I Live to Make a Statement, Because I Live Vividly!

The ultimate statement pieces, brought to you by Vividly.

I’m sure you recall the post I wrote a couple weeks ago about Vividly.  Vividly is an online art community and fashion house for those who love gorgeously made clothes that express their love of art.  Vividly offers art and fashion lovers a wide variety of beautiful pieces, with silk tanks and scarves starting their life off.  They recently expanded their line and introduced skirts, dresses, jackets, and cotton tops.  And everything is available in stunning prints, photographs, drawings, or other art created by artists from all over the world.  If an artist can scan or photograph a non-digital piece of art, Vividly can make it into one of their fab items.  How cool is that?!  Oh, and what’s more?  Vividly’s pieces are all printed and sewn right here in the USA.  Awesome!

I live to make a statement.

I’ve been itching for a change in hairstyle now for quite awhile. But I didn’t want to get rid of my length, especially since I’m not annoyed by it (yet). I wanted color. Bright, not-natural, anything-but-subtle color. In fact, I’ve been wanting color for quite awhile now… at least since the beginning of 2012 when I dabbled in purple streaks.  But I wanted something a little more permanent, and much bolder.  I thought about it, did some Googling, and decided on yellow.  It’s one of those colors that not many people do, and it’s also one of the colors a friend of mine mentioned I tend to wear a lot, but only in small amounts.  So I figured I could pull it off.  When my hair was done, I knew exactly what I wanted to wear to officially show it off to you fantastic readers… my Vividly.co Golden Gate silk tank top.

Golden Gate Top from Vividly

The beautiful silk tank from Vividly is bold, yet delicate.  It’s 100% silk crepe de chine on the front and 100% bamboo viscose on the back, making it so soft, that you totally understand it when they say it’s “so soft, you’ll never want to take it off,” because it’s true!  The print on the front was designed by Lani Woods and is a beautiful painting of the Golden Gate Bridge.  It’s an eye-catching, gorgeous piece that’s totally unlike anything I own.  Which is exactly why I chose it.  The bamboo back is soft, and a wonderful tan color that’s a perfect neutral, almost like a matte on a framed painting.

Living Vividly.

Because the Golden Gate tank is so lightweight, I wore it over a black cotton tank for this fall look.  But in the summer, it will be perfect over my black bralette or something similar.  I paired it with my Rock & Republic black coated skinny jeans and my peacock-colored ankle booties.  The deep teal color of the booties played of some of the shades of blue and aqua in the tank, without being too distracting, and the black coated denim provided the top with the perfect surround to really make a statement.  I topped the whole look off with a dark denim jacket, which I was even able to take off for a bit, since it was surprisingly warm out for an October weekend.  And to add just a little bit of extra pop to the whole look, I went with a bold red lip, yellow nails (to match my new urban ombre hair), and some of my favorite accessories–my skully bracelet, my leather cuff, my SydRocks necklace and my “Rachel” necklace (in rose gold), my Limited Edition rose gold Michael Kors watch, and my double midi ring from Benjamin Black Goldsmiths.

Live Vividly: Accessorize Appropriately

Don’t let a little rain dull your shine.

About 5 minutes after I left the house to go find the perfect location to let this great top shine, it started raining.   But I wasn’t about to let that stop me!  I managed to squeeze a few shots in between the drops, and also found a good spot to shoot as it rained.  Hooray for over-hangs… and stepping away just before the downspout waterfall started!  Regardless of the rain, you can see that the Golden Gate tank from Vividly really makes a statement, even among the beautiful changing leaves.

Live Vividly: It's a Walk in the Park

It stands out in a more urban setting too, of course… there’s no way to blend in if you’re wearing a tank like this!  The urban jungle of drab concrete and bricks is no match for those who want, or need, to make a statement.  Even from far away, this Vivdly tank packs a punch.

Live Vividly: Stand Out in an Urban Jungle

And close up?  It’s more of the same, especially on a grey day, after the rain is gone and the sun starts to shine through the clouds.  That peek of sun will lets your sun shine.

Live Vividly: Let Your Sun Shine

Live Vividly, and let it shine, baby… let it shine!

Wearing such a bright, statement-making top would make it seem next to impossible to do anything but turn heads, and it’s true.  And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that!  Let your statement be vivid, and let it shine!  Live Vividly every day, and live to make a statement… I do!

Live Vividly: Shine On!

This post was written as part of the Brand Backer program. I received a sample as compensation for my post/review, but the opinions above are my own and were not influenced by compensation received.  For my full disclosure policy, go here.