Random Outfits: May

Wow, it’s June already, and that means it’s my birthday month, our wedding anniversary month, and that we’re halfway through 2013!  Where does the time go?  I feel like I shouldn’t be ready for this, but I am so ready for summer, aren’t you?  Anyway, onto May’s random outfits.  May was a big month for me.  I left a job I was at for 7 years to start work at a new place, which was both exciting and scary at the same time.  I also got a chance to meet some fellow Fashionistas and was excited to get to review some American Apparel items (with more reviews coming soon).  Lots going on, and summer usually means even more going on!  This May, I managed to shoot 15 random outfits for you, which is pretty good considering I did less than that in April and May combined.  So here are May’s random outfits…

May 8: Union Jack

This was one of those “I want to be comfortable but still look cute” outfits.  I wasn’t in the mood for jeans, so I turned to this great grey maxi skirt.  It’s jersey and feels just like a favorite tee does, which makes it super comfortable.  I wore it with my Union Jack t-shirt (from the Miley Cyrus Max Azaria Walmart line), which I topped with a GAP cardigan I got at the Naked Grape Sip & Swap and my trusty GAP denim vest.  I added a yellow triangle necklace, which I got at a different clothing swap, my leather cuff, my Jewels for Hope Rockstar Bracelet, my “Fashion Girl” watch, and a skull bracelet from Charming Charlie.  I finished it off with my glitter boots.

Random Outfits: May 8 Union Jack

I really liked this outfit.  It was comfortable, looked good, and really spoke to my style.  Definitely a good season-transition look!  I for sure don’t wear this skirt enough, but think I’m going to give it some more wear this summer.

May 9: Rain, Rain, Go Away

This was purely a comfort outfit, but I also wanted to wear the oxblood booties I thrifted the day before.  I wore a plain black tee with black leggings and my chunky cream cardigan.  On my feet were my new booties, and I piled on 4 necklaces: a long strand of purpley pearls, a simple silver chain, a claw necklace, and a burgundy beaded necklace that was in my grandma’s jewelry box when I got it.  On my wrist I wore my clear and rose gold Fossil watch and my Jewels for Hope Rockstar Bracelet.

Random Outfits: May 9 Rain, Rain, Go Away

As far as I’m concerned, this outfit was the equivalent of grilled cheese and tomato soup.  Easy, comforting, and always tasty in style.  It was perfect for the weather (chilly and rainy), and great for work (especially because I wasn’t sure if it was something that would fly at the new job).

May 14: 90’s Love

My last week at my old job I decided that I was going to wear whatever made me happy, as long as it fit within their dress code.  I could “get it out of my system” and then get back to dressing conservatively, and wean the new job into my more creative style.  So May 14, I decided to go 90’s inspired, and to push the dress code a little and wear a shirt with writing on it (I figured I could turn it inside out if they really cared).  I wore my fab 90’s wrap skirt with my “nature” shirt, cream lace tights and my combat boots.  I added my clear and rose gold watch, my Rockstar bracelet, my leather cuff and 4 necklaces: a short one from an estate sale, my read heart locket from Target, my thrifted gold chain, and my long claw necklace.  I topped it all off with my GAP denim moto jacket, which I mostly wore in the office.

Random Outfits: May 14 90's Love Look at Trixie being a good little model!

I loved this outfit.  Loved.  I definitely was comfortable in it (both physically and mentally), and I even got a few random complements on it while I was out on lunch too, which is always great to hear!

May 15: Belted

While this wasn’t necessarily an outfit I couldn’t get away with at the new job, I just really liked the idea of feeling pretty, and this Jovovich-Hawk dress from Target always seems to do that.  Especially since I cut the belled sleeves off so I could wear cardigans and sweaters over it, which is exactly what I did here.  I added a Merona cardigan on top of the dress, which I belted with 3 different belts (all linked together to make one really really long belt).  I added my rose gold and clear Fossil watch, my Rockstar bracelet, another similar one from Charming Charlie, and my skull bracelet from Charming Charlie, and I wore my leopard flats to tie into the leopard on one of the belts.  Because my legs are pasty, I went with nude fishnets, which added a bonus layer of texture.

Random Outfits: May 15 Belted

Another outfit that I really liked.  The colors in the dress (which admittedly are hard to see, because I couldn’t resist spinning, but they’re purples, reds, and tans) went really well with the colors in my belts, bracelets, and shoes.  It had enough playfulness and texture in it, too, which you know I adore.  And overall, I felt just lovely in it.

May 16: “This is The Most Conservative I’ve Seen You Look in Awhile…”

One of my former coworkers said that to me and I actually laughed at him.  I hardly considered this look from the 16th conservative, but did tone it down a little because I was giving one last presentation at the old job, which meant it was a no jeans day.  So I wore a green and black pencil skirt, with a vintage-inspired Guess tee tucked in.  Over the tee I wore a tan open vest, and under the skirt I wore black footless tights.  I wore my ruched tan Simply Vera by Vera Wang booties and added my estate sale short necklace, my Target red heart locket, and my claw necklace (that particular one is from Forever21).  I wore my Fossil watch, sans any other bracelets or anything.  Like I said, toned down, but not really what I considered “conservative”.

Random Outfits: May 16 Conservative

This was a good look, I thought.  It managed to portray my creative nature without being too over the top.  And it’s something I could totally get away with at the new job too, which is cool.

May 18: Well Hello, Summer!

May 18 was a glorious day!  We got a wonderful taste of summer, and I decided to bust out the shorts and leave the tights at home.  I spent most of the day at my husband’s shop, while he took apart my car to replace a broken part, and I spent the day helping him organize and move some stuff around.  Not really the cleanest work, but my outfit worked well for what I was doing.  I wore olive shorts I got last summer at Forever21, with my second custom Dress United tee (this one I did the full design on, and I love it!).  I added my long claw necklace and my combat boots.  Perfection!

Random Outfits: May 18 Well Hello Summer I couldn’t resist using these stacks of tires as my backdrop… but I also couldn’t seem to stand still for very long, ha!

Like I said, perfection!  I loved everything about this outfit.  Perhaps it was because I designed the tee and the  boots are totally worn in (and have my own unique paint treatment applied to them, ha).  Or perhaps it was because it was just a great outfit.  Either way… I loved it.

May 20: First Day of New Job

For the first day of my new job,I decided to err on the side of caution and dress up a little.  I wore a pretty pink  and black polkadot Max Studio dress (swapped!) with my grey GAP cardigan (also swapped!) and conservative Steve Madden T-strap heels.  I belted the dress with my long strand of three belts and added a subtle necklace, my rose gold Fossil watch, and my Charming Charlie skull bracelet (along with a turquoise pony holder, for color and function).

Random Outfits: May 20 First Day of New Job

I was super confident in this outfit when I left the house that morning, and while I was a little overdressed (I could have done without the nylons, and could have even worn pants if I wanted), I prefer to err on the side of caution because it’s better to be overdressed than the opposite.  This outfit was great though.  It was a good mix of dressy, casual, comfortable and creative.  I wasn’t freezing (which was a bigger worry of mine) and didn’t feel ridiculously out of place in the office either.

Oh yea, and my bag?  It’s faux, and swapped as well.  I love the size and it’s been my daily bag since I got it.  Excellent swap find, as was this dress and the cardi!  So not only was this outfit a perfect “welcome New Job” look, but it was extremely thrifty too.  Hooray!

May 21: Patterned Pants

While I quickly realized that the dress code at New Job was only slightly dressier than it was at Old Job, I decided I’d continue along the business casual route and not wear jeans quite yet.  It was actually a nice change of pace to dress up a little, you know?  So for day two, I went with a great pair of pattered ankle pants I found on clearance at GAP, along with a peacock top I got at Express (with a black tank underneath to keep it a little more conservative.  This look was finished off with my black and white patent heels, my Fossil watch, and my dainty skull bracelet.

Random Outfits: May 21 Patterned Pants

While this was rather conservative for me, I really liked it.  I’m totally digging these pants, and while they’re hard to wear more than one time a week (tops), they’re a good neutral pant that’s not boring.  And the cut on me is great… which means GAP will be discontinuing it soon, because that always happens to me.  Rawr.

May 23: Singin’ the Blues

After a few days of nice weather, temps dropped significantly and I was back to wearing sweaters.  Yes, sweaters.  I wasn’t feeling super inspired with the drop in temps, so I went with cobalt jeans (ha, sneaking jeans in there!) and a black cable sweater.  I topped the sweater with my dip dyed scarf (yes yes, working on a DIY, but I need to find a scarf that will take the dye first) and wore my rouched Simply Vera booties to balance it all out.  It looked beautiful out, but I was chilly with my sleeves rolled even.  Yuck.

Random Outfits: May 23 Singin the Blues

Not my favorite, but I like cobalt and tan quite a bit.  I don’t wear these jeans enough for whatever reason, but find them easy to wear at the new place because while they’re jeans, they don’t look like jeans.  Kinda nice.

May 24: A Little Taste of Rocker

After a few days at the new job, I figured I’d test the waters a little with a look that edged a little closer to rocker chic, like I love.  So I threw my hair in a high pony, wore my Aerosmith shirt and black skinny pants with my oxblood booties and a pile of necklaces, and topped it all with a stripey moto-inspired jacket from Target.

Random Outfits: May 24 A Little Taste of Rocker
Pardon the fact that I’m wearing the newest addition to my accessory box, the fob to get into work.  Forgot to take it off for pics… oops!

I really liked this look, and I loved the fact that no one batted an eye at it at the office.  At one point, I took the jacket off so I could move a little easier, and still it wasn’t an issue.  I’m so lucky!

May 27: Memorial Day

Normally on Memorial Day we’re in Michigan with my family.  This year that didn’t happen because my parents’ house is under construction still.  It was fine though, because it was a cooler weekend (especially compared to last year’s 80’s) and while Michigan is nice when it’s cool, it can get kind of boring sometimes.  On Memorial Day my parents hosted a BBQ at their place here in Illinois.  Since it was chilly, I went with layers and jeans, busting out a pair of old Michael Kors jeans I snagged at TJ Maxx for dirt cheap and layering a fun tee under a red cardi and camo vest.  I added some necklaces and my leather cuff, and wore my combat boots purely for comfort’s sake.

Random Outfits: May 27 Memorial Day
This shirt actually says “Somewhere Under My Rainbow” and I got it at Kohl’s for like, $3, and only bought it because it made me laugh at it’s ridiculousness.  But to be honest, I actually like wearing it.  This outfit was ok, only because it wasn’t what I wanted to wear, but it was too cold to wear what I wanted to wear.  So I think my lackluster feelings over this look were more because I was bitter about it being too cold to wear a skirt, and not because I didn’t like this look.  I did… I just… yea.  Stupid weather.

May 28: Back to Work

Back to the grind on the 28th with still cool weather and the urge to be comfortable.  So I wore this great black and white silky H&M tunic, which I got at the Naked Grape Sip & Swap, belted with my 3 belts.  On the bottom I wore leggings, which I cuffed, and my Simply Vera booties, which coordinated nicely with my grandma’s cardigan.

Random Outfits: May 28 Back to Work

I really liked this look, though it was a little more “fall” than “spring” for me.  Either way, the textures and the patterns all came together really nice, and I liked the cuffed legging look.  I saw it on a girl over the weekend and thought it added a little interest, and helped get leggings to a good length to wear with ankle booties like this.  It definitely only works with thicker leggings though.

May 29: Mom’s Birthday!

May 29 was my mom’s birthday, and while I didn’t see her, I spoke to her… and I really just wanted to give her a shout out.  My outfit really had nothing to do with her birthday, ha!  Anyway, I wore a gauzy white collared shirt over my denim pencil skirt from Old Navy.  I figured the skirt was a good way to sneak standard denim into the office and see if anyone would say anything (they didn’t, but lots of people wear jeans regularly, so yea).  I added my black vest on top, and wore my oxblood booties with nude fishnets on the bottom.  I added my estate sale necklace and my Target locket, as well as 3 rings: a midi ring from Kohl’s, a gold rose ring from an estate sale, and a turquoise ring that was either my great aunt’s or my grandma’s… not sure.  I’ve had it since I was a kid though.

Random Outfits: May 29 Mom's Birthday

This is an outfit I actually liked better in pics than in real life.  Usually the opposite happens, but that wasn’t the case here.  After I changed into PJs I thought I’d probably never wear that kind of outfit again, but when I went to edit pics I was all “wait, that was actually cute!”  So it’s probably something I’ll revisit in one way or another.

The denim pencil skirt is a tricky piece for me.  I’ve owned quite a few of them, and rarely wear them to the point where I finally cave and get rid of it.  And then a couple months later I find myself lamenting the loss of the denim pencil skirt.  So I go on the hunt for one again.  I don’t know why it happens, but it’s a neverending cycle.  I do like the dark denim and the stretch in this one, so maybe I’ll actually wear it.  We shall see, I guess.

May 30: This One’s for Chuck

 The same coworker who told me I was dressed conservatively mentioned to another coworker when I was leaving that he’d miss my skull outfits.  So when I was planning some things out, I figured I’d wear this skully buttondown as a shout out to the old crew.  I tagged one of my friends from Old Job on Instagram so she could pass it along, and it got a good review, which put a smile on my face.

I wore my grey swapped GAP cardigan over the skully shirt because it’s sheer, and I didn’t want to freeze (I had a black tank underneath).  I wore my cobalt jeans again, because I liked the pop of color, and paired it with black pointy toe flats.  I went conservative with my necklace, and wore my leather cuff, my “Fashion Girl” watch, and a clear crystal bracelet I made (one of a few) for my fob, which I keep tucked into my cuff.  Walking around the office with it as a necklace made it jangle, and I felt like a cat wearing a bell, so I found another solution.

Random Outfits: May 30 This One's For Chuck

I really liked this look, and can’t believe it’s taken me so long to wear this shirt (I think I bought it in February or March). I got it because skulls, but also because I liked the sketchy look of it.  Me on so many levels.  I think next I’m going to play with this under a sleeveless dress.  It’s sheer, so it’ll work nice for summer office, I think.

May 31: Coral & Stripes

I ended the month with yet another pair of bright jeans.  This pair was a DIY dye job from last year, and they’re GAP (I got them at Goodwill, and they were the color “I’m not wearing pants”, but they fit so well I had to have them, so I just dyed them coral).  The dye job wasn’t the most even, but I kinda like it, so I never bothered to do anything about the spots or weird lines (which don’t photograph well, though you can see a spot or two down by my right ankle).  Playing off the outfit from the 30th, I went with neutrals again and just paired the jeans with a black and white striped top and my black and white patent heels.  For a little more interest I added 3 necklaces: a layered chain, a long plain silver chain, and my purpley pearls.  On my wrists were my leather cuff and my “Fashion Girl” watch.

Random Outfits: May 31 Coral & Stripes

I felt pretty good in this outfit.  The jeans fit so well, and since I didn’t wear them all winter, I’d forgotten that.  I’m sure you understand what a great feeling it is to pull on a pair of jeans that fits you perfect!  I liked the stripes with the pop of color, and the interest the necklaces added.  A great look for the new office, really.  And I tell you, these shoes for sure are going to be paying for themselves this summer!  I’ll be wearing them a lot.

So that’s it for May.

In case you couldn’t tell, I tried to take as many pics of my first couple weeks at work as possible, because I knew it was going to be a challenge to go from a very lax work environment, where they “got” my style, to a standard business casual environment.

What was your favorite look from May?  See anything you’d try out yourself?  Let me know in the comments!

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