The Arm Party, Revived & Reinspired: 8 Ways to Rock Multiple Bracelets for Spring & Summer

I’ll admit, after rocking an arm party heavily in 2012 and much of 2013, I kinda got over it.  Not over the concept, mind you, just over actually having a bunch of stuff on my wrist.  It just started to really bug me, what with sitting at a computer all day, and to take it all off just to work is a pain.  But when 9th & Elm gave me the opportunity to check out a set of Lily and Laura Bracelets, my love for the arm party was instantly rekindled, and I was inspired to revive the trend with some great bracelet remixes.

But wait… before I get to showing off some arm candy, let me tell you a little bit about the Lily and Laura Bracelets.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to be getting, but I kind of assumed they’d be stretchy bracelets.  Not the case!  They’re really neat beaded bangles that have a little flex to them, and roll easily over your hand onto your wrist.  But they are hand-crocheted with only the finest glass beads using cotton thread, not elastic.  Totally different from anything I have, and they’ve proved to be really fun to remix!  Ok, now let’s party…

Look One: A Basic Arm Party Formula

I started my arm party revival with this easy “formula” look.  Basically, it’s a bangle, a chain link bracelet, a beaded bracelet, a friendship bracelet, and a Lily and Laura Bracelet.  For this exact look, I chose a thrifted bangle, my Stella & Dot Christina Link Bracelet, a teal beaded bracelet that was (I’ll admit) once reserved only for my pirate costume, and my trusty skully bracelet.  This basic arm party formula is one that you can easily duplicate with your own pieces.

The Arm Party: Revived & Reinspired with 9th & Elm

This look is really versatile, since it’s an easy-to-follow formula, and one that you can change up easily for a variety of looks.  It’s a simple arm party that can be easily worn to the office, out for a nice evening, or for a casual day out and about.

Look Two: Pretty in Pink

If casual isn’t your thing, or you’re looking for an arm party that’s just super girly, then this one’s for you!  I figured the red would be a lovely color to play on, and what a better way to do it than introduce some romance to it with some pink and rose gold?  So I piled it on in the way of some rose gold and crystal bangles, my beautiful Michael Kors limited edition rose gold watch, and a pearl stretch bracelet.  That wasn’t enough for me though, so I added a pink leather, studded bracelet and a cute little bow stretch bracelet.

The Arm Party: Revived & Reinspired with 9th & Elm

While we’re long past Valentine’s Day, this romantic look is great for date night with your better half, or just one of those times when you feel like playing up your feminine side.  If rose gold isn’t your metal, this look would be just as fab with silver or gold instead.  It’s more about the different textures and pops of color than anything here.

Look Three: Vintage Vibe

I was really digging the way my rose gold watch looked with my rose gold bangles (which are new), so I decided to keep them on, swapping out the crystal bangle for two more rose gold ones.  Then I added a gold tone bracelet that has some beautiful vintage texture to it.  After adding that, I knew I had to put on my shoe bracelet!  It’s stretchy, and was given to me as a gift when I was a teenager.  The copper color and vintage tones worked perfect with the gold bangle.  I looked at the colors in the shoe bracelet and added this beaded amethyst bracelet that my mother-in-law gave me a few years ago for Christmas.  I finished it all off with the beautiful Carolina blue Lily and Laura Bracelet.

The Arm Party: Revived & Reinspired with 9th & Elm

This look is actually a slight variation on look one.  Instead of a friendship bracelet, it has a watch, and there are a few more bangles thrown in, but it proves that you can easily modify to make your own.  This vintage-inspired look is a great everyday look, or a fun and different night out look.

Look Four: Beachy Chic

Putting on the Carolina blue Lily and Laura Bracelet only made me long for the beautiful blue sky seen on summer days.  Or maybe that was the polar vortex’s doing?  Either way, I had to use this great blue color for a beach-inspired look, and I did just that by adding a coral bracelet, which I made, and a purple weathered one (another from my previously-reserved-for-piratey-stuff collection).  I then added a beaded and leather cord bracelet, and another beaded bracelet that has coppery beads similar to the leather one.  I then went with a black faceted bracelet (I wear a lot of black, even on the beach, haha), and finished it all off with a beach-themed charm bracelet.

The Arm Party: Revived & Reinspired with 9th & Elm

This look does a good job of showing you how different bracelet styles can really be mixed together for a ton of great texture.  The leather cord bracelet and the charm bracelet aren’t pieces that I normally would have put together, but adding the other textures through the Lily and Laura bracelet makes it all work nicely.  This look is perfect for a beach party, or a music festival, because of how fun and full of texture it is.

Look Five: Another Easy Look

Alright, let’s move on to something a little less complicated.  In fact, this one could almost be a formula in itself.  It starts with an oversized watch and a leather cuff.  Then, I added a multi-colored Lily and Laura Bracelet and three bangles, which I opted to have in both silver and gold.

The Arm Party: Revived & Reinspired with 9th & Elm

Like I said, a simple look that could easily be a formula in itself.  What makes this look special, I think, is the fun watch and the equally fun multi-colored Lily and Laura bracelet, which came with my set.  Both pieces offset the leather cuff and make it a little less hard, and a little more fun.  This look is a perfect casual look, I think.

Look Six: Multicolored Sparkle

I also wanted to show how to dress up the multi-colored Lily and Laura Bracelet, since pieces like this can often be a little intimidating.  For this look, I opted to really play on the colors in the bracelet, and put my Rakani watch on to start.  Then I added a purple crystal and leather wrap bracelet and some interlinked silver bangles.  But something was missing… it needed just a little more sparkle, so I tossed on two matching rhinestone bracelets, and it was perfect!

The Arm Party: Revived & Reinspired with 9th & Elm

This look really does show the versatility of the beaded Lily and Laura bracelets.  They can easily be dressed up and worn to work or a fancy party, but can also be dressed down and worn casually, either running errands or to a music festival.  It’s all in what other bracelets you invite to your arm party!

Look Seven: Mixing it All Up

I also really wanted to show how a set of three Lily and Laura Bracelets could be worn together.  I left my intertwined bangles and my purple bracelet on and added my other two Lily and Laura bracelets (the three actually came as a set).  Then I added the bronze beaded bracelet from the beachy look above and my leather cuff.  A great, colorful look that, for me, would be the perfect way to brighten up a weekend outfit.

The Arm Party: Revived & Reinspired with 9th & Elm

Intertwined bangles like this are great for arm parties, because even though it’s one actual bracelet, it’s like having a whole lot more on, so it really adds dimension.  I have two sets like this–one in silver and one in gold–and they work really nicely to add some simple bling to a stack of colorful bracelets like this.  Plus they sound really fun!

Look Eight: The Piratey Party

So basically, this final look is a little bit of everything, which is why I called it the Piratey Party.  I did bring back two of my pirate jewelery beaded bracelets from the looks above… the colors in them work really well with my Lily and Laura set, and I love the texture they bring too.  But to keep it from being too yarr-tastic, I added some sparkly stuff, starting with the two dainty rhinestone bracelets from the previous look, and then adding my Christina Link bracelet.  I had to add some black, so I brought that faceted beaded one back, but then added a little girliness with my cute little bow bracelet.

The Arm Party: Revived & Reinspired with 9th & Elm

This look is a fun one, and one I could pretty much wear anywhere (though a little more on the casual side of things, for me), but it really does illustrate the versatility of the Lily and Laura bracelets.  This arm party on one arm, with my leather cuff on the other, and I’d be good to go, complete with tons of texture, which I love, and a little bit of sparkle.  It’s a win-win!

Are you inspired to create your own arm party?

I hope so!  The Lily and Laura Bracelets are perfect for reviving your arm party this spring and summer, and they come in tons of great color combinations, from classics to brights to pastels, and everything in between.  Go check them out over at 9th & Elm and you’ll fall in love, both with the bracelets and the arm party!  And hey, let me know what arm party from above is your favorite in the comments below… you know I love hearing from you!

Oh, and don’t forget to enter to win some great jewels from Stella & Dot, including the Renegade bracelet, which would be an excellent addition to any arm party!

I was provided compensation for this post in the form of free product from 9th & Elm. My opinions are my own and were in no way affected by compensation provided. For full disclosure policy, go here.

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