21 Day Challenge: Days 5 & 6

I was out of the office yesterday at a conference, so I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday’s outfit.  I didn’t feel like doing it from our office computer when I got home.  So here’s yesterday’s and today’s looks, with today first.  And it took forever to get today’s outfit shot, since I had to do it at work and didn’t feel like doing it outside on lunch (BRR!).

Day 6
Today’s rule was “wear something in an unexpected way”.  I struggled with this, as there didn’t seem to be much in my closet I would wear in an unexpected way (granted, I was sitting on the couch watching Kitchen Nightmares while taking a mental inventory of my closet).  So I hopped online and started doing some hunting for inspiration.  I found very little, until I hit Pinterest.  There, I found this pin, showing a pretty sequin top under a chambray top.  I decided to do something similar.

So today, I’m wearing a sheer silver sequin top over a white tank, under a long denim top that’s a recent thrift score.  I’ve got black skinny pants on and black OTK boots.  I’m wearing my glasses today too, and have the same “unexpected” manicure I had yesterday (which I am in love with).  My makeup is just mascara and blush today… nothing special.  I am wearing gold earrings (which I rarely do) today too.  They’re from my mom, and if I recall correctly, were the first pair of gold earrings my Papa bought her.  I got them from mom on my Bat Mitzvah, and wore them then.  I decided to wear them today to offset all the silver in my top, and tie in the gold zipper boots.  They’re a little extra sparkle, without being too much.

What’s unexpected here is wearing such a “blingy” top under denim, on a regular weekday (and to the office).  I certainly would never have thought of this without stumbling across the pin.  The silver sequin top has been restricted to special occasion, “going out”, type wear (or photo shoots) since I got it… and that means I’ve only worn it a handful of times.  Dressing it down with a denim top and flat OTK boots actually works pretty well, I think.  It’s a little hint of sparkle that’s fun and unexpected.  I wasn’t able to really get a good pic of the earrings, unfortunately.  Another time.

Oh, and turns out, the whole outfit featuring that sequin top is nothing like mine.  You can check it out at Lucy Laucht’s blog.

Day 5
Yesterday the rule was “belt it”.  This would be pretty easy for me under normal circumstances, but I had a conference to attend for work and felt it was important to dress up a little, instead of wearing what I’d normally wear to work.  In hindsight, it didn’t matter and I could have worn whatever, but oh well.  Better to be slightly over-dressed than under-dressed.

Anyway, I wore a black jersey dress over scalloped-patterned tights.  Over the dress, I added a lighter weight grey cardigan, which I belted with a brown braided belt.  I wore brown knee-high boots, and topped it all with a big floral scarf I snagged at a recent thrift store run for just $1 (to the amazement of some random girl who hollered her love for my scarf as I was getting on an elevator, LOL!).  I’d planned on being slightly chilly at the conference, but ended up taking off the cardigan almost immediately because it was crazy warm in there.  Oh well.  The dress, boots, and scarf still looked cute without it.  Here’s everything before I headed out the door to sit in traffic for ages head to the conference.  Sorry they’re grainy and kinda blurry… my interior light wasn’t all that great I guess.

Oh wait, there’s one more totally awesome part of my outfit.  I painted my nails Monday night, and decided to do 2 statement nails.  My left thumb, and my right ring finger.  I used a navy color from Ulta for the base and a microglitter that’s holographic from OPI.  I can’t tell you actual colors right now, but drop me a line if you’re curious and I’ll get them for you.  Here are pics of my new favorite manicure.

Bummer that none of the pics I tried to get of the holographic polish came out 🙁  It’s so cool!   Oh well.

So that’s it… my outfits from the past 2 days.