What I Scored at the Gilt City Warehouse Sale

Friday night after work I met up with Maggie from Swear Jars & Shoe Funds and we raided the GiltCity Warehouse Sale, VIP style!  I’d gotten an invite to head to the VIP event before the sale opened to the public and, despite the fact that I had a ton of stuff going on over the weekend, I decided I just couldn’t pass up going.  So I left work early and made the torturous drive into the city to raid the warehouse, have some drinks, and hopefully score some great stuff.

And score I did!

I gave myself a $100 budget and tried on a bunch of stuff. I grabbed a purse, a few pairs of shoes, a couple pairs of pants, a skirt, some dresses, and pretty much anything I wanted to really… some of which was totally outside my budget, like the nude leather and suede Valentino Rockstud Ankle Boots I tried on simply because I could.  There was also a white leather dress that felt glorious, but was something like $600 (and too big on me anyway). I ended up leaving with two great items, one of which being something I’d been wanting to add to my closet for quite some time.

I got myself a pair of grey Kelsi Dagger Josephine Booties and a Free People Embroidered Festival Jacket.  The booties retail, according to the Gilt website, for around $149, while the jacket still had the original price tag attached and had an MSRP of $248.  I got both $131 and change (which included tax)!  Not a bad deal at all, and since parking was free, I probably spent around what I would have spend if the event had been at a similar venue as it had been the last time I went.  Heck, maybe even less with what parking costs in Chicago now.

Suburban Style Challenge's Gilt City Chicago Warehouse Sales Scores

The jacket was something I was looking for for a long time–I have a vintage army green jacket that was actually my dad’s from when he was in the Air Forice, but it’s huge on me and doesn’t look nearly as good as I thought it did in high school.  I wanted something just a little more sophisticated than that piece, so finding this bleach-spotted olive jacket with some pretty awesome embroidery and the ability to fit it a little better to my body made me squeal with delight.  It’s a little big on me, but it’ll be easy to layer over sweaters in fall because of it, so I’m cool with that.

The grey booties were kind of one of those “well, I don’t have any shoes like this, and they have black on them, and they’re not that expensive… so ok fine” purchases.  Yes, they put me over budget, but that’s ok.  I really like them and think I’ll get quite a bit of wear out of them (I’ve already worn them twice since Friday night).

In fact, I wore both purchases together on Sunday! I paired them with a pair of polka dotted jeans and a thin white sweater, some of my favorite basic jewelry, and overall ended up in what was the perfect outfit to spend the afternoon wandering around the mall in.  If you follow me on Instagram, you probably caught this fitting room selfie.

Suburban Style Challenge's Gilt City Chicago Warehouse Sales Scores: The Look

As it had been last time I went, the Gilt City Warehouse Sale was a success for me.  Not to mention fun, since there was free alcohol, free product samples, and other fun stuff.  If you haven’t gone yet, make sure you keep an eye out for the next sale… they send me the info on when each one is, and I’ll be posting it when I get it.  My guess is the next one will be in fall.

If you went, either to the VIP event or to the public sale, share your finds!

You know I love a good deal, even if it’s not my own!  If you went, share your finds in the comments below.

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