Random Outfits: January & February

Well, with the Polar Vortex spending quite a bit of time here in the Chicagoland area, outfit pictures just didn’t really happen in January. The cold largely had me giving up on looking decent and concentrating simply on staying warm.  I spent much of the month in jeans, which were layered over leggings, toe socks, and wool socks, with the same pair of boots.  For tops, I layered pretty much anything I had–moisture-wicking long-sleeved tops under tank tops, under t-shirts, under sweatshirts, topped with a puffy vest and a scarf.  It was a test in layering, the month of January, that’s for sure, but it certainly wasn’t a month worth showing you what I was wearing.  I took a whopping four random outfit pictures in January, because I think we had four days that were above zero.

Thankfully, February was a bit nicer in terms of the weather.  It continued to snow, but at least most of the days were above zero and the Polar Vortex moved on.  But then it came back a couple times.  Needless to say, I took very few outfit pics in February too; only five, in fact.  I just had very little motivation to be outside at all (especially without a jacket).  So here are the nine random outfit shots I took in January and February.  I’m ready for spring!

January 11: Basic Layers

This was a “cute” winter outfit.  I layered a black tank under a burgundy high-low top and wore my black and silver striped batwing cardigan over it.  On the bottom I had teal fleece-lined leggings, black knee socks, and black wedge boots.  I added a little “flair” with my Syd Rocks necklace, my Stella & Dot Rebel necklace, and my cheapy plastic claw necklace.  On my arm I wore my Michael Kors watch, a fun foxy wrap bracelet, and my Christina Link Bracelet (also from Stella & Dot).

Random Outfits: January & February

This was on ok look.  I probably wore a variation of this all winter, with my stupid winter boots that I’m sick of and various colors of leggings.  I loved this look when I took this shot, but now?  Totally done with it.

January 13: More layers… and Hogwarts.

I recall January 13th being not too bad of a day in terms of temperature.  I wore a thrifted blazer (from the boys’ section) over my purple puffy vest (from Costco), over a Hogwarts shirt from the men’s section of Target.  I wore a pair of Lauren Conrad jeans from Kohl’s, which I cuffed since they’re ankle jeans.  Under them, I wore some argyle socks (always go full nerd, always), and on my feet I wore my neutral wedges.  I finished the look off with the same 3 necklaces from the previous outfit, as well as one more from Stella & Dot (which has since been discontinued), and my Michael Kors watch..

Random Outfits: January & February

I still like this look, actually.  It was fun and kinda nerdy and I just felt like it worked for me.  These jeans are great cuffed, and wearing knee socks underneath kept me warm but still allowed me to show a little “leg”.

January 21: Olive, Charcoal & Black

I got these adorable polka dot, distressed jeans on clearance at GAP and had to wear them right away.  I went easy on myself and started with a charcoal cowlneck sweater, topped it with my olive vest, and wore my olive socks with my winter boots (which I’m really sick of even seeing as I write this).  I added my Rebel necklace and my claw, since they were long enough to show under the big neck.

Random Outfits: January & February

Aside from the boots, I really liked this look.  Actually, the boots aren’t that bad with it… I’m just sick of wearing them.  I wore them so much since getting them back in November that they’re already starting to fall apart a little.  Granted, they were $39.99 from Target, but yea… anyway, moving on.

January 29: Cold Weather Chic

This outfit, I absolutely adore.  Still.  I wore my polkadot jeans, again (though it was over a week after I wore them the first time, it’s still odd posting them back-to-back) with a black long-sleeved tunic top.  It’s actually a cold shoulder top, and in an effort to revive some old closet pieces, I figured I’d pop this sweater over it to keep my shoulders covered.  It was a good decision, and this sweater is now something I’m not only keeping in my closet, but going to wear regularly.  I went with the scrunched socks look on the bottom again, but this time did it with my ripped up grey OTK socks (which I scrunched to mid-calf).  I finished it off with my tan boots.  I peeked my Stella & Dot Somervell necklace out from under the neck of the sweater, and have been wearing my Stella & Dot Labradorite Mimi ring pretty much every day.

Random Outfits: January & February

Like I said, I loved this look.  I still do.  It’s great, and really a true look at what I feel winter fashion could (and perhaps should) be.  When it’s not a polar vortex.

February 1: Screw Winter, it’s Skirt Time!

So at the beginning of February I decided I was going to boycott winter and start wearing skirts.  The polar vortex was gone, it was kind of staying in the 20’s and 30’s, which felt downright balmy, and I was tired of pants.  So I pulled out a fun black, tiered chiffon skirt, trusty sheer black tights, and black OTK boots and socks.  But I wanted something a little warmer on top, so I turned to this cream and grey cashmere sweater I thrifted last year.  I tucked it into the skirt so I had some shape, threw my great multi-colored scarf on with my Rebel pendant peeking out, and that was that.

Random Outfits: January & February

Sadly, this is the last time you’ll see this scarf.  I left it downtown on Valentine’s Day.  Sad… I wore it a lot.  I found one similar at Target a couple days later, but I know I’ll mourn the loss of the perfectness, the working with my entire wardrobe, and the comfort that was this great scarf.  Oh, and yea, this outfit was way cute… I actually got a lot of complements on it even though I felt, at the time, like it was pretty out of my comfort range. I’d definitely wear it again though.

February 4: We’ll Never Be Royals

Another “screw you winter” look with a skirt… but not just any skirt, a sequin skirt!  I was, foolishly, in complete winter boycot mode.  The day after I wore this, the polar vortex came back all “didja miss me?!”.  Anyway, I got this great Rock & Republic crown sweater at Kohl’s and thought it’d be fun to pair it with my rose gold sequin skirt (also from Kohl’s, but old).  So that’s what I did, and then I added black tights, my black OTK boots, my Rebel pendant, my Gold Monogram Necklace, and my Michael Kors watch.  I even wore not just my Stella & Dot ring, but a cute Chevron Midi Ring Set.  It is kind of hard to tell, but I also rocked a red lipstain on my lips.  

Random Outfits: January & February

I liked this look a lot, and so did the folks in the office.  It was nice to get complements, but also nice to see my sparkly skirt make coworkers smile.  We’re all just tired of the cold.

Oh, and yes… that’s a massive pile of snow behind me, haha.  I couldn’t resist taking a pic in front of it.

February 10: Inspiration Monday… Later

So I did actually wear this on Inspiration Monday,  and I took my pics that day and everything, but I didn’t have time to edit them and get my post up before it would have just been silly, so here’s the look now.  I wore my Peter Pilotto for Target top with black jeans, my black puffy vest, black boots, and my pegasus necklace.  I totally have a dress that would have been perfect for the look, but alas, cold, so no dress.

Random Outfits: January & February

This was an ok look.  I like the top and look forward to wearing it, but with something other than black.  And pants.

February 22: Comfy Chic

I went to Bii Hair Salon to get my ombre redone and decided I didn’t want to wear jeans or leggings, but it was too cold to wear a dress or skirt… so I turned to sweats.  These particular sweatpants were actually a Neiman Marcus Last Call score, and they’re a little cuter than a typical pair of sweatpants.  They’re also a little thinner material, which made wearing them kind of dumb, but oh well.  I paired them with an olive top and my black and cream heart print cardigan.  I wanted–no craved color, so I opted to wear my red star print scarf and my red wedge sneakers (which I got at Sears last year, but here’s a similar pair from Kohl’s).  Again, I was tired of so much of the same pieces every day.  And yet, there it is… my Rebel pendant!  These pics were taken after my hair was colored and curled by the fabulous Jacquelyn.

Random Outfits: January & February

Honestly, I hadn’t planned on shooting this look at all, but when a couple of the folks at Bii complemented my outfit, I figured I’d shoot it.  I liked this look a lot, largely for the comfort value of it, but also because it was a great outfit for just running around and getting stuff done.  It was a little chilly because pretty much everything was, say, spring weight, but I just didn’t care at all.

February 25: Double Scarves

I mentioned above losing my fab multicolored scarf, but finding a similar one a few days later.  This is that scarf, twsited with my skully scarf because I wanted a bulkier feeling around my neck.  I wore, again, my striped cashmere sweater, and black jeans.  I opted for my western-inspired Qupid boots because they kind of echoed the cream in both the sweater and the scarf.  I threw my hair into a messy pony, which I used one of my favorite hair products, Push Powder to get extra volume in.

Random Outfits: January & February

This was a nice way to end February.  It was comfortable and great for work (we moved offices again, and it’s a little chillier in the new office because we now share a thermostat with the main area), but still looked and felt really nice.  I don’t know what took me so long to wear this sweater, but it’s a great, soft piece that I really like!

Hopefully March will bring warmer temps and more random outfits!

I’m sorry these last couple months have been lacking on the random outfits!  I just haven’t been feeling winter this year at all… it’s been hard to get motivated to dress cute because of all the cold and snow we’ve had, and with the cold and snow, it’s been even harder getting outfit shots.  I haven’t wanted to wear my shoes inside because they come in wet and covered in salt, and I can’t take outfit pics without shoes, so yea.  It’s just been… ugh.  I want spring!

Alright, so what was your favorite look for the last two months here?  See anything that inspires you or gives you some new ideas to wear anything?  Do tell!

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