21 Day Challenge

The 21 Day Challenge idea was taken from Freckles in April, who started this challenge for herself and other fashion bloggers in mid-August.  I stumbled across it’s mention on another blog, and I figured that just because she had it planned for then doesn’t mean I can’t do it now, using her rules for each day.

As I interpret it, the point of the challenge is to mix up your style and learn how to make the best of what you’ve got.  I’m also going to use it as a chance to shop my closet, and will not buy any new items for any of the challenges.

I will be starting tomorrow, Friday November 11.  11/11/11 seems like a good day to start a fashion challenge, doesn’t it?  I think so.  Plus, it conveniently puts me ending the challenge on December 1.  It overlaps a travel weekend, but that’s ok… it certainly makes packing easier 😉

Here is the list of the “rules” for each day:

  1. Pick an item to remix 3 times over the next 3 weeks (NO JEANS!).
  2. Tuck it in.
  3. Mix patterns.
  4. Color block.
  5. Belt it.
  6. Get creative (wear something in an unexpected way).
  7. Layer accessories.
  8. Mix fancy and casual.
  9. Monochrome.
  10. Wear a closet orphan.
  11. Wear a dress or skirt.
  12. Jazz up jeans and a tee.
  13. Neutral base with a pop of color.
  14. Copycat! Recreate an outfit you love from a catalog, blog, etc.
  15. Try something new with your hair.
  16. Menswear.
  17. Pull something from your repair pile, fix it and wear it.
  18. Statement jewelry.
  19. Wear something on your head.
  20. Wear Sunday shoes.
  21. Work it! Use all your new-found dressing confidence to put together a killer outfit that works for you!
I can most definitely do this!  It will be much easier to do than the 30 for 30 Remix Challenge, which I tried earlier this year but failed (I blame the unseasonably cold weather we had that month).  A lot of this I do already.  But at the same time, there are elements of this challenge that will be really tricky for me.  I suppose that’s part of the challenge though, and what’s going to be so fun 🙂
If you’d like to join me in the 21 Day Challenge, drop me a line either via my Contact page, or on the Facebook Page!

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