21 Day Challenge: Day 1

Today’s the first day of my 21 Day Challenge, and today’s rule is pretty easy.  All I need to do today is pick an item to remix 3 times over the next 3 weeks.  The only specific part of this rule is that the item cannot be jeans.  I’m ok with that, since I’ve been trying to wear jeans less anyway.

I figured I’d test myself a tad bit and chose this striped dress (click to view it bigger if you want):

This dress is actually a former maxi dress that I cut short over the summer.  First I cut it so that it hit about 3″ below my knees.  But last week, I cut it again so that it hits about 2″ above my knees.  This new length works great for fall because I can wear knee high boots and you can actually see them.  The best thing about this dress is that it’s jersey, so not only does it fit great and is super comfy, but I don’t have to hem it when I cut it!

Anyway, I say this piece is a test for me, because I’m not sure how to really style this dress for fall.  I’ve only worn it twice in fall, both times with pretty much the same outfit.  So I’m going to really have to try and mix it up to make this dress look different, I think.

Anyway, here’s me in today’s outfit:

The bottom of the skirt is cut even, I promise!  It’s just sitting funny here.

And here’s a Polyvore set of today’s look:


I did also try something new with this outfit, which I’m calling “Dup-A-Look”.  I’ll write more on that in a bit, in a different entry.  Here’s the pin of the look I was duplicating.  Pretty good dup, huh? 🙂  It was a look I was really wanting to give a shot, and it worked out perfect for today.