Valentine’s Day Gifts… Cool Stuff For Under $150

A lot of people poo-poo Valentine’s Day for being a “Greeting Card Holiday” or “Single’s Awareness Day” and that’s ok. I’ve always felt that Valentine’s Day only has to be about what you want to do, and if you want to dress is pink and red and feed your lover chocolate truffles off of rose petals, fine.  And if you’d rather dress in all black and listen to Alanis on repeat, while burning photos of your ex, that’s fine too.  Do what makes you happy, right?

I’ll admit, hubs and I don’t usually go all out for Valentine’s Day. We did the first few years we were together, but there are only so many times you can give roses, chocolates, and teddy bears before it starts to feel a little forced.  We stopped spending a lot of money because, well, we didn’t have much and it was fine just spending the time together.  Add that to the fact that our first Valentine’s Day once we’d both graduated college was spent moving into our first apartment together, and we both decided that we didn’t need gifts or cards or anything. It was only fairly recently that we made it a tradition to go to our favorite dive Chinese place in Chinatown for dinner, and last year we barely made it there at all, with Trixie being so sick, and it was a wonder I made it through dinner sane (hubs would probably beg to differ on the whole “sane” thing to begin with).

This year, I think we’re planning to make the trek down to Chinatown again, and hope to revive our fun tradition by actually getting to enjoy the time together (as opposed to worrying about the dog). I don’t know that we’ll go as far to exchange Valentine’s Day gifts this year, but I figured I’d share some super-neat Valentine’s Day gift ideas with you, thanks in part to the folks at Gilt City, in case you’re looking for something special (and different) for your other half… or just want to treat yourself.  And what’s more?  Everything below is less than $150, so you won’t be totally breaking the bank to treat yourself your other half.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Under $150

Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $150 for Him

Guys can be tough to shop for sometimes, so I feel you if you’re struggling with finding the perfect gift for him.  If your special guy is the fun-tie wearing type, this Candy Hearts Tie ($85) might be right up his alley.  Or maybe he’s more dapper, and prefers a slightly more subtle Hearts Bow Tie ($55).  If ties aren’t his thing, fun Lover XOXO Mid-Calf socks ($30) could put a spring in his step.  If he’s not into flashy, these “Love You” collar stays ($40) would be a sweet reminder that you’re always thinking of him.  And if your guy is always looking for a place to put his things, this Mahogany Dior Red Man’s Valet ($85) is a perfect, classy piece to gift.

Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $150 for Her

Guys, if you need gift ideas for your ladies, I’ve made it easy for you.  And ladies, if you want to treat yourself, have at it!  If she loves to entertain, this beautiful Pigeon Toe Simple Large Folded Serving Bowl ($60 or $115 depending on size) would be a useful gift.  Scarves are an easy accessory that help us ladies get from fall through spring looking great effortlessly, and this Shawl Smith London Scarf ($60) is no exception.  And ladies, if you’re looking to dress a little Valentiney, without looking like a 3rd grader, these Free People Burgundy Knee High Socks ($24) might be the perfect thing to kick your look up a notch (and stay warm–bonus!).  You could always default to flowers, of course, but give her a beautiful vase to put them in too, like this Hennepin Made Teardrop Vase ($139).

Valentine’s Day Gifts Under $150 for Anyone

Some gifts are too good to keep gender-specific!  This Red Resin iPhone 5 alarm clock ($38) would be perfect for anyone with an iPhone 5… I love that the phone doesn’t stick up!  Winter’s very clearly here to stay, so why not grab a Quilted Hat with Pom Pom ($40) or maybe two… one for him and one for you!  And who doesn’t love an Engravable Wine Accessory Set ($33 plus optional engraving fees)?

More Great Ideas

I pinned a whole bunch of other great Valentine’s Day gift ideas under $150 here if you want to check it out.  You could also just head on over Gilt’s Valentine’s Day Shop and score some awesome deals, or check out Gilt City’s Valentine’s Day Event to see what special local deals are going on in your area.  Got a bunch of single girlfriends?  Get a deal for a swanky restaurant on Gilt City and hit it up together for a fun girls’ night out.  Or heck, maybe take pole dancing classes and really give him a Valentine’s Day to remember!  You could always treat yourself to a spa day, if all else fails.

Do you do Valentine’s Day?

If so, what was the neatest gift you received from someone?  Or maybe you’d like to share a cool Valentine’s Day gift you gave?  Please do in the comments below!