21 Day Challenge, Day 8: Mixing Fancy & Casual

On day 8 of the 21 Day Challenge, the task was to mix fancy and casual pieces.

When I did this the first time, I mixed a buttondown with a tiered skirt and combat boots.  At the time, it was a pretty good mix of fancy and casual for me, and I liked the outfit quite a bit.

This time around, I stepped it up, bigtime.  I wore my sparkly bodycon dress with a tee underneath it, topped with my maroon cardigan, and a ruffly scarf.  I wore tan tights and my new red wedge sneakers.  Despite the sparkly dress being a bodycon, it’s remarkably comfortable, and layering it up like this, while not something I would have thought to do, is something I’m going to start thinking about doing with other similar pieces I have.  I wish I could share the inspiration with you, but I saved an image on my phone while browsing somewhere while mobile, and for the life of me can’t find the source anywhere.  Guh… I gotta start noting that stuff!

Check out the look.

21 Day Challenge: Day 8

Like I said, this was surprisingly comfortable, despite the dress being a “dressy” dress.  I suppose that means it’s a piece that I can get more wear out of, instead of reserving it for special occasions, which is pretty awesome.  It was on sale for $10 at H&M when I got it a few years ago, and was one of those “too good a deal to pass up” things that I figured I’d wear somewhere.  This was my 3rd time wearing it, and I’ve worn it 3 very different ways (the first time was in July, where I commented that you  likely wouldn’t see it often, and the second time was in December, when I wore it to work and 2 events that evening).  Perhaps this could be a regularly rotating piece, with it being dressed down like this… hmmm…

So that’s day 8 of this round of the 21 Day Challenge.

What do you think?  Would you dress down something fancy like this, or are your fancy pieces reserved for special occasions only?  Share your thoughts in the comments.

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