Move Over BB Cream, Studio Gear Hydrating CC Cream is Here!

Last week, I talked about using a vitamin C serum to get my face ready for summer. Well, in addition to using that, I’ve started using a CC cream as well. CC cream is kind of new, and is kind of the next-best-thing to BB cream. I didn’t really know what the difference was, though, so when BrandBacker gave me the opportunity to review Studio Gear’s Hydrating CC Cream by providing me with a sample, I jumped on it.

I’m a recent BB cream convert. For a long time, I just moisturized my face, popped on a little spot-concealer if I needed it, and went. BB cream came around and gave me some extra coverage without being cakey and gross, and it did so by claiming a few extra benefits than my regular moisturizer (like vitamins and minerals, SPF 15, and a more even skin tone), The first time I wore it, I heard all day how rested I looked, largely because it lightened the dark circles under my eyes enough to make me look less like a Walking Dead zombie extra.  I even posted a before and after pic on Facebook showing the difference between just my moisturizer and the Garnier Skin Renew BB Cream.

So what’s the difference between a BB cream and a CC cream?

Well, initially, I didn’t really think there was one.  I thought it was all just marketing BS–companies competing against each other to find the “next best thing” and hook you into spending money with them.  But I did a little research.  Now, BB creams and CC creams do vary by manufacturer, but it turns out, they are actually different products.

The “BB” in BB cream stands for “Beauty Balm”, and BB creams typically offer some sun protection (mine has SPF 20), as well as additional hydration and a little more coverage than a tinted moisturizer.  BB creams don’t have much in the way of anti-aging properties though, so they’re really mostly for coverage, moisture, and sun protection… essentially a single step instead of one or two.

CC creams are a little different, with the focus leaning a little more towards offering an anti-aging effect (or, in some cases, some actual anti-aging benefits).  The “CC” stands for “Color Correcting”, and CC creams tend to give you a lighter-feeling coverage with light-diffusing particles to help even your skin tone.  They also usually have SPF (Studio Gear’s has SPF 20) and a ton of antioxidants to help nourish your skin, some of which may also help reduce fine lines. Essentially, a CC cream is similar one-step process to BB cream, but one that nourishes as well and covers a little better than a BB cream does.

The Studio Gear Hydrating CC Cream offers SPF 20 and micro-encapsulated pigments, which perfect and fade dark spots and acne scarring while adapting to your skin tone to provide the most natural-looking coverage.  It has anti-aging and collagen building ingredients to help minimize fine lines and wrinkles, and “Hydra-Extend” technology which provides moisture for up to 72 hours.  All of that combined protects, conceals blemishes, and smoothes your skin while providing extra moisture, natural-looking pigment, and helping you maintain a youthful complexion.

I like Studio Gear Hydrating CC Cream better than my BB cream…

I hadn’t really expected to, but I’ve found that I do like the CC cream better!  I was a little surprised at first, because when I got it and put it on my finger to see what it was like and if the color matched, I thought it odd that it was white.  The Studio Gear Hydrating CC Cream isn’t tinted like my BB cream is… not in the instant sense at least.  But, when you smear it, it does actually turn into a pigmented cream. Here it is on my hand, next to my BB cream, where you can see what I’m talking about.

Studio Gear Hydrating CC Cream Review: The Smear

Another thing I noticed right away was the consistency of the Studio Gear Hydrating CC Cream.  It’s thicker, like my moisturizer, and not at all runny, like my BB cream is.  In fact, my BB cream is so runny that I struggle with a messy tube, and find that storing it cap side up in my makeup brush holder keeps it from getting too messy, but it doesn’t help much.  The Studio Gear CC Cream doesn’t have that problem, and I’ve been storing it by resting it standing on its cap for weeks.  See what I mean?

Studio Gear Hydrating CC Cream Review: The BB Cream Mess

The runniness of my BB cream has often resulted in too much coming out of the tube, which means too much on my hands (and sometimes my face).  It took me quite awhile to figure out the optimal application process, and I still find myself having to wash my hands after every application because otherwise I fear it will get all over everything (though I never feel like it rubs off my face, which is weird).  I don’t have that problem at all with Studio Gear’s CC Cream, and usually don’t even bother washing my hands after applying it–a quick wipe on my shower towel does it for me.

Overall, the effect is quite nice.  Because I have already youthful skin, I’m likely not seeing the wrinkle-reducing properties as much, but that’s ok.  I really like the moisturizing qualities of the Studio Gear Hydrating CC Cream.  This winter’s bitter cold weather had me using a body butter on my face, so the ultra-hydration that this CC cream offers is just what my skin needs for springtime.  My skin feels moisturized all day, without feeling greasy or weighted down, and I don’t feel like I’ve got a full face of makeup on (which is a feeling I just don’t like).  And yet, I still have some decent coverage and skin tone evening, which is great–it makes me feel a little more grown up than just going bare-faced.

Studio Gear Hydrating CC Cream Review: Before & After

As you can see, it gives me a nice even base for the minimal makeup I wear day-to-day, but doesn’t look like I caked on makeup.  I just kind of evens things out a little that I look a little more fresh-faced.  What you can’t see is how smooth and moisturized my skin feels, and how long that feeling lasts.  That, of course, is not an open invitation to touch my face should we ever meet in person… just sayin’.

Give Studio Gear Hydrating CC Cream a try yourself.

You can buy Studio Gear Hydrating CC Cream online, direct from Studio Gear Cosmetics, and if you do, you can save 10% with code bloggercc.  You can also find it in the beauty departments of Bloomingdales, Macy’s, Dillard’s, HSN and ULTA, should you wish to try before you buy.  If you’re looking for something that’s as light as your BB cream, moisturizes well, and offers some additional benefits, this might just be what you’re looking for.  

I received a sample of Studio Gear Hydrating CC Cream as compensation for writing this post. Compensation, however, does not change my opinions, all of which are my own. I only recommend products I actually use. For my full disclosure policy, go here.

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