It’s #ThrowbackThursday… Just in Time for Halloween!

I’ve never posted Throwback Thursday pictures before, so I figured it would be a fun thing to do for Halloween.  I rummaged through some photo albums I had at the house and pulled some pics that are rather old.  Here they are, starting with the oldest shot… enjoy!

Horseback Riding: Circa Early 90’s

This was from my first year of horseback riding. I’m pretty sure this was the summer between 4th and 5th grades, which would mean this pic was taken roughly 20 years ago.  Look how tiny I was!  This horse’s name was Take Me Along.  He threw me 2 days before the exhibition (which was when we showed our families everything we learned).  While I wasn’t able to get back on after I was thrown–I wasn’t hurt, just had the wind knocked out of me pretty good–here I am, braving it so I could show off for the family!  I continued riding for 4 more summers, and never quite lived down the “Take Me left me” joke.

Throwback Thursday: Horseback Riding

Aww, Dudley dog!

Here I am with Dudley, the dog I grew up with.  I’m not really sure when this was taken, but because I don’t have bangs or (prescription) glasses in this picture and I’m wearing a hugely oversized white t-shirt, I’m going to guess in 7th or 8th grade.  I grew out my bangs in 6th grade, got contacts in 7th grade, and got many an XL tee as a frequent flyer at Bar and Bat Mitzvahs.  I’d wager this was taken in late 1995 or early 1996, which makes me 13.  Dudley was a sweet, goofy, tolerant Bichon that I still think about often.  He went to the Rainbow Bridge the summer of 2003.

Throwback Thursday: Dudley


This was taken in December of 1997 and I was 15.  This was at the Nickelodeon Studios, where I alternated wishing to be slimed and (likely) complaining that I missed my boyfriend.  It was the last time I was at Disney/Universal Studios.  For the record, I’m wearing a turquoise bikini top under a cropped black tank top, underneath my overalls… with a pair of tennis shoes and hot pink mirrored sunglasses.  You can’t really tell, but I’ve got a mouthful of metal too.  My husband saw this picture and admitted that no, he definitely wouldn’t have dated me back then, even if I didn’t have braces.  Good thing we met 2 and a half years later…

Throwback Thursday: Braceface

Summer of 2000

This was the summer hubs and I met, and after his comment about the above picture, I figured I’d share one of us a few weeks into dating.  I was just 18 here and he was 19.  I chuckle at this picture, because we were so young, and because my mom spend a few months thinking this light blonde was now-hubby’s natural color.  It also amuses me that my style has changed drastically, while hubs pretty much wears the exact same thing–hoodies, t-shirts, and shorts (at least during the summer).  I know he doesn’t have flip flops on here though, which are his current go-to summer shoes.  But yea… my cutoff capris, long-sleeved college tee and running shoes are a far cry from where I’m at stylistically today, that’s for sure.  Also, I’m pretty tan here, I must say… don’t think I’ve been that tan since.

Throwback Thursday: Summer of 2000

So there’s the first rendition of Throwback Thursday here at SSC.

I hope you enjoyed!  I’ll see if I can’t dig up other pics at some point for you… maybe even some more that show off a little better just how my style has evolved.  But I’ll have to raid the photo albums at the parents’ for that!  Until then, happy, and safe, Halloween!