Chicago ‘Burbs Event: Schoolhouse Swap

There’s a great event coming up on December 2, hosted by Katy at ModlyChic!  It’s a clothing swap, which is a wonderful chance to clean out your closet and bring home some new-to-you duds!  And all for just $12 (the cost to get into the event).  What’s more?  You don’t have to worry about bringing home stuff you haven’t gotten rid of, because our wonderful event host is taking care of donating all un-swapped items to local charity.  How awesome is that?  Pretty darn awesome, I say!

At first, I was bummed because I wasn’t sure if I could make it.  But it turns out, I’m a spaz and I was looking at the calendar wrong.  So really, I can absolutely attend the Schoolhouse Swap!

I’ve already purchased my ticket to go!  It works out wonderfully, because I started cleaning out my closet last week and will most definitely be able to pull more clothes, shoes, bags and more by Dec 2!  Plus, that gives me a little more time to blog about the closet clean-out process 😉

Anyway, if you’re interested in attending, all the details are here:

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