Long Hair Versus Short Hair

Having had both long hair and short hair in the last ten years, I figured I’d come up with a list of things you don’t think about when you go from one to the other. There were definitely things I never expected to deal with when it came to short hair, and benefits of long hair that I’d forgotten about until it grew past my shoulders.

Long Hair vs Short Hair

Left photo from iStock. Right photo is of me and was shot by Laura of Fleur de Lis Photography.

When you grow your hair out you…

  • Realize how long it takes to shower, and how quickly you clog the shower drain.
  • Remember why they make those industrial-sized bottles of shampoo and conditioner, and start buying them.
  • Find long pieces of hair everywhere because you seem to shed so much more.
  • Forget how long it takes to dry and how heavy it is.
  • Fall in love with the ability to throw it into a ponytail and go, but also remember the relief of taking a pony out after a long day.
  • Reacquaint yourself with leave-in conditioner… brushing out knots is a pain, literally!
  • Remember that static is a very real thing. Guh!
  • Get at least one reminder a week that long hair, wind, and lipgloss is not a winning combination.
  • Manage to get your hair caught in things… car windows, zippers, under your purse strap. Ouch!
  • Find yourself wondering why you can never find a hair tie when you need one.
  • Can use your hair to keep your ears and neck warm, or to hide behind if you’ve had a bad day.
  • Can make a hair mustache!

When you cut your hair short you…

  • Forget that you don’t need as much shampoo as you used to and spend your first post-cut shower washing out a lot of shampoo.
  • Remember how awkward that “growing out” stage can be and maybe regret going short again. But only for a minute.
  • Can be in and out of the shower in no time flat… or you would be if you could just stop making kickass shampoo mohawks.
  • Use way less shampoo and conditioner, but need to wash your hair more often to get rid of product buildup.
  • Understand that both “bed head” and “hat head” are very real things, and neither is suitable for work or most social engagements.
  • Can style your hair relatively quickly, often with more variety than you could with long hair.
  • Find yourself wondering why you have so many hair brushes, combs, clips, and hair ties that you never use.
  • Have an abundance of different hair products for implementing and holding various hair styles.
  • Get many more unsolicited comments about your hair, like being told how “brave” you are for “going so short”, as if hair length is a true measure of courage (or sexuality, for that matter, because being asked if you’re a lesbian becomes a thing too).
  • Realize how cold your neck and ears get, especially in winter.
  • Cannot hide behind your hair–your face is always on display whether you like it or not.
  • Have to visit the salon way more often to maintain the shape you started with.

Shout out to Laura of Fleur de Lis photo for letting me use this super-old photo of myself in the banner for this post. If you want to check out more of her work visit her site at www.fleurdelisphoto.com.