Favorite Fall 2013 Nail Colors: 15 Must-Have Colors

Summer is good to my nails, though I tend to leave them unpainted. They tend to chip faster when I’m more active, especially when the beach or pool is involved. But that means that fall is the prime time for me to paint my nails. I’m done doing so much, for the most part, so polish tends to last a little longer.

This fall, I’m loving all of the nail color trends!

There’s a lot of talk about blues, neutrals, greys, purples, reds, browns, metallics and micro-glitters… and it’s fantastic.  I went through my rather large nail polish collection and decided I’m totally set for fall, with 15 great nail colors that will get me from the end of summer all the way to winter perfectly.  Check out what I dug up!

It’s nakeytime!

Nudes and neutrals are the perfect way to transition from summer to fall.  They’re light and airy, giving you that summery feel, but they’re not overly summery so that you’re left feeling sad when you look at your nails and remember all the great things about summer.  Of all my polishes, here are my five favorite

Fav Fall 2013 Nail Colors: It's Nakeytime!

I was able to find 5 perfect neutral shades to take you into fall.  They’re a mix between cremes and metallics and two of them are my go-to polishes year-round.  Starting with my thumb, I’ve got Ulta’s “Lucky Penny”, which isn’t available any longer.  Essie’s Penny Talk would be a good, coppery compromise here.  Next is Rimme Londonl’s Steel Grey, which is one of my favorite polishes for any time of the year, but it’s great for fall.  It’s a nice, warm, creamy greige color that’s just perfection.  Next we have Wet ‘n Wild’s Private Viewing, which on me is almost a perfect “mannequin hands” color, which is why I like it.  It’s semi-sheer at first but builds nicely and has a slight shimmer to it.  On my ring finger we have ORLY’s Mirror Mirror, which I thought was a limited edition polish, but you can still get it.  This lovely grey creme polish is my other year-round go-to because it just works for every occasion beautifully.  And last but not least is Sinful Colors’ Out of This World, which is apparently hard to find online, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it at Walgreens lately.

Vamp it up!

As fall deepens and Halloween approaches, why not take advantage of the deep reds, purples and browns that are trending for fall?  As the weather gets cooler, I like to keep things hot with some vampy polishes, and I had quite a few to choose from, everything from a basic, always-perfect, red to a shimmery golden purple.  Here are some sexy, vampy shades that will make you wish Halloween were here already.

Fav Fall 2013 Nail Colors: Vamp it Up!

This was a fun batch of colors to choose!  Starting with my thumb, it’s the fantastic party shade, Oui by ORLY.  I love wearing this to fall weddings and New Year’s Eve parties, since it’s such an eye-catching shade.  It’s a deep purple that you only catch glimpses of behind the high-powered gold microglitter.  And yes, microglitter is in for fall (and thankfully a little easier to remove).  Next is a rich chocolate brown that’s appropriately named Hot for Chocolate, by Revlon.  Apparently another difficult one to find online, this perfect chocolate brown is great if you like dark polishes, but don’t want to go black.  Speaking of nearly black, Ulta’s For Bitten is a black-brown base with a coppery shimmer that’s just to die for.  It’s a great Halloween time polish that also ages into the holiday season nicely, because it’s vampy, but in a classy way.  On my ring finger is Sinful Colors’ Burgundy Apple, another tough one to find online and it might actually be discontinued.  Bummer, because it’s a rich burgundy with a nice shimmer that makes me think of Pam on TrueBlood.  Yum.  And last but not least, a good classic red by Sally Hansen, Rapid Red.  It’s unforgiving red, and is just perfect.  It dries fast, but you do need a base coat, as this one’s stained my nails.

Singin’ the blues!

Well, not really, but with blue hues being in for fall, they’re the perfect way to ease into winter and the holiday season.  Blues, teals and purples are in for fall 2013, and I happened to have quite a few of them, and there were some fantastic colors that, as days start to get really short and the weather gets colder and colder, can really help brighten things up.  Jewel tones are always great for the holidays too, because they just work.  So here are some nail colors for fall that won’t actually have you singin’ the blues.

Fav Fall 2013 Nail Colors: Singin' the Blues!

These were the most fun to choose, because, let’s be honest, they’re the most fun to wear.  My thumb is clad in All Mighty by Sinful Colors, a great pearly teal that reminded me of the ocean when I got it (and it still does).  I couldn’t find this one online at all, womp.  But the next color, another Sinful Colors delight, is available online, and it’s Endless Blue, a super bright cornflowery blue that’s just fantastic!  I recently got this after seeing it on someone and asking her what it was, and I’m guessing it’s going to end up being one of those great year-round brights.  My middle finger is sporting one of my favorite winter polishes, but navy is hot for fall, so I’m excited.  It’s Moody Blues, a rich navy creme polish by Ulta.  Another great dark polish that works well if you want dark, but not black.  The next one is the same–dark but not black–and it’s a New York Color polish that, unfortunately, also seems to be discontinued.  It’s called Chinatown, and I think is from the first set of In A New York Color Minute polishes.  I couldn’t find anything that was a dupe for this one online at all, unfortunately, but it’s a deep plummy purple with a subtle silver shimmer to it.  Great color!  And lastly, is Let’s Talk by Sinful Colors again.  Another hard-to-find color online that I’m pretty sure I’ve seen in Walgreens recently, so check it out if you dig this bright shimmery purple that’s almost a neon.

So there you go, 15 nail colors I’m looking forward to wearing this fall.

I hit the fall nail color trends I really liked with these 15 colors.  But if you’re curious about the other trends, check out what Elle Magazine says are the 40 Best New Fall Polishes.  You’re certain to see something that suits your fancy, and I almost guarantee that you have something in your polish stash that works for what’s trending this fall!

Do you wear nail polish often?  If so, what are your favorite kinds of colors to wear, and do you change it up based on seasonal trends?  Let me know in the comments!

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