Go Blog Social Recap: My First Blogger Conference Experience

Holy cow, I don’t even know where to begin!  Go Blog Social was incredible.  I went in with very little expectations; prior to GBS2014, I’d only ever been to very large work-related conferences, which were very big, very corporate, and very intimidating.  I knew GBS2014 was going to be a small conference full of mostly women around my age or younger, and that we were going to be talking about something that actually interested me the whole time.  I also knew that I was super excited for the conference.  But aside from that, I had no idea what to expect!  Here’s my recap, at least the conference part of it.  To keep it as short as possible, I’ll post about my GBS2014 outfits in a separate post.

Getting there and the obligatory roomie mirror pic.

I left Wednesday night and headed to Davenport, Iowa, where I spent the night with a good friend.  Thursday late morning I headed out towards Ames, Iowa, where I first met up with Lindsay of The Live-In Kitchen.  We caravaned over to pick up Amanda from A Hammer and Heels, and then made our way down to Ankeny to grab Alex from Styled in the Heartland.  Our drive was rather unremarkable, spare lots of fog, this kinda creepy Indian cutout at a rest stop, and the realization that in Missouri, at some exits, there’s nothing but corn.  Having someone with me, and others to laugh at rest stops with, really helped the drive go fast though, which was awesome.

We got to the hotel, parted ways with Lindsay, and met our Indiana roommie, Diana from Miss Diana.  Here’s all of us on Friday night, taking advantage of the mirrored closet doors in our room.

Go Blog Social 2014: Roomies

Aren’t we cute?! What a fun group of girls!  It was great to meet these ladies and, in some cases, make new friends, and in other cases put faces to bloggers.  I’m so glad I was able to share a hotel room and not hole up by myself all weekend.

OMG it’s happening!

Ok, onto the main event!  We arrived Friday morning, bright and early (for me anyway) to an amazing event space decked out.  We picked up our swag bags, grabbed some coffee and a croissant, and got ready to learn about all things blog.  The Go Blog Social team did a great job making the space welcoming and easy to socialize in.

Go Blog Social 2014

Notes, notes, and more notes.

Over the course of two days, I filled nearly an entire subject of my two-subject notebook!  The amount of information was staggering, and I’m still trying to digest it and come up with a game plan.  I definitely left GBS2014 with a ton to think about in terms of the direction to take SSC, what I need to do, and much, much more.

Go Blog Social 2014: Ready to Take Notes

I think out of everything I listened to during the event, I got the most value out of talks from Kelly of Kansas City Mamas and Nicole of Cedar and Rush, but that’s not to say I didn’t take anything away from the rest of the great GBS2014 speakers!  In fact, there was one large, wonderful (though unintentional) theme throughout the event and that was that blogging is a community, and not only is it what you make it, but it’s immeasurably worth it to take the time to support your fellow bloggers.

The people, the parties, the swag… everything!

Initially, I planned to take a picture of all the business cards I got during the great event.  But honestly, I haven’t even unpacked my bags yet, so they’re all still floating around my suitcase, my blogger bag, my notebook, and even my purse!  So perhaps later on I’ll do a “meet who I met” post.  In the meantime, here’s a shot of the super-cool event space, taken the morning of the second day.  It was still pretty early on, so it’s not jam-packed, but that gives you a chance to see how great of a space it was.

Go Blog Social 2014: Socializing

Like I said, a great space for networking and learning!  And did I mention a beautiful space?  Yea.  Oh, and the people?  Everyone was super stylish, even though not everyone there was a style blogger.  You can see a ton more pics over on Cassandra Castaneda’s Smugmug–her pics do a great job showing off the event!

It’s not an official event until SSC wins something, right? Right!

The after party was hosted by The Garment District KC, which is like a bar and a boutique all rolled in one.  There was a giveaway for $50 to the boutique and, you guessed it, I was the lucky winner (and my luck totally rubbed off on my roomies too, because each of them won something throughout the weekend)!  I got a supercute dress, a top, and a set of 3 midi-rings (and actually spent more than my $50 giftcard, but that’s ok… local businesses for the win).  You’ll notice that I bought no black!  I think I’m turning into a boho-chic-rocker-chick… largely because I’m tired of black thanks to the polar vortex.

Go Blog Social 2014: I Won

Um, yes, one of the midi rings is missing.  I haven’t lost it, just can’t remember where I put it when I decided not to wear it Sunday morning.  It’s buried somewhere in my weekend’s stuff… but it’s a cross.  I don’t really envision myself wearing it all that much, but yea, I had to have the other two rings.  Cant wait to wear the top and the dress!

Phew, so that’s it!

Well, not really… I still owe you a look at what I wore over the weekend.  I didn’t take pics of every look, but definitely got shots of my fav ones (which is the important thing, right?).  And a “meet who I met” post.  And I’m also going to be making some changes here, when I have time.  So yea, stay tuned!  Lots in store here at SSC!

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