Holistic, Natural (and Unisex!) Perfume Oils by Hexarom

Most of us only know perfumes by what we see in stores or the media, or by what our friends and family wear.  And, let’s face it, most of those perfumes are chemicals laced with fragrance that smells rather nice. There are more places to find natural perfumes nowadays, but it’s not very common to find fragrances made with 100% natural ingredients, and more and more people are looking to all-natural solutions to everyday items.  It’s something I’m slowly-but-surely working on doing, so when I was given the opportunity to try one of the scents blended by Hexarom, I figured I’d give it a shot.

What is Hexarom?

Kuniko, the founder and perfumer behind Hexarom created the brand because of her passion about aromatherapy and fragrance, which stems from her Japanese upbringing.  The Japanese, according Hexarom’s About section, “cherish the pure natural subtle scents” and don’t have a culture full of artificial scents.  Kuniko developed her keen sense of smell naturally, and refined it as her journey around the globe took her from Japan to places like Paris, South Africa, and Europe.  In these places, she studied aromatherapy and refined her skills.  As life carried on, Kuniko realized what an important part in our lives scents play, and decided to create her own line of perfume oils.  “Choosing a perfume for a day representing my current feeling was an enjoyable and important moment of the day,” she writes, and I think that’s something nearly every woman can relate to.  It was her own love of having a scent that enveloped her feelings (or perhaps, created them), and her intolerance for harsh chemicals in so many other perfumes, that drove Kuniko to create Hexarom.

Hexarom perfume oils are blended by hand by Kuniko herself, using small batches of artisan spirits. She uses only natural, botanical ingredients such as pure essential oils, CO2 extract, and absolute, natural aromatic extracts from fruits or vegetable. There is no trace of synthetic chemical ingredients in Hexarom perfume oils. Kuniko’s care for the environment and our animal friends has also driven her to use as many certified organic ingredients as possible, and there are no animal-related substances in any Hexarom products.  Additionally, the ingredients Kuniko uses are not tested on animals, which means Hexarom perfumes are completely vegan and animal cruelty free!  Hooray!

There’s something to be said about Confidence.

Confidence Perfume Oil by Hesarom

Product image from Hexacrom, via Etsy.

Hexarom has three signature scents available: 遊 Playful和 Harmony, and 信 Confidence.  I chose to review a sample of 信 Confidence, because I felt like a scent that would enhance my feeling of trust in myself, would help me perform to the best of my ability when under pressure, and otherwise helped me when I was nervous or under stress was something I could use.  I figured confidence would be something I could always use a little more of, especially still being rather new at my job and with the holidays coming up.  More trust in myself and something that would calm me a little?  Perfect for the crazy holiday season!

Hexarom’s 信 Confidence has notes of verbena*, grapefruit, black pepper*, turmeric*, clove, aniseed, lovage*, jasmine sambac, galbanum, stikwort*, vetiver*, and benzoin*.  It’s a woodsy, smokey, oriental type scent that’s earthy and unisex.  In fact, all three of the Hexarom scents are unisex, which is really nice.  Those first three ingredients–verbena, grapefruit, and black pepper–were also a part of the reason I chose 信 Confidence.  I quite like verbena and grapefruit, and the thought of black pepper in a perfume is just so intriguing to me that I had to try it out.  The rest?  I recognized some of them, not all, but figured that it would be a nice, difference scent in my collection.  Plus, with it being described as woodsy and smokey, I figured it would be a nice fall/winter scent.

What it’s like to wear 信 Confidence.

While I can’t honestly tell you “oh yes, this made me feel 100% more confident in myself before a huge presentation”, that’s partially because I haven’t had a huge presentation since receiving my sample.  But I also tried to avoid really thinking, “alright, Rach, you just slathered on some Confidence, let’s make today happen” when I dabbed it on.  I feel like that would have skewed my thoughts on things, and I certainly don’t think that way about other perfumes I wear, so why should this one be different?  I will say that it is a very calming scent that is extremely different from anything I’ve ever worn.  For one, I usually lean towards more flowery scents, so this richer, woodsier smell is a big change, but not in such a way that I feel weird wearing it, if that makes sense.  I also feel a little more grounded when I wear it.  I get that at peace feeling when I put it on that’s similar to the one I get when I walk out of yoga each week.  It makes me wonder if doing yoga wearing the 和 Harmony scent would be like.

One really noticeable thing about Hexarom’s perfume oil was the thickness of it.  I’m so used to commercially produced perfumes, which are mostly alcohol and very watery, that I was initially very surprised by the thickness of it.  That makes me feel like this will last longer, and I don’t just mean the scent itself (and it will since there’s no alcohol, which makes other perfumes evaporate faster).  Since it’s an oil, I can dab just a drop on one wrist, rub them together, and then touch them to the sides of my neck without feeling like it’s already gone by the time I’ve rubbed my wrists together.  I also don’t feel I need to do the spray-walk-through trick that seems necessary with other perfumes.  One little dab to hit the main points makes you feel like you’re really getting your money’s worth, in terms of application and scent payoff, which goes a long way for me. When I wore 信 Confidence, I felt like I really found a scent that lasted me throughout the day.  The Hexarom FAQs say they only last 2-4 hours, but I felt like it was longer than that!

Hexarom has custom blends available.

If you’re looking for something truly unique–a scent that creates a specific mood or envokes a feeling–Kuniko can work with you to create it.  Just send her a message via the Hexarom Facebook page, Etsy shop, Google+ or website and she’ll work with you to create something that’s perfectly you.  Quite possibly one of my favorite things about Hexarom, and something I just might do in the future.

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*These ingredients are certified organic.  Pretty cool, right?  Oh, and while you’re down here, it’s important for you to know that I received a sample as compensation for my post/review, but the opinions above are my own and were not influenced by compensation received.  I wouldn’t recommend something to you if I didn’t stand behind it.  This opportunity was brought to me via Tomoson.  For my full disclosure policy, go here.