21 Day Challenge, Day 20: These Shoes Were Made For Sundays

On day 20 of the 21 Day Challenge I had to wear Sunday shoes.

“Sunday shoes” are shoes you reserve for special occasions… I think the original verbiage stemmed from wearing nice shoes to church on Sunday.  But yea… Sunday shoes are special occasion shoes.

When I did this the first time, I wore my peacock booties.  They were a pair of shoes I hadn’t worn often, but since then have worked themselves into my regular rotation.

This time around, I decided to wear a pair of shoes I have only worn for special occasions.  I bought them for our engagement pics and have since only worn them for events like weddings (and probably the occasional photoshoot when I modeled).  They’re comfortable and I can move well in them, so when I was looking for shoes for this day of the challenge, I decided they’d be a good pair to go with.

I wore them with cuffed skinny jeans, to highlight the fanciness of them.  On top I wore a white tank under a cream chevron-studded tank, which I topped with a chunky, fringed long cardigan.  I added my Rockstar Charity bracelet from Jewels For Hope to my look, along with my leather cuff, to help make this look a little more me.

Check out the look.

21 Day Challenge: Day 20

Though even without the leather cuff and Rockstar Charity Bracelet, I’d have liked this look.  It was great for work, and a nice way to make a pair of jeans a little fancier.  I got complements on the cardigan too, which was interesting because I’ve definitely worn it before, just not so dressy.  I didn’t dislike anything about this outfit at all, actually.

I’m not sure if this pair of shoes will make it into my regular rotation.  I think it’s important to keep certain things nice for special occasions, and shoes like this will show wear quickly (they’re light, so they scuff easily at the very least).

So that’s day 20 of this round of the 21 Day Challenge.

What do you think?  Do you have certain items in your closet you reserve just for special occasions, or do you try to wear everything you own regularly? Share your thoughts in the comments.