21 Day Challenge, Day 11

On day 11 of the 21 Day Challenge, I had to wear a dress or skirt.

When I did this the first time, I simply remixed the dress I had chosen as my remix piece on day one.  It was easy, and I was traveling so it was nice and comfortable as well.  It worked well for me.

But this time around, it was Easter dinner and I had a condolence call to make, and I felt the dress I chose to remix was too casual.  Also a bit of a cop-out, really.  So I chose to wear something different.  Originally, I had planned on wearing a new skirt, but I couldn’t get it to look right and I was running out of time, so I just threw on some pieces that I knew worked together, and ran out the door.

I wore my mint skirt (which you’ve seen numerous times) with a black tank, a white sweater, sheer grey tights, and my pretty embroidered boots.  I added a grey scarf to tie everything together. I added my leather cuff because I wanted a little sparkle, but not a whole arm party.

Check out the look.

21 Day Challenge: Day 11

What’s funny is that I ended up colorblocking, and in a very similar way to how I did it earlier in the challenge.  I should have taken better pics, but I just didn’t have time before everything, so these were taken at around midnight when we got home.  This outfit was ok.  It worked, because I knew it would, and I was comfortable in it… but I wish I had had more time to dress a little more creatively.  Oh well, can’t win every day.

So that’s day 10 of this round of the 21 Day Challenge.

What do you think?  Do you have those pieces in your closet that you know work, and can just throw on in a moment’s notice (or during a bout of poor planning) and go?  Share your thoughts in the comments.