It’s Always Time to be “Fashionably Late” With Rakani Watches!

Quite often, I’m running late.

It’s just how things go; one minute, I’ve got 20, and a second later I should have left 5 minutes ago.  When I saw the Rakani “Fashionably Late” line of watches, I knew I’d found a watch brand that understood me.  Every single one of the watches in the Rakani “Fashionably Late” collection were creatively designed with lateness in mind, providing the wearer with a beautiful, but unique (and perhaps tongue-in-cheek), timepiece.

Fashionably Late with Rakani

From left to right, my favorite watches from each of this Rakani line are the “What Time?” 40mm in Rose Gold on Black with Black Leather, the “Running Behind” 32mm in Lotus with Stainless Steel, the “Stuck in Traffic” 40mm in Black with Black Swarovski Crystals, Black Steel Case and Black Band, the “Right Around The Corner” 38mm in Black Rectangle with Stainless Steel Band, the “+5” 32mm in Black with Red Leather Band, and the “ISH” 32mm in Rose Gold Steel.

About Rakani and the “Fashionably Late” Collection.

Rakani is a leading designer of meaningful and relevant timepieces, with a design process that entails developing a specific theme people can relate to, and the portraying it in a creative way.  The unique, relevant designs of Rakani watches are more than just nice, they are meaningful and have value beyond the product itself.

Rakani watches have an interesting balance of creative designs and classic style.  They have an artistic appeal which is embodied in classic designs that will be relevant for years to come, while continuing to be appropriate for an occasion.  And on top of it, Rakani’s relentless focus on quality means that your watch will last for years to come.   This rigorous attention to detail is evident throughout as you look at Rakani’s customization of otherwise standard watch features.  The leather bands are double padded for extra comfort, their three-piece watch cases have a fine brush finish, and the case doubles as a travel case for your watch and jewelry.  These are fine details you don’t get with just any watch, and things you might not even get for a watch that’s twice the price or more.

I got to choose a Rakani watch.

I was lucky enough to be able to choose a Rakani watch to review and add to my now-growing collection of nice watches.  I ended up choosing the “+5” 32mm in Black with Red Leather Band, because it was nothing like anything I owned, and I wanted something different.  I also liked the Stainless Steel version a lot, though I decided against it because it’s similar to my dress watch.  I also looked long and hard at the  the “Stuck in Traffic” 40mm in Black with Black Swarovski Crystals, Black Steel Case and Black Band, which I decided would be a bit too big for my small wrists, and the “Running Behind” 32mm in Lotus with Stainless Steel, which again was too similar to my dress watch… though if I didn’t have a dress watch, this or the similar “+5” would have been my picks, because they’re just so timeless classic.  Worth noting that if I were in the market still for a rose gold watch, I would have gotten the “ISH” 32mm in Rose Gold Steel in a heartbeat.  Gorgeous!

Everything Rakani’s website says is true.

When I received my watch, I was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful box in which it came.  And then I opened this lovely box to find it was, indeed, the perfect travel jewelry box, housing a gorgeous, well-made timepiece that will last and last.  First, a look at the box itself.

Rakani: Box

It’s a wood-grain imprinted box with raised lettering.  Simple, unisex, and very classic looking.  Definitely not a box you just toss into the garbage when you pull the watch out.  And when you open it, that’s confirmed.  Like they promise, Rakani gives you a travel jewelry box, not just a watch box.  And as an added little touch, in the top of the box is a little story about the watch design you’ve chosen.

Rakani: Story

Here’s a closer look at the awesome travel box capability of the Rakani box.  I couldn’t resist filling it with some of my favorite baubles to show off just how great this really is.  The top ring holder lifts out to reveal two compartments underneath for earrings, necklaces, or whatever else you may have to put inside.

Rakani: Travel Case

Look at that!  It’s perfect for a weekend away, or when you just need those few precious accessories to get you through a trip.  Or even for keeping your really valuable stuff with you when you travel longer distances.  Tossing this small box in a carry-on would be a piece of cake!

And now, let’s appreciate the fine detail work that Rakani puts into their watches.

You read about it above, just as I read about it when I learned about the brand, but in person, the Rakani quality is stand out and impeccable.  It isn’t just how the watch comes packaged though, it’s the watch itself.  Take a look at the detail of the face of the +5 watch first.

Rakani: +5 Face Detail

The dust is from me, and I should have blown it off before taking this shot, but you can see the custom designed hand of the +5, and how unique it is, as well as the sporty red accents along the number marks of the face. You can also appreciate that the Rakani name isn’t just painted on the face, and is raised silver lettering like the rest of the pieces on the face.  Beautiful!

And then there’s the care in actually placing the watch.  I don’t really know how other premium watchmakers package their watches, but every time I have seen a band like this, that closes with a buckle, it’s been buckled around the little cushion inside the case.  That creases the leather or fabric, and if the crease goes away, it takes forever to.  But Rakani doesn’t do things that way.

Rakani: No Creases

Rakani tucks the buckle underneath and slips the band through the loops, effectively keeping the watch on the little cushion without creasing the leather band.  For someone like me who has a small wrist, the lack of crease is a big plus.  Nothing ruins the look of a nice watch more than a crease at a hole you don’t use.

Oh but the details don’t end there.  The leather band is branded with the Rakani name, and while that isn’t really all that remarkable, it’s a nice touch.  But you know what’s nicer?  The back plate of the watch.

Rakani: Back Plate

The back faceplate of the watch is engraved with the brand name, the tagline “Defining Time”, the collection name (“Fashionably Late”), and the name of the design (“+5”).  It also has a serial number and a notation about the water resistance (which, while clear in the above shot, is 50 meters–sufficient for a non-diving watch that’s not meant to be worn in water).  While virtually no one will see this side of the watch, Rakani has made the effort to make it as beautiful as the rest of the timepiece itself.  Way to set the standard, Rakani!

So how’s it look?

Well, I’ve posted it on Instagram, so if you follow me there you’ve seen it, but it looks fantastic on.  The leather is thick enough so that it feels like it’s on for good, but is soft enough to mold to my skin and not sit all funny on my small wrists.  One thing that drives me crazy about a lot of watches is that they tend to move around on me and sit kind of funny.  Not so with the +5.

Rakani: Wearing It

I’ve taken to wearing it a little high–above my wrist bones rather than at or below them–and the fit is just perfect.  Not too tight that it’s uncomfortable, and not too lose that it’s flapping around getting scratched.  In fact, I’ve worn it about 3 days a week since getting it back in November, and it still looks as good as the day I got it.  The leather has barely started to crease, the holes aren’t stretched out, and there are no scratches on the face.  Pretty impressive!  I’ve gotten a lot of complements too… and love the extra five minutes I get with it, haha!

If you’re looking for a new watch, or one to add to your collection, consider being “Fashionably Late”.

Priced along the same lines as some of the more popular designer watches, the Rakani “Fashionably Late” line will run you between $170 and $250 depending on the model you choose.  And with the classic-yet-unique looks, you’ll not only have a timepiece that lasts for years to come, but you’ll have a subtle conversation piece too.  The unisex watches make for great gifts too, if you’re still looking for something for someone special this holiday season.  You can shop online at Rakani’s website.  And don’t forget to like them on Facebook, where they post styling tips and info about sales (one is going on right now, in fact!).

This post was written as part of the Brand Backer program. I received a sample as compensation for my post/review, but the opinions above are my own and were not influenced by compensation received.  For my full disclosure policy, go here.