Reflections: First Month at The New Job

In case you didn’t know, I accepted a new job back in April, and I started that job May 20. I left a company, and industry, I had been part of for 7 years to dive headfirst into a completely new industry at a new place. It was both exciting, and scary at the same time.

When I accepted the position, I was told the dress code was business casual.

To me, that meant no jeans, no sneakers, and largely dressing nicer than I had grown accustomed to at my old job.  Granted, I still had certain rules in place for work, but having the luxury to break them if I felt like it was nice.  Hearing that I was going to have to step it up was a little daunting.  I figured I could get through the rest of spring and summer, and maybe some of fall, with my skirts and dresses, and limited selection of dress pants, but for late fall and winter, I knew I’d have to buy pants.

But then I started working there, and realized that that person’s idea of “business casual” was a far cry from mine.

In fact, during my third week I had a brief conversation with the company president about the dress code.  He confirmed what I had thought, which was that the dress code at the new job was essentially the same as the dress code at the old job.  I could pretty much wear whatever I wanted, spare shorts or flip flops. Over the past few weeks, however, I’m noticing that even flip flops seem to be ok, though I haven’t seen anyone in shorts yet (maybe because it hasn’t really been shorts weather yet?  I dunno).

I’ve decided that this is a perfect opportunity for me to follow the “dress for the job you want, not the job you have” rule.  While I’ve been wearing jeans, I’ve worn colored jeans or very dark, nicer denim.  The upper management folks can often been seen in standard blue jeans though, so I’ve decided what I’ve been wearing is ok.  But I’m not going to be wearing many of my more “comfortable” pairs of jeans, and will continue with my “no sneakers” rule.  I generally don’t wear flip flops, spare maybe to the beach, so I don’t have to worry about that being an issue.

And my rock star style profile?

It hasn’t really been an issue, which is awesome.  Seems I can show up for work with a pile of necklaces, or an arm party 5 bracelets deep with a leather cuff on the other wrist, and no one bats an eye.  So far, I’ve kept my shoe selection pretty low key (for me at least), but I don’t foresee that bring an issue either. It’s all working out extremely well!

I’m also having fun trying to stay true to my inner rock star while dressing a little nicer.  It’s like… rock star 2.0, haha!  I’ve discovered that I can both find and wear items that are cut more like traditional office wear, but are more suited to my personality and style.  It’s pretty awesome.  All of it is, really.

So really, I’m super happy with the job, the work, and the creative freedom I’m still allowed with my wardrobe.

My nerves, while understandable, were largely unnecessary, and definitely stemmed more from leaving the comforts the old job provided me than anything else.  I’ve been really busy at work, but it’s good busy, and I’m quite excited to help take this company to the next level in the marketplace and really help them move forward.

Yea, I totally love what I do!

Oh, and random fun fact…

Every time I’ve started a new job since graduating college, my hair has been past my shoulders.  It stayed that way through my first job, but as my second (the one I just left) progressed, my hair changed and I got more daring with it.  I wonder what this job will mean for my hair.  I’m already considering pink tips…