It’s time for another Throwback Thursday!

I dug through my laptop and found some old pics… not quite as old as the ones from last Throwback Thursday, but old nonetheless.  Starting with a pic of hubs and I at my college graduation in May 2004.  Proof that I busted my ass enough to get a BS in BS (I was a Communications major with a focus in Advertising and a Marketing minor… indeed a BS in BS).  You can see our true height difference, since I’m wearing flats in this pic.


Next up is a pic of me with my Subaru WRX a few months later.  I got the car a couple weeks after graduation and got rid of it 125,000 miles and lots of memories later.  I actually met quite a few awesome people as part of the Subaru cult, and really miss the automatic friendships, little waves from other WRX drivers, and the badass feeling that came with the car.  I also really miss the heated windshield and mirrors.  However, I don’t particularly miss getting asked to race all the time, nor do I miss having to carefully navigate speed bumps (it was lower than this in front by the time I sold it).  Oh, but the sound of a WRX with a good exhaust on it… yum.  Anyway… picture.


I actually still have that top, and wear it here and there (though almost always with a tank top under it).  It’s a Guess hoodie, and I’ve had it since high school.  The jeans were the only item of clothing I’ve ever owned from Abercrombie and Fitch, and I wore holes in them.  I also had about 3 pairs of those Puma Speedkat shoes in various colors.  They are still my favorite Pumas, and I’ve considered buying them again.

And here’s hubs and I celebrating my 23rd birthday in 2005.  The cake was for the whole fam, not just the two of us, haha.  At this point, we had been together 5 years.  Crazy!


I still buy the tanktops like I’m wearing in this pic.  They’re from Target, and I love them.  If I remember correctly, I had a pair of silky cropped cargo pants on in this pic.  If you look closely, you can see I’m wearing layered necklaces… some things never change.

And this is not too long after we brought Trixie home.  The two of us snuggling on the old couch together at hubs’ and my first apartment in Lake Zurich.  Little Trixie was about 14 pounds and had a black nose.  Now her nose is liver-colored and she’s about 28 pounds.  Her ears are the same size: huge.


Ahh layered tank tops (which were just riding up here, not cropped) and wide leg khakis.  These were a pair of double-duty pants.  Since they were khakis, I could wear them to my business casual workplace, but they were comfortable and not as icky-feeling as dress pants, so I could dupe people into thinking I was more dressed up than I was.  And then on weekends I could wear them with sneakers and a hoodie.  How I managed to keep them clean is beyond me.

Here’s a bonus picture of Trixie a few months later, when she broke her toe (you can see her peg leg pretty well here).  This was right at the beginning of the 10 week cone fiasco, probably just after we switched her from the normal-sized cone to the one for a dog twice her size, because she managed to get around the smaller one.  It wasn’t too much longer after this that we just did away with the crate altogether, since it took up so much of our kitchen, and just used a baby gate.


And here’s snuggleface and me about a year later, when we lived with my in-laws for a bit… probably winter 2006, judging from the sweater I’m wearing.  I’ve since gotten rid of the sweater, which was cashmere and a little big on me.  I should have hung onto it, in hindsight, since it was a rather nice piece, but at one point, that deep red color made me look dead, so yea, I got rid of anything that color that existed in my closet.  Oh well.


If you compare this pic to the one above, you can see the color change in Trixie’s nose.  It’s even lighter than that now.  She’s still just as sweet.

So there’s a few more fun pics for Throwback Thursday.  Had to believe that in about 6 months I’ll be 10 years out of college!

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