Random Outfits: March & April

Because I began the 21 Day Challenge in mid-March, it really limited how many outfits I took pictures of. In fact, earlier in April when I went to edit pics for my Random Outfits post, I found I only had 3 outfits for March. Eesh, such a slacker! So I decided to combine the two months, something I’ve only done one other time, and give you more to look at.  Between the two months, I managed to shoot 10 looks, which is pretty good considering I had reviews for Dress United and eShakti, as well as the 21 Day Challenge.

March 1: Drill Baby Drill

Friday, March 1 I took the afternoon off work to spend the day with my friend for her birthday.  We did some thrifting, went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner (where I ran into an old classmate, which was kinda weird but kinda cool), and then I made sure her drapes matched the carpet.  That is, I hung her curtains for her.  It was interesting, because she didn’t have a tape measure, or a step ladder, so it meant eye-balling, using a small box to measure, more eye-balling, and drilling into her ceiling, all while balanced on a spinny bar stool.  Needless to say, I was pretty surprised glad I didn’t break my neck!  After that was done, we hung out and watched movies.

For the adventures, I wore my DIY’d plaid shirt, which I made by dipping the top part in bleach, followed by painting the collar and down the front a bit.  I belted it with 3 skinny belts strung together and wrapped around my waist, to give some shape.  I wore it over black leggings, with black legwarmers over my floral Docs.  On my wrists are my wrist warmers, which I wear at the office (and sometimes I forget to take them off), along with my watch and my leather cuff.

Random Outfits: March & April: March 1

Overall, a fun, comfortable outfit.  It suited the day nicely, going from work to errands to hanging curtains to hanging out easily.  I was comfortable all day, which is pretty awesome.  I’m sure I’ve worn variations of this look since then too, because it’s just so effortless but not boring.

March 4: Black & White All Over

On March 4, I just wanted to be comfortable, keep it simple, and not have to worry about anything.  So I took my sleeveless, short, cowlneck H&M dress, added leggings, legwarmers, well-worn combat boots, and topped it all with a white cardigan.  For a little interest, I added 3 long necklaces (a claw, a strand of purpley pearls, and a plain silver chain) along with my leather cuff (and my wrist warmers, again).  An outfit that embodied “keep it simple, stupid”, but was still full of texture and interest.

Random Outfits: March & April: March 4

This look was actually a variation of something I wore back in January, which was essentially the same look but with different shoes and a different cardigan.  I loved the look in January, but didn’t want to duplicate it exactly so soon after.  This was a good compromise, and I liked it quite a bit.

March 18: Cozy Layers

To be honest, I don’t know why I planned this outfit.  I probably just wanted to be comfortable, and I have a feeling it was shortly after I bought this great fringed cardigan at Savers and I really wanted to wear it.  So I put it over an olive top with black leggings, brown boots (frequent flyers in 2012, but had to be repaired, so I haven’t worn them much lately).  I added a grey scarf, for a little extra warmth, and and 3 necklaces that kind of all pile at the same spot on me.  There’s a good close up of my watch… a forever old “fashion girl” watch I got at a store that I don’t even know if it exists any longer when I was in high school.  There were a couple other “girls” available, but none of them were remotely close to being “me”… this one kind of was.  Little did I know that it would fit me better than nearly anything else I’ve had that long (and there are a few things).

Random Outfits: March & April: March 18

A pretty comfy outfit that had no elements (unless you count my watch) that really matched, which is odd for me.  And yet I was comfortable and it worked nicely.  Maybe something I can start doing more often?  I dunno… I usually like to have at least two pieces that match.  I’m kind of strange like that.  Anyone else feel the same?

And in here was the 21 Day Challenge

April 19: From Work to Play

Friday, April 19 I headed straight from work to Davenport, Iowa, where I spent the weekend hanging out with friends and just generally taking it easy.  It was a much-needed break from life up here in the Chicago ‘burbs.  For the workday and drive, I decided I’d go with pure comfort, but didn’t want to be boring.  I looked at my inspiration board for the weekend’s antics and decided I’d wear my galaxy leggings with the chunky cardigan I got at the Naked Grape Sip & Swap.  After much back and forth over what to wear under the sweater, I decided on this letter print tank top that I got at Kina’s Boutique (which has since closed).  I wore my combat boots, because I knew my feet would be hating me after Saturday night, and added my leather cuff, my watch, my Jewels For Hope Rockstar Charity Bracelet and a similar purple bracelet.

Random Outfits: March & April: April 19

This was a great outfit.  It came together after some significant struggling (I originally wanted to wear my Dress United “Holy Chic” shirt with it, but the grey color of the shirt and the cream cardigan just did not go together) and was perfect for work, driving 3 hours to Iowa, and heading out to the bar once I got into town.

April 20: Out in the Quad Cities

Saturday during the day I wore my “Holy Chic” shirt.  But Saturday night we went out and I finally got to meet Hannah, the girl behind Driftwood Handmade!  We worked together for two Fashionista events, and yet hadn’t actually met before.  Crazy!  It was her birthday, so that’s part of the reason I headed to Davenport.

To celebrate, I over-dressed.  No really.  I would have been fine in jeans and sneakers, but blah, boring!  Instead, I wore my sequin skirt with a soft black tee that says “nature” on it.  Which I covered with a slew of chains.  I wore lace tights over sheer grey tights (you can see those better here), and my Zigi 6″ heel booties.  I also wore black scrunched down socks because, why not?

Random Outfits: March & April: April 22

While it was totally over-dressing for the brewery and hole-in-the-wall bar we went to to celebrate Hannah’s birthday, and I certainly looked like a fool playing Cornhole in 6″ heels and a sequin skirt, I felt so ridiculously me in this outfit it’s not even funny.  I loved it!  Granted I won’t be wearing this exact look anytime soon, it’s definitely one I can take (and have taken) cues from.  The necklace stacking, for example.  Love!

April 21: The Drive Home

This look was directly inspired by this pin, though I put my own spin on it.  When I found this cropped-but-oversized sweater at the Sip & Swap last month, I knew I was taking it and it would be a fun piece to play with.  Not only did I love the shape (or really, lack thereof), but I loved the texture and how surprisingly lightweight it was.  So I snagged it.  It worked well over a striped tee and patchwork jeans from GAP, with pointed toe flats and a long claw necklace.

Random Outfits: March & April: April 21

This was a look that came together really nicely, and was perfect for the drive home, relaxing once I got home, and then meeting up with hubs and a friend for sushi later.  The more I wear these jeans, the more disappointed I am that I can’t wear them on weekdays.

April 22: Earth Day

April 22 was Earth Day, and while I didn’t wear green, I did try to wear something that was “green”.  The tunic top I’m wearing was something I pulled at the Sip & Swap.  Everything else I’m wearing–the scarf (a gift), the leggings, and the scrunched wedge boots–was stuff that was in my closet for a rather long time.  Additionally, I took a bag of clothes to Plato’s Closet to sell, in the spirit of recycling and reusing.  The items that didn’t sell I set aside for another swap I had the following weekend.
Random Outfits: March & April: April 22
This was a pretty easy-going outfit.  It was nice and comfy for work, but not too dressed down either.  I like the patterns on the tunic, the simple monochrome look that’s made a little more exciting with a zebra stripe and paisley pattern.  It’s different, and that’s why I snagged it at the swap.  It’s a nice transition piece, for spring and fall, but I anticipate it going into a Space Bag for summer.

April 25: Peasant Top

When I grabbed this peasant top from the Sip & Swap, I was excited.  It’s something I’ve been looking to add to my closet for ages now.  But at the same time, I wasn’t sure if it would fit my Rock Star style.  But, with it being free because of the swap, I took it, figuring I could re-swap or donate if it didn’t work for me.  I decided to give it a shot on the 25th though.

I wore it over a white tank top (making it work-friendly, of course), and wore grey leggings on the bottom.  I added my black combat boots and black leg warmers, and wrapped my black scarf around my neck to balance it all out, under which was my long claw necklace.  I topped it all with the cream chunky cardigan from the swap.

Random Outfits: March & April: April 25

Surprisingly, I really liked this look.  Everything came together nicely, and I’m looking forward to playing with this top a little more this summer.  I have a bralette that I think will be fun to wear under it, with shorts or maybe a long skirt.  Either way, this was a good find at the swap, I think.

April 27: Custom Tee & DIY Scarf

April 27 was a fun day.  I had both a craft swap and a clothing swap, with I attended with a friend.  Both were a ton of fun, and I got some neat stuff.  It was a gorgeous day, and I wanted to wear something fun, that I couldn’t wear to work, that would take me from one event to the other easily.  I started off with cutoff jean shorts, and added sheer grey tights underneath, which I topped with some fun, holey OTK socks.  On top, I wore my sheer high-low tank (from Express) and my second custom Dress United tee (this one fully designed by me).  On top of that I added a great scarf I dip dyed, inspired by this pin, and for shoes I went with my brown military-inspired booties.

Random Outfits: March & April: April 27

I adored this look!  It was so much fun, and I felt totally me in it, even without a pile of necklaces or an arm party stacked on my wrist.  The shirt came out great, and I’m obsessed with this scarf (don’t worry, DIY coming soon, by request).  This look will be a fun one for summer too, I think, minus the tights and socks.

April 29: It’s a Sequins & Combat Boots Kind of Day

I took the morning off work for a job interview, actually, and when I was done I went home to relax and change before heading back into the office.  My original plan was just to dress down the dress I wore for the interview, but the length just didn’t work with my combat boots (which were a must-wear since my feet were killing me after wearing heels).  So I changed into my sequin dress, topped it with a black sweater, and kept the purple scarf and chain necklace I wore to my interview.  I couldn’t resist taking photos outside, as it was a glorious day out.  In fact, I found myself regretting not taking the whole day off to spend it outside with Trixie.

Random Outfits: March & April: April 29

This was a fun look.  The dress rode up a little too much, I think, when I sat, and I had to keep pulling it down to keep it work-friendly.  A little more noticeable, the amount of leg that shows, when I’m not wearing black tights with it.  Something that’s been noted, that’s for sure.

And yes, I was offered a job as the result of my interview.  More on that later, I promise!

So those are my Random Outfits for March and April.

What was your favorite look?  Share in the comments!

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