Monroe and Main Updates the Varsity Jacket… Plus a Giveaway!

This Monroe and Main review/giveaway is part of a Fashionista Events opportunity. Clothing was provided by Monroe and Main as noted below.

I’ve long been wanting a varsity jacket. In fact, I wanted one in high school, but didn’t like the school’s colors enough to push hard to get one (plus, girls just didn’t wear them). Since they’ve come back in style, I’ve been keeping my eye out for one that isn’t overly juvenile, being that I’m in my thirties. When I found this Wool-blend Varsity Jacket over at Monroe and Main, I knew I’d found the jacket I was looking for.  This varsity jacket is wonderfully thick and perfect for fall, and while we (thankfully) haven’t quite had weather cool enough for it to make it into regular rotation, I’ve gotten a chance to wear it a couple times here and there.  I can definitely tell you that the wool is soft, the leather is supple and flexible, and the jacket is beautifully lined.  It’s made extremely well and will be a fall staple in my closet for years to come.

Monroe and Main really nailed the styling on this one, taking a classic jacket and making it more sophisticated for those of us who are well past our teenage years.  I figured I’d show you some ways to wear this beautiful piece without making you feel like you’ve got to worry about whether or not your jock boyfriend hooked up with Becky after last Saturday’s game.  Check out these four great looks I put together featuring Monroe and Main’s fab updated varsity jacket, as well as some other Monroe and Main items similar to ones I used to create these looks.

Look 1: Weekday Rush

Monroe and Main’s Wool-blend Varsity Jacket is perfect for dashing out the door to work during the cooler fall mornings.  It’s not your traditional wool blend peacoat or predictable tan trench coat, which gives it a little bit of an edge.  At the same time, it’s grown up enough to say “I’ve got my life together,” even if you feel like that’s not the case.  For this look, I paired it with a bright coral pencil skirt (check out this similar skirt at Monroe and Main), a navy and cream floral blouse, cap-toe pumps, and a white statement necklace (Monroe and Main has a similar one here).

Monroe and Main Wool-Blend Varsity Jacket: Weekday Rush

Tossing the jacket on over some brighter work wear dresses it up a little bit, but keeps your look fresh and young.  Even of you work in your average stuffy office, this look is one you can rock easily as the leaves change colors.

Girl’s Night Out

Going out in fall can be tough, because as it gets cooler, you have to worry about looking cute while wearing a jacket, right?  Wrong!  The Wool-blend Varsity Jacket is a piece you can work into an outfit effortlessly, which means you can look stylish without sacrificing your warmth.  For this look, I wore a black sequin top (check out this cute one at Monroe and Main) under a fringed sweater vest (Monroe and Main has a similarly-colored fringed cardigan), with boyfriend jeans and my clear wedge heels.  I added my long claw necklace as a nod to the cream leather sleeves, threw my hair in a high ponytail, and this was the perfect look for a night of dinner and fun with the ladies!

Monroe and Main Wool-Blend Varsity Jacket: Girl's Night Out

I usually start turning into a hermit when the weather starts dipping into the 40’s at night, as it so often does around here.  But with this varsity jacket, I don’t  have to worry about that anymore!   I can have my warmth and my chicness too.

Date Night

I really wanted to dress this jacket up, beyond work wear, so hubs and I went out to a nice dinner together one evening.  I may have overdressed a little, with a fitted floral dress, metallic heels, a golden yellow clutch (though I totally would have rocked the heck out of this clutch from Monroe and Main), and a pile of long necklaces (here’s a great layered-look necklace, if you want the same look from Monroe and Main).  But the casual-chicness of the Wool-blend Varsity Jacket really helped ground this outfit, so I didn’t feel overdressed at all.

Monroe and Main Wool-Blend Varsity Jacket: Date Night

This is a great jacket for any fall weddings or dressier events you have coming up.  Because it’s not your traditional varisty jacket, it’s a lot nicer-looking, which means you can dress it up easily, or use it to dress down an outfit (because while it’s better to be overdressed than underdressed, I know how “off” you feel when you’re overdressed).  It’s nice to have a versatile, classic piece that’s a little less stuffy than a traditional dressy jacket.

Laid-Back Sunday

I love crisp fall weekend days where I can go sit outside, enjoy the fresh air, and sip a cup of hot cocoa.  I got a taste of it one morning not too long ago, and threw my Monroe and Main Fleece-Lined Leggings on with a tank, a light weight cardigan (similar to this one from Monroe and Main), and a scarf.  To keep my feet kind of warm (but mostly clean), I tossed my Chucks on, but these slippers may be making their way to my closet at some point soon, because they’d pair perfect with the coziness of the Fleece-Lined Leggings.  I was a little chilly, so I tossed my Wool-blend Varsity Jacket on over my shoulders and snuggled in.  Even Trixie joined in!

Monroe and Main Wool-Blend Varsity Jacket: Laid-Back Sunday

The wool did a great job keeping me warm, which meant I could sit and relax without shivering.  We back up to a fairly busy road, and Sunday mornings are really the only time I get to enjoy the quiet in our backyard.  Having something warm that I can just toss around my shoulders while I sip a mug of something warm (and pause for some pets) really makes this jacket round out my wardrobe.  What’s more?  I was able to head right on out to run some errands later on that morning, and I managed to look put together and comfortable.

A quick word about these Fleece-Lined Leggings… get them!  No, seriously.  I spent way too many cool fall days and cold winter nights worrying that fleece-lined leggings would be bulky, and I’m kicking myself for not ordering them sooner!  They are lined with the softest fleece ever, and look and feel just like regular leggings on the outside.  I wore them one day to work, even, and no one realized that, essentially, I was rockin’ sweatpants that day.  Take that, dress code!

And now, the giveaway!

Because I want you all to experience the variety of styles available at Monroe and Main, I partnered with other Fashionistas to offer you an incredible giveaway!  Monroe and Main has been awesome enough to offer ten winners a $100 giftcard to their fashion-forward site.  That’s $1000 in prizes!  This is one of the biggest and best giveaways I’ve been able to participate in, and I’m so excited to give you a chance to win.  Enter using the Rafflecopter below. Hurry… the event ends September 16!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I received a sample as compensation for my post/review, but the opinions above are my own and were not influenced by compensation received.  For my full disclosure policy, go here.  This post and giveaway was made possible by Shelley at Still Blonde After All These Years and the Fashionista Events.

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