21 Day Challenge, Days 17 & 18: A Statement on Failure

I made the decision to switch days 17 and 18, doing the task for day 18 on Friday.

I did this because during the week I didn’t feel like doing any fixing once I got home from work, and I figured I’d have Saturday during the day to start and finish my “fix it” project in time to wear it to an event that evening.  The statement jewelry part of it went off without a hitch… the “fix it” part? Well…

On day 18 17 of the 21 Day Challenge I wore statement jewelry.

When I did this the first time around, I wore a necklace that was a closet orphan.  And it remained one since that one wearing. I’ve gotten rid of it in the time that’s passed, and don’t miss it at all.

This time, I decided I wasn’t just going to wear a single statement necklace, but that I was going to layer a statement necklace with some chain necklaces to achieve an even bolder look.  I started with my silver three-layer necklace, and added my plain gold chain.  Then, on went my hot pink bubble necklace.  I wore them all over a grey sweater with a tan open vest, black leggings, grey OTK socks, and my black OTK boots.  I added my watch and leather wrist cuff as well.

21 Day Challenge: Day 17

I actually really liked layering the bubble necklace like this, and may try it with some other pieces I have.  It for sure makes me want to get a more neutral color necklace (cream, most likely) and play around with it that way.  The outfit otherwise I’m just ok with.  It wasn’t anything super special, I felt like.  But it was comfortable and perfect for a Friday.

Moving along…

Day 17 18 of the 21 Day Challenge the task was to pull something from the repair pile and fix it.

The first time I did this, I cut the top layer of a dress in half for a long cardigan kind of look.  I haven’t worn it since, honestly, and while I’ve hung onto it for some reason, I think it’s going in my swap pile next week.

This time around, I planned to shorten a red skirt I bought, and do this awesome angled thing.  It was cool.  It is cool.  What’s not cool is that my sewing machine tensions are all messed up and I have to tear out what little bit I was able to sew, screw with the machine, and re-sew.  It’s become a “when I have time” project that’s cut, pressed, pinned and ready to go.  I had to buy a new seam-ripper and more thread for this, which pushed it back farther.  I’m planning on finishing it this weekend.  We’ll see how that goes.

So day 17 18 was, technically, a total fail.  Lame.

So there you have days 17 and 18 of the 21 Day Challenge.

What do you think?  Do you layer statement pieces, or wear them separately?  Have you ever started a project only to have it go terribly wrong?  Share your thoughts in the comments.