Suburban Style Challenge is Two! Happy Blogiversary!

Wow! I cannot believe SSC is two years old today!

Yesterday marked 2 years since I started Suburban Style Challenge.  Boy has time flown!  Last year, I had a whole bunch of stuff going on the week of my blogiversary to celebrate my first year, but this year, well, that’s not really going to happen, unfortunately. Things have been a little busy for me, so I’m just going to keep it confined to today.  Back in 2012, I looked at my most popular posts, my favorite posts, my favorite and least favorite outfits, and marked some awesome milestones. This year, for my sanity’s brevity’s sake, I’m going to do something similar, but shorten things just a bit and focus on the positive. So, here we go…

Top Five Posts

Excluding giveaways, these are the top 5 posts here at SSC as it stands today. It’s a pretty interesting mix of posts, I think. And most of them make quite a bit of sense to me. The only one that doesn’t is number two. I can’t, for the life of me, figure out why so many people want to know what’s in my purse!

  1. Update: Triple Forward Helix
  2. Thin Hate: It Has to Stop
  3. Follow Up: Hair Color & Style
  4. What’s in My Bag
  5. Why I Don’t Buy Into “Cost Per Wear”

My Five Favorite Posts

This is kind of where I should take a chance to nudge some attention to posts I like that don’t seem to get enough traffic. But this time around, I’m doing it a little differently, highlighting posts that really represented turning points for SSC or struggles in my life. And in one case, highlight a project I really enjoyed. These 5 posts are ones that didn’t necessarily surprise me when they weren’t higher on the list of viewed posts, but instead ones that were truly among my favorite to write.

  1. The Great Closet Cleanout: Defining my Style
  2. A Heartfelt Thank You
  3. Over-Packing… Smartly
  4. Leaving The House Feeling Good: 5 Rules I Have To Make It Happen Every Day
  5. Make Stuff Monday: Tribal Print Moccasins

Some honorable mentions in this part as well. While I can’t necessarily say that the following posts themselves were my favorite, the events they are about were definitely a blast, and they make me smile still. In fact, those of you who know me personally know I still talk about each one of these events fondly, and laugh.

  1. Fashion’s Night Out Recap
  2. Sip & Swap: I Peeled It Off With The Naked Grape
  3. Fashionistas Invade Chicago: Dinner at the Berghoff

My Five Favorite Outfits

Boy, this one was tough, though I’m sure you’re rolling your eyes and saying “duh” at your screen right now. Last year, I chose 7 favorite outfits.  This year, I only wanted to do five to keep it short.  So after much back and forth over things, these five looks are the ones I’ve decided are my favorite from the last year.

Skinny Bitch: I wore this only last month, but I love the whole look.  The shoes, the cardigan, the coated skinny jeans, and the necklace.  I felt great in it–super confident and pretty, even sexy, surprisingly.  This was definitely one of my favorite looks.

Random Outfits July 27: Skinny Bitch

I’ll Wear What I Want: Another outfit I felt totally confident and comfortable (and sexy) in, this was one of those “eff it, I’ll just wear what I want” moments that worked out for me.  I loved this look 100%!

Random Outfits: June 1

Out in the Quad Cities: Following the same trend, this look is up in my favorites from the last year.  It was impractical, but fun and so me.  I loved the sequin skirt with the tee, the necklaces, and the patterned tights.  I wish I had better pics of it, but oh well.

Random Outfits: March & April: April 22

Superhero: The first time I wore my coveted galaxy leggings, I paired them with a teal top and booties of the same color, and legwarmers, and ended up loving it.  Every time I wear the leggings, I want to wear them like this, and have to fight it.  It just worked so well.

Jan 9: Superhero

Unicorns & Bunnies: It may come as a surprise that this is up in my favorite looks, but I really liked taking this dress and making it work-friendly and winter-friendly, with Bearpaw boots, leggings, a cardigan, and scarf.  It’s another one of those outfits I’ve had to fight just recreating every time I want to wear this dress.

Unicorns & Bunnies

So that’s it, the top 5 post, my favorite posts (plus a bonus), and my favorite looks from the last year.

What were your favorite SSC moments from the past year?  Feel free to share in the comments below, I love hearing from you!