Random Outfits: March

Finally some decent weather here in Chicagoland! March did, indeed come in like a lion, but it left like a lamb and spring seems to have finally sprung! I managed to snap pics of seven random outfits for you in March, which still isn’t up to what it was before winter hit, but it’ll have to do for now. Fortunately, the weather seems to be staying nice (and by “nice” I mean “over freezing”), so I should be more apt to taking outfit pics from now on.  I’m also still trying to figure out the best ways to shoot with my new camera, which I pretty much just dove into using without looking thru the instructions or anything.  So yea… anyway, here are March’s random outfits.

March 1: Denim, Gold & (Faux) Fur

This outfit came about simply because I was sick of wearing everything else that was cold-weather-appropriate in my closet.  I was looking for things I hadn’t worn, and my gold Express jeans waved at me from the top shelf of my closet and said “who cares if we’re thin, we’re gold!” so on they went.  Then I grabbed a worn-looking red tee (from Target) and a faded denim top (from Forever21) and layered those two pieces under my faux fur vest (which I got at the Naked Grape Sip & Swap last year).  I added my Stella & Dot Rebel Pendant and my long claw necklace, as well as my brown military-inspired boots, and that was it.

Random Outfits: March 1: Denim, Gold, & (Faux) Fur

I liked this look, largely because it was so different from everything I wore the months prior.  I actually really like the popped collar under the fur vest, and I found myself wondering why I didn’t wear the fur vest all winter.  I wore it a couple times since (though you won’t see here) and it may stick around for spring as well.

March 9: My Little Brother is 30!

And it makes me feel old!  Anyway, my parents threw a party for him at their house, and despite the chilly weather, I wanted to dress up a little.  So I wore this great pair of PJ-type pants that I got at Kohl’s on clearance.  They’re about a size too big, but since they tie, I’m ok with it–I just cinch ’em tight and go.  On top I wore a lace cropped long-sleeved top (from Forever21) under my “nature” top (also from Kohl’s on clearance), finishing the look off with my same two necklaces (they’re just so easy to throw on and go) and a super cute pair of Rock & Republic shoes (yes, also from Kohl’s).  I opted to go with a purpley lip, just because I was craving some color.

Random Outfits: March 9: My Little Brother is 30!

I loved this look.  I got a lot of complements (and only one MC Hammer joke), and I was comfortable but felt chic all at the same time.  This PJ-esque pants thing?  I’m diggin’ it!

March 10: Mud on My… Shoes

Another mild day here had me busting out :gasp: a dress!  I  opted for this knee-length, striped piece, which I topped with a cardigan (both from Target) and accented with black stripe-knit tights.  I wrapped a skinny tan belt around my waist so that I had shape, but also so that I could wear these new-to-me loafers I found at Savers.  I promptly got them covered in mud because I assumed the ground was still frozen under the thin layer of ice that covered it.  Whoops!  Oh well, they cleaned off fine.  I opted to wear my vintage-rockstar -inspired necklace for a little bling, but also because it’s something that I haven’t worn since fall and kinda missed.  It’s a hard piece to wear with a scarf, haha!

March 10: Mud on My... Shoes

I’m kind of meh about this outfit.  It was just very… bland.  For me, at least.  But for work, it was fine.  The loafers are a little nit of a challenge for me.  The last pair I had hardly got worn, but these are different and kind of fill a void in my closet, so we’ll see.  I’m also wearing flats more lately, so yea.

March 17: Don’t Pinch Me!

I actually planned this outfit while I was working on another post, and fell in love with it while doing so.  So, I decided I’d wear it the day I posted that entry, not even thinking about the fact that it was St. Patrick’s Day.  Thankfully no one at work really cared that I wasn’t wearing a lick of green, so I didn’t get pinched!  The outfit consists of a great tunic from H&M topped with another Sip & Swap favorite, my cream chunky cardigan.  I wore sheer grey tights and a pair of flat boots that I found thrifting, but will be getting rid of because they’re a little snug on me.  Bummer, too, ’cause I really liked ’em.  I added my same two pendants and threw my hair up in a very successful topknot and called it a day.

Random Outfits: March 17: Don't Pinch Me!

Loved this look!  It was so perfect for work, and would be for running around or doing whatever.  I’m wearing a version of it for traveling home from Go Blog Social (which I’m at right now) because it’s comfortable but still super-chic.  It was great for a nice springy day at work took.  This tunic was a great H&M sale find, and I’m looking forward to getting a ton of mileage out of it this spring, summer, and fall.

March 19: PJ Pants at Work

I was so obsessed with these pants that I decided I’d give ’em a go at work.  I wore them with the same Rock & Republic heels I sported the first time, but added a cobalt shell and a cropped black jacket (both are old, so I can’t tell you where they’re from).  I dressed the pants up a little more by added my Stella & Dot Somervell necklace and a small arm party.  My little arm party consisted of a fox bangle (from Kohl’s), my Michael Kors rose gold watch, and two great Stella & Dot bracelets, the Renegade in silver and the Christina in gold.  There’s also a turquoise hair tie hiding under my watch, in case you’re wondering what that pop of color is.

March 19: PJ Pants at Work

Another huge success with these pants!  I was super comfortable in them all day.  Now, they aren’t really PJ pants, but they sure feel like them, and for work, sometimes that is just the best thing!

March 22: Garrosh Wants You

I confess, when I bought this tee at Savers, I didn’t know who Garrosh was.  I figured it was a video game thing, and I didn’t really care either way… I just had to have the shirt!  I’ve since discovered he’s a World of Warcraft character, which is fine with me.  I don’t play the game, but I’m ok with that.  Anyway, I decided to wear it with some torn up jeans (which are from Gap, but ancient) and my cowboy-inspired boots (from DSW).  I tucked the front in and added my Stella & Dot Sommervell necklace and it was the perfect outfit for running errands in.  Oh, and in this case, my brown leather jacket was very much a part of the look, instead of just something I threw on to keep warm.  It was functional too, but the outfit was definitely made with it on.

Random Outfits: March 22: Garrosh Wants You

This is my second favorite March look.  It was so easy and fun–perfect for running errands with hubs.  While it was a “jeans and tee” look, it felt like much more than that, and that’s exactly what I loved about it.

March 23: Made in USA

This was one of those outfits that kind of fell together.  Like another look above, I was standing in my closet thinking “ugh, I don’t want to wear that or that, or that…” because I was just tired of all my wintery clothes.  I pulled out my Made in USA sleeveless top and thought “I’m going to make this work!” so I first paired it with my distressed leather leggings.  As I was searching for a cardigan, I reached for one of my grandma’s old ones and thought it was too plain.  This gold striped one caught my eye and I grabbed it, not caring if it really matched or not.  I wanted a scarf, and instead of reaching for my trusty skulls or easy-to-wear solid black, I pulled out this checked one.  Threw on my two pendants and busted out my DIY glitter boots, and bam!

Random Outfits: March 23: Made in USA

Thus was born my favorite March outfit!  I loved this look so much!  It was totally me, and while it was ideal for a weekend afternoon of running around, I’d wear this exact outfit again in a heartbeat.  In fact, I had to struggle not to just a few days later because I wanted to wear a variation of it this week!  But yes, this outfit was, by far, my favorite from the month!

What was your favorite?

I know there aren’t many random outfits to choose from this month, but I’m sure you can find one you like best.  See anything you’d try yourself, or anything that gave you an idea for pairing some off-season items together for a look that’s in-season?  Let me know in the comments below… you know I love hearing from you!

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