Random Outfits: June

June was a whirlwind month.  The weather was a a little wacky, I turned 31, hubs and I celebrated 13 years together and 4 years of marriage, and overall, it was just an interesting, exciting, and fun month.  Through all of it, I managed to snap some great random outfits.  Here they are.

June 1: I’ll Wear What I Want

June started on a Saturday, and I decided that I was going to just wear whatever I wanted.  It was a nice day out, I was hanging with my BFF, and I just wanted to feel like me.  So I wore a plain black dress from Target with a great light Free People jacket (swapped!), my red wedge sneakers, and 4 fun, random necklaces.  I added my “Fashion Girl” watch, my skully bracelet, and my Jewels for Hope Rock Star bracelet, and…

Random Outfits: June 1

Perfection!  I even managed to remember to get a shot of the super-cute ruffled back of this little jacket.  Such a great find at one of the clothing swaps I was at recently.  I loved this look, and even grew ok with the dress riding up a little farther past my normal comfort zone.  Maybe because I knew June was going to be an awesome month?  I dunno.

I got complemented on this look by a complete stranger while shopping at Meijer.  An older woman who loved my shoes, and then went on to say the whole look was spectacular.  That pretty much made my day!

June 2: Believe in Love

I bought both this fab sweatshirt and these cute shorts on Saturday, while out and about, and I just had to wear them on Sunday.  We had my little cousin’s graduation party and I knew this fun, casual look would be perfect.  I topped the shorts with my sweatshirt and did a half-tuck.  I originally planned normal, sheer black tights with this, but when I was digging for a pair that weren’t torn up, I found these faux-garter ones, still new in the box, and knew they would be perfect.  And with my combat boots and an arm party, they for sure were!

Random Outfits: June 2

It was definitely too cold for shorts (though the temp dropped after I got dressed and went out), but I didn’t care.  This was another one of those “I’m going to wear what I want” days.  I loved this outfit!  This sweatshirt is a good comfortable-chic piece that works really nicely, and it was a good find.  The shorts, different from anything I have in my closet, are way cute and I’m looking forward to wearing them more this summer.  And the tights?  I can’t believe I let them sit for well over a year.  I was so afraid of ruining them, that I just never wore them.  But they’re so cute!  In fall, I’ll for sure be wearing them more!

June 5: Making Tribal Work

I bought this shirt at Forever21 a few years ago, and loved it, but never wore it.   For some reason, I never felt like I could make it work.  But I couldn’t bear to part with it because I loved the softness, the colors, and the pattern.  So during my “I have nothing to wear” moment this particular Wednesday morning, I decided I would make it work.  I paired it with my self-dyed mint jeans and an oversized white cardigan.  I added my feather necklace, which tied the mint in nicely, and my black and cream patent shoes that look very similar to the Valentino shoes I lust over (but for a fraction of a fraction of the price).

Random Outfits: June 5

This top worked really nicely with these jeans, and I was pleasantly surprised by it.  The colors looked great together and wearing it gave me some new ideas to wear it more.  I’m hoping that this inaugural wear is the beginning of many more!

June 8: The Denim Dress

From the moment I saw this dress at GAP I lusted over it.  At the time, it wasn’t in my budget to buy it, and I both hoped it would go on sale and that it wouldn’t sell out before I could buy it.  I stalked it online for weeks before I got a chance to try it on in-store.  When I did, I decided to just get it.  I decided I’d eat lunch at home a few more times to make it work, and that because of how often I thought about it and looked at it online, it was something I had to have.  I wore it the following weekend with sheer black tights, my combat boots, and a black let at my waist.  I piled on necklaces, added my leather cuff, a turquoise ring, and some lavender nail polish (Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Lively Lilac).

Random Outfits: June 8

This was a fantastic outfit!  I loved the 90’s, bad-ass vibe of this look, but how comfortable it was at the same time.  I also really liked the contrast of the super pale denim against the dark tights and belt.  It worked nicely, I think.  Hoping to wear this quite a bit this summer.  Oh, and did I mention this dress has pockets too?  Hooray!

June 9: Easy Sunday

Sunday, June 9 hubs and I drove up to Lake Geneva for the day, where we enjoyed a late lunch, a glass of wine, and each others’ company.  It was a nice, quiet little getaway, even if just for the day, and we both needed it.  For our little daytrip, I wanted to be comfortable but feel like myself.  I was digging through my closet for the perfect items to wear and found this green maxi.  I wore it the day after our wedding, but hubs never even saw me in it.  He had gone early in the morning to the race track, and they cancelled the event before I could make it there.  By the time he got back to where we were staying, I was in bed with a 100+ degree fever and sleeping.  We were both really glad we hadn’t decided to take a honeymoon right away. Oddly enough, I hadn’t worn this dress since, and I have no idea why.  I think it just got lost, judging by how and where I had it hanging.

This time around, I paired this lovely green maxi dress with a floral scarf (last summer’s fav find from Target), a pile of mixed necklaces, including a turquoise estate sale find and a re-strung strand of polished rocks that were my grandma’s.  I wore my moccasins (which I’ve since amped up), switched my purse over to my grandma’s vintage leather crossbody satchel, and added a little purple lipstick to accent my nails.

Random Outfits: June 9 Big thanks to my hubby for suggesting we swing by the Yerkes Observatory in Lake Geneva for pics.  Also, I learned that asking, “can you take a picture of my necklaces?” gives him the giggles, and it has been noted.

This was the perfect outfit for a day just wandering around a resort area.  I was comfortable, but didn’t feel like I was schleppy or not put together.  It was great in the car too.  This summer I’m hoping to wear this dress more.  It was folded in half and hung with short-hanging items, which is why I think it got “lost”, but I’m going to hang this with the rest of my maxi dresses from now on.  The color is great on me and it’s such a nice, comfortable dress that’s super easy to dress up or down.

June 10: Olive Juice

I’m a huge fan of t-shirts, and recently posted about my desire to add colors other than black and white to my collection.  When I saw this lovely light purpley color tee at Target, I had to have it, and for just $10?  Done deal.  It’s soft, stretchy, looks like it will hold it’s shape nicely, and comes in a ton of colors.  For now though, the Crystal Violet is a nice addition to my closet.  The first time wearing it, I paired it with my olive skinnies, my heart print boyfriend cardigan, and basic black flats.  To tie everything in I added a few necklaces, including the strand of stones from my grandma, which worked beautifully.

Random Outfits: June 10

This was a nice, easy outfit, perfect for the workweek.  I liked the colors and how everything worked together.  Nothing groundbreaking here, but it worked nicely nonetheless.  It will be fun to style this shirt more though, as summer goes on.

June 12: Floral Leggings

Ever since I started wearing my galaxy leggings I liked the idea of having a fun pair that was lighter, or more neutral, or just… not galaxy print (let’s face it, they don’t work for every occasion).  When I came across these floral leggings on sale for $4 at a store at the local mall, I knew they would fill that void.  And $4… come on!  I decided I would wear them to work on June 12, and paired them with my grey sweatshirt-like tunic and black knee boots.  A little summery, but still work appropriate (and weather-appropriate, as it was still a little chilly).  I belted the tunic, to give me some shape, with a wide belt.  I’ve been so into layered skinny belts that I felt the need to go with something totally different.  To tie in the colors on the leggings, I went with a rose quartz necklace that I made, layered with a silver tri-chain and gold chain.  I added a gold cuff bracelet to tie the gold chain in a little more.

Random Outfits: June 12

This was a good outfit, I think.  I like the floral leggings and am looking forward to making them work in fall.  I do need to either layer sweater tights under them, or wear a long top because they are a little on the see-thru side I feel like.  But they’re white, so that’s to be expected.

June 15: Hello, 31!

I turned 31 on the 15th of June, and welcomed 31 with open arms and a big smile.  It was a Saturday.  Trixie had a vet appointment (which brought good results and the promise that we’re almost done with her whole ordeal), I painted my moccasins, and I spoke to a very special person for the first time ever.*  Hubby took me out for dinner, to Melting Pot, and we had a great time.  It was a wonderful day!

For my birthday, I wanted to dress easy.  I didn’t want anything complicated.  I just wanted to feel like me.  I started out with my H&M Sqin skinny jeans, which I cuffed and belted.  I topped them with a short sleeved sweater, which I half-tucked, and added my Target heart locket, my Forever21 feather necklace, and my long claw necklace.  I wore my leather cuff, my Rock Star Jewels for Hope bracelet, and a couple others, and finished it all off with a pair of super cute Audrey Burke wedges from DSW, which I got with a giftcard DSW unexpectedly sent me for submitting a shoe story!  I painted my finger and toe nails lavender again because I can’t seem to get enough of the color.  I particularly like the way it plays with my turquoise ring.

Random Outfits: June 15

This was the perfect outfit for doing everything I did.  It easily went from the vet to talking on the phone for an hour and a half, to crafting, to dinner.  I was comfortable in this and felt great.  You’ll be seeing a lot of these shoes.  They give me a little extra height without hurting my foot, which is awesome, and the remind me a little of a pair of beloved, wore-them-to-death shoes I had in high school.  They are perfect for summer!

*More on the special person later.  You may be dying to know, but it’s one of those things that has to come out on its own first, as it’s deeply personal.  So please be patient!

June 16: A Day to Celebrate

June 16th was Father’s Day, the day hubby’s family celebrated my nephew’s birthday, the day my family celebrated my birthday, and hubby’s and my 13 year “official” dating anniversary.  Phew, big day!  I wanted to look nice, but very rocker-chic as well.  I browsed Pinterest for some ideas and stumbled across this look.  Perfect!  I had all the makings, and decided it would be perfect with my red wedge sneakers.  So I wore my cropped sleeveless tee (which I tucked in) with my lace skirt and piled on the jewelry, adding the white flower bubble necklace and the two colorful bracelets as the day went on.  The bracelets were made by my niece, and the necklace was a gift from my cousin.  They all went so well I couldn’t resist keeping them on!

Random Outfits: June 16

It was a long, tiring day, but full of family and love, which was awesome.  This look was great and went from one party to the next seamlessly.  I had to chuckle, though, when my niece (the one who made the bracelets) looked at me and said, “hmm, sheakers with a skirt… different… I like it!”.  She’s 8, I love it!  She’s crafty and very into fashion, which leads me to believe that when she’s a little older, we’ll probably have a blast shopping together and doing DIY projects!

June 18: Floral Skirt & Ankle Booties

It technically being summer, I felt the need to bust out this floral skirt, even though it was still not even in the 80’s.  I wore a basic black tee tucked in under my denim jacket, with sheer black tights and my new cut out ankle booties.  I added my fairly standard arm party along with my long claw necklace.  For a Tuesday at work, this was a great look.

Random Outfits: June 18

These Steve Madden Repp booties are my new obsession.  They were purchased with more DSW giftcards, because 3 people got them for me for my birthday (on top of the surprise one I got directly from DSW).  They’re a good height, hit me nice on my leg, and have the cutout, which I love!  I wanted a cut out bootie so bad, but was having trouble stomaching $100+ for a chunkier boot.  This sleek style works perfect for me and can be worn almost all year round.  I love finds like this!

June 20: Four Years Married

Hubs and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary on the 20th, and I wanted a look that would go from work to dinner easily.  We didn’t have any specific plans, but in case we decided to go somewhere nicer, I wanted to avoid having to change.  I wore my swapped Max Studio dress with my new ankle booties and a light white cardigan.  I layered two necklaces, though they look like more, and belted the dress with a teal ponyhair belt (a brand new Target one that I snagged at Goodwill for less than $1).  I added mint ankle socks to accent the colors in the belt and necklace, as well as highlight the cutouts in my boots.

Random Outfits: June 20

We ended up just going to Red Robin for dinner, where we both decided on the same burger.  Of course!  I may have been a little over-dressed for Red Robin, but I loved my outfit so I don’t care.  Hubs said I looked cute, and I tend to agree.  Cute, but still true to my rockstar self, I think.  This dress, which I wore my first day of work, is proving to be a wisely-swapped addition to my closet!

June 29: Rocker Chic

On the last Saturday in June I decided to wear this great long sleeved tee I got at a swap.  It was a little cooler out, so the tee paired nicely with a pair of plain black shorts.  I topped the tee with an oversized vest I made from a thrifted jean jacket (eventually I’m planning on adding some studs to the back of it).  On the bottom, I wore my combat boots with a pair of holey socks.  They are actually socks that go above my knees, but I wore them shorter because I didn’t want to appear so dark on the bottom.  It is, after all, summer.  I wore my skully bracelet, my Jewels for Hope Rock Star bracelt, my clear Fossil watch, and a choker I thrifted.

Random Outfits: June 29 In case you’re wondering, it says “stickers” on my hand… I needed to remember to pick up yard waste stickers on my way home.

This outfit was a success, though I’m not 100% sure I like the fit of this shirt.  I was comfortable for sure, and felt like myself in it, but the shirt rode up a little as I moved throughout the day.  It’s one of those things that kinda bugs me, and tells me the shirt’s a little snug.  So I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it… though I do really like it.  So maybe I’ll try some kind of DIY on it to make it a little bigger.  Something like adding some fabric on on the side and cutting the sleeves off to make it a tank.  We’ll see.  I love the pattern on it, so yea, I don’t want to just get rid of it.

That’s it for June’s Random Outfits!

I hope everyone had a safe 4th of July holiday and, if you’re off work, you’re enjoying the extra long weekend.  What was your favorite June look?  Anything in particular you’d like to see styled differently in July?

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