Craving something different? Have some JuicyCanvas.

Artur Maklyarevsky and Deb Brugiati were craving something different.  They wanted a way to not only share art and support small-time artists, but also give creative people a way to still express their own vision when creating art and apparel.  So they launched JuicyCanvas, the first fine art and fashion marketplace that allows you to remix trending art and print it onto products.

JuicyCanvas: Remixer

Who are Arthur and Deb?

The husband and wife, along with their little one, are from Buenos Aires and New York.  They are art lovers and strong believers in an active, creative consumer.  It is their vision to create a world where everything can be remixed, redesigned, and personalized.  It is this vision, along with their appreciation for street artists they saw in Buenos Aires, that pushed them to create JuicyCanvas.

What is JuicyCanvas?

JuicyCanvas takes an artist’s “finished” artwork and automagically unlocks it for further personalization and experimentation.  Blasphemy to some? You betcha! But before you get all bent out of shape, the over 200 international artists and designers that JuicyCanvas works with have submitted their own artwork, with the understanding that JuicyCanvas users will be able to change colors, add gradients, rotate and reposition artwork, and otherwise put their own spin on the artists’ piece.  The resulting work always retains its original essence, but can be altered as profoundly as the user sees fit, giving them control over what they have put onto a stretch canvas, fine art print, or apparel of their choosing.

Why allow users to alter an artists finished piece?  Well, Arthur and Deb understand that once an artist releases their art out to the world, everyone sees and feels it differently. JuicyCanvas gives people the tools to craft an even more personal connection with the art that speaks to them.  Not only do they get something completely unique, but they’re still supporting new artists.

Your vision, stretched onto quality canvas.

Right now, JuicyCanvas allows you to customize art and have it printed on high quality stretched canvas.  There are a ton of different sizes and options, and endless possibilities when it comes to the finished piece, because remember you customize the art.  Here’s an example of just how far you can take one piece of art.

JuicyCanvas: Stretched Canvas

As you can see, there are quite a few ways to change up the art that JuicyCanvas has to offer… from simple background changes to complete color changes and everything in between, plus you can rotate, enlarge, and even add text to really personalize your art.

Adding apparel and accessories.

Recently, JuicyCanvas launched their Indiegogo crowd funding campaign, seeking the backing of fashion enthusiasts as they continue to realize their vision of individual expression by offering more.  With the campaign’s success, JuicyCanvas will offer fully remixable clothing as well as fine art prints and mobile phone cases.  All of which will have the amazing customization options that the stretched canvas pieces do: repositioning, recoloring, rotating, and adding text.  The clothing is top-of-the-line American Apparel, and includes hoodies, men’s and women’s tees, and even baby onesies (that’s right… no more typical baby shower gifts for your creative friends).  Here’s another example of what you’ll soon be able to do on JuicyCanvas.

JuicyCanvas: Mobile Case

Check out JuicyCanvas, and support them if you love it.

I watched their video and played around on their website, and decided that I would back them.  I love the creativity, the idea, and the potential for some really unique art, either in the form of wall hangings, or art I can wear.  So head on over to and play around.  If you can think of even one person who would love a JuicyCanvas gift card, then please donate even just a little bit to their Indigogo campaign.  Let’s make this awesomeness happen!

I discovered JuicyCanvas on Brand Backer.  I applied to be a part of their campaign, because I thought it was a cool concept.  But once I listened to what they had to say and actually played around on the website, I decided to actually back them myself.  So while this is a sponsored post in terms of BrandBacker, I haven’t actually yet received anything from JuicyCanvas to review, and haven’t been compensated for this post.  And really, I wouldn’t have backed them with money out of my own pocket if I didn’t believe in the concept.

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