21-Day Challenge: Days 2, 3 & 4

I figured I’d just do this all in one post, instead of 3 separate posts, to spare you email subscribers from getting too many emails.  This weekend, it was easier for me to just snap picks and post about everything today.  My laptop isn’t really cooperating with out wireless router at home, which means no Internet for me (and I hate sitting in our office and using the desktop).  So anyway, here’s all 3 of my days, starting with today and going backwards to Saturday.

Day 4
Today was color blocking day, and while I thought I had this in the bag, it turns out, it was a bit trickier than I thought it would be.  When I initially saw this rule, I knew I wanted to wear my mustard skinny jeans, so that was my starting layer.  When I did some research for the Style Q&A post on mustard pants, I knew I wanted to pair my burgundy cardigan with the pants, because I loved the way the two colors played off each other.  I spent some time playing with a few solid color shirts and decided that the fuschia worked the best.  When I put it all on in the morning though, it felt a little too… bright.  I added the blazer and at the last minute grounded it all with the scarf.  I think it all works really well together.

I was going to get a couple different angles in here or something, but the dog wouldn’t stay out of my shots, haha.  Also, I realize it’s really hard to see the burgundy cardigan.  I promise, it’s there, with its pushed-up sleeves sticking out of the rolled sleeves of my blazer.  I’m not sure I’d wear this outfit again, but it was a success I’d say.  I just don’t think color blocking is really my thing.

Day 3
Yesterday’s rule was pattern mixing, and I’m most definitely getting more comfortable with this concept.  Initially, I went right for the safe items.  A striped dress and a plaid shirt.  But I do that often, so I wanted to try something different.  Instead of going for something I was comfortable with, I paired a tie-dye dress with a heart pattern cardigan, which I belted for shape.  Then I added leopard tights, black OTK socks, brown boots, and a scarf (the same one I’m wearing today, actually).  Tons of great texture in this outfit…

It worked out pretty well, I think.  I managed to mix 4 completely different patterns and I got a few compliments while out and about with my mom.  It was beautiful out on Sunday, so I didn’t even need to cover up all the cuteness with a coat.  It was also crazy windy, and I managed to get the first pic with my hair all weirdly blown, haha!  This outfit was definitely a success, and something I’d wear again for sure.

Day 2
The rule for day 2 the 21-Day Challenge wass “tuck it in”.  Admittedly, this was actually a big challenge for me.  I strongly dislike tucking stuff in, and avoid it at all costs.  I always feel like whatever it is you’re tucking it never stays in place when you move, and either comes partially untucked, or bunches up funny.  Ugh.  Do not like.  I seriously thought about cheating the system and wearing a body suit today, but felt like that wouldn’t be fair.  So instead, I actually tucked.

Well, I half-tucked 😉  I tucked just the front of this long, semi sheer buttondown into a pair of torn skinnies.  During the day, it was nice enough to wear just the shirt without a coat.  But in the evening I knew it would get cooler, so I added this great military-inspired jacket I have.  It worked out.

When I took the shots, I hadn’t done my hair, and had zero makeup on.  My friend Christin, who does hair and makeup, did me up for the event we were going to.  Both came out great (LOVE the side braid I could never do on my own!), though the lighting wasn’t the best.  Check her awesome work out on FB here 🙂

I have to admit, I do love days that I can wear things I’m not allowed to wear to work, like torn jeans.  Especially when they’re my favorite pair, and have torn because they’re so worn in.  Overall, this outfit was actually pretty cute… but I think I’d rather knot the shirt than tuck it!