likely would have walked right past it, but I think my desire for warm weather over the winter steered me towards giving it a shot.  It worked out well though, and I think it’s going to be a good addition to my closet.  I’m definitely looking forward to working it into my rockstar style a little more.  Goes to show that sometimes, when you’re wishing for something, it can show up in the most unexpected way.

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