Look on the Bright Side: Spring 2014 Nail Polish Colors to Help Fight the Winter Blues

I am 100% over winter, and to help combat the gloomy funk this bitterly cold, snowy winter has got me in, I figured I’d look forward to Spring.  Since Spring clothes are pretty much out of the question still, nail polish seemed like a good option, and I’ve discovered that having pretty, painted nails actually makes me feel a little happier throughout the day.  So I turned to the Spring 2014 color palette and my collection of nail polish to come up with some spring-inspired colors to help us all get through these last few weeks (hopefully) of winter.

Spring 2014 Color Palette

Last time I did a nail polish post, it was admittedly quite a lot of work, and quite a lot of stress on my nails.  So this time around, I chose just 10 shades from my nail polish collection, all of which were inspired by the Spring 2014 colors above.  I started with the top row of colors.


On my left hand, I started out with a color that I actually ordered with Pantone’s 2014 Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid, in mind.  I chose Zoya Dannii because of its rich orchid color and rosy-gold shimmer.  I figured it would be a good mix in my collection, since I didn’t have anything like it, and I was right–it’s a perfect nod at Radiant Orchid and a great polish to start this post off with!

On my index finger, I went with the easy choice, which was Revlon‘s Siren, a bright orange I got in 2012 to play homage to the Tangerine Tango, the 2012 Color of the Year.  While the Spring 2014 Celosia Orange is a bit brighter and more yellow, Siren was a good enough match for me.

I followed Siren with a gold glitter instead of a bright yellow because, while the yellow I have is almost spot on, I don’t really feel like it suits me (and I really should just get rid of it).  China Glaze Blonde Bombshell made me happy because of its super high glitter payoff (I have just two coats on) and I felt like it worked nicely as a nod at Freesia.

Next I went with a silver metallic polish for Paloma, and while it’s a color you saw in my Fall Nail polish trends post, it’s one that I really like because it’s so easy to wear.  That polish would be Sinful’s Out of This World, a great shimmery silver that’s a great alternative to a creme grey or nude polish.

And finally, I opted for Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri in Lively Lilac, which actually goes really nicely with Dannii on my pinky finger.  It’s not as soft as Violet Tulip is, but it’s definitely a great springy nail polish–one I got a few springs ago because it said “spring” without being too Eastery.  Plus I love lilacs.

Here they all are together…


Surprisingly, I actually really like this entire look together, as it is!  The colors all play very nice together, and instead of taking it off, I’ve had it on for a couple days, which has made me smile (as has the impending warm up they’re forecasting, but yea).  The top line of the Spring 2014 colors has proven to be, in my opinion, very well-chosen.  Next, I moved my way down to the bottom half of the Spring 2014 palette.

I started with the most dazzling blue I had in my polish collection, Sinful’s Endless Blue.  It’s a beautiful, vibrant blue that I got last summer after seeing it on a clerk at the grocery store (like, I literally stopped on my way home and bought it at Walgreens when she told me it was a Sinful color).  A perfect Radiant Blue, I think, and a great way to brighten a winter (or any season) day.

Next I raided my E.L.F. Disney Villains polish collection and chose Bubble Gum Pink for the color on my index finger.  While I really wanted something that said “cayenne”, like vibrant, spicy red, the Cayenne above is more muted and almost terracotta in hue.  So the ELF Bubble Gum Pink was a pretty good match in the end.

The next polish also from E.L.F. and is called Pot of Gold.  My initial choice here was actually an Essie color (Playa del Platinum, one of my go-to neutrals), but I felt like it was too expected for Sand.  This shimmery, subtle gold is lovely, and almost a warmer version of Out of This World on my other hand.  It’s the first time I put it on since getting the Disney Villains pack and it’s for sure going to get a lot of wear.

On my ring finger is yet another E.L.F. color, also from my Disney Villians polish collection, and it’s called Mint Cream.  It’s a bit brighter than Hemlock, but I felt it embodied the color the best out of all my minty-teal-pale green polishes.  Another first-timer for me and I actually kind of like it, which I hadn’t expected to.

And finally, I have a light blue polish on my pinky.  Above I have Dreamer by Revlon pictured, and I think it would be a suitable match for the color I have on.  My color is actually a limited edition Nicole by OPI color called “Baby” Blue, which I impulse-bought on clearance at Bed Bath & Beyond because it reminded me a lot of a color I wore in high school.  It’s not nearly as pale as Placid Blue, but I realized that I don’t have a color that would have matched perfectly (which I might have to remedy, because I quite like the idea of a really icy blue color).

Here are all five colors together…


And yes, I still have these on too, which means I’m currently sporting 10 different nail colors.  Definitely not something I regularly do, but I have to admit, I actually really like this look.  Maybe it’s because the 10 Spring 2014 colors go together so nicely, or maybe it’s because I spent quite a bit of time choosing these polishes out.  I’m not really sure.  But regardless, I like it… and am strongly considering making it a regular look.  Seriously.

Anyway, there you have it.  Ten nail polish colors inspired by the Spring 2014 colors.

While I can’t guarantee these colors will help you forget about winter still hangin’ around, I can attest to the fact that pretty nails does help lift your spirits a little bit.  Are you ready for Spring to get here?  Do you think you’ll try any colors inspired by the Spring 2014 color palette?  Let me know in the comments below… you know I love hearing from you!

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