Cool New Header & Other Images

In case you haven’t noticed, I pot a new header up here on the blog and some awesome new images up on the SSC Facebook Page.  I wanted to send out a public shout out to the creative team behind the images.

The photographer was Christian Carlson of Christian G Photography and my hair and makeup was done by Christin C.  I did all the wardrobe styling, with a little help from Christin on a couple outfits.  Of the 6 outfits, I had 4 favorites.  Here they are:

I’ve either worn these outfits or plan to wear the outfits soon, but they are all outfits that are just so me.  I absolutely adore them!

Eventually, I’ll do a blog on each outfit featured in the header, explaining what I wore, why I chose the outfit (and why I love it) and showing a full length shot.  I may even post some video, but I haven’t had a chance to look at it and see if it came out or not.  Soon, I hope!

Thanks again to Christian and Christin for a 6-look, totally awesome, marathon shoot that we nailed (not that there was any question regarding that!).  GO TEAM! 🙂

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