FBFF: Giving Thanks

Today’s Fashion/Beauty Friend Friday asks, “What are the things you are most thankful for right now?”.

To keep it short, I am thankful for love, health, and work.  I’ll expand, but just a little bit.

I am thankful to have a wonderful husband.  The love we share is very special, and while we’ve been together for a very long time, our love is still growing.  We have laughed together and cried together, and ultimately, it has all made our love stronger.

I’m thankful that I have a wonderful family, who loves me and all my quirkiness.  My parents are great and my brother’s not too bad (haha!).  I do wish my dad were a little easier to find gifts for, but oh well.  My aunts and uncles are very special, and always make me smile when we see each other.  My cousins are pretty darn cool too, and I’m glad we’re as close as we are.  When my grandma passed away, it proved just how wonderfully close we are, and how much love there is in our family.  I miss her dearly, but I know that without her loving us all as much as she did, the family wouldn’t be what it is.

I can’t not give a shout out to my husband’s family, who’s made me feel as if I were a part of it from day one.  His family is great, and it’s clear how much they all love each other as well.  I’m very thankful to be a part of his family (and not just because they cook with a lot of bacon, haha!).

I am also thankful to have a wonderful dog in my life, who’s as much my child as she is my pet.  Lots of people don’t realize how much a dog (or other pet) not only touches your heart, but changes it for the better (and those people probably think this is silliness).  My little Muttdog came into our lives and showed us what true, unconditional love really is, and had changed us for the better times ten.  I’m thankful she was pulled from a kill shelter so that she could find her way to us, and that we rescued her to spoil her silly share our lives with her.

7 years ago, I don’t think I could even fathom not taking numerous pills a day and still dealing with scary unknowns, trips to the ER, and weird medication side-effects.  But here I am, not taking meds, not having health issues, and most certainly not dealing with weird side-effects, 7 years later.  I’m not sure if I just outgrew the migraines, or if some of the meds I was taking for GIRD was causing them, or what.  Maybe I’m just more in tune with my body and have the ideal diet down so things are manageable without meds.  Who knows.  All I care about is the fact that I’m healthy without pumping myself full of drugs every day.  Sure, I have my aches and pains, but who doesn’t?  Largely, I have nothing to complain about health-wise, and for that, I am thankful.

I’m also thankful my husband and my family are all healthy.  We’ve had a few scares, but overall, everyone is healthy.  For that, I’m very thankful.

With things the way they are, I’m thankful to not only have a job, but have one I’ve been at for so long.  It’s wonderful to work at a place where going to work isn’t a chore because you really like who you work with and what you do; I’m thankful I don’t hate my job, hate my boss, or hate my coworkers.  While it may not be particularly glamourous, what I do is pretty much my dream job, and I’m thankful I can say that at 29.

I’m also thankful that the dress code at work is fairly lax, because that allows me to experiment with fashion a little bit more.  I can dress up and dress down, and as long as I don’t break a few very basic rules, it’s all good.  It’s really nice.

So that’s it.  That’s, largely, what I’m thankful for this season

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