21 Day Challenge, Day 5: Belt it Out, Girl

The day 5 task of the 21 Day Challenge was to belt it.

This was an easy one for me, both the first time and this time, though it was definitely easier for me this time.

I belted a tunic top with 3 strung-together skinny belts.  I might have done this differently if I wasn’t going to be spending the day in the kitchen helping my mom prepare for Passover, but I needed something comfortable, easy to work in, and that wouldn’t get ruined if I got raw fish or wine on it.

The tunic itself is a DIY project, based on this pin, which I sat on for ages before finally finishing.  This is the second time wearing it since I finished it, but this time around I put my distressed leather-look leggings on the bottom and finished it off with another DIY project, my glitter boots.  I added the 3 belts–a muted purple leopard one, a solid black one, and a black one with silver and yellow rhinestones–and that was it.  Easy, perfect for working in the kitchen in, and comfortable.

Check out the look.

21 Day Challenge: Day 5

While this was an easy look, I wish it was something a bit more complicated.  I’ve been trying to push myself a little more with this challenge, and didn’t really feel like this outfit compared to some of the others I’ve done so far.  But a more complicated outfit really wouldn’t have suited what I needed to wear that day, so oh well.

Why three belts?  Well, it’s something I figured out I could do about a year ago, when I wanted to belt something using one of the three belts above, but none of them were small enough to fit my waist.  So I started stringing belts together, and discovered that if I linked 3 of them, I could wrap them around my waist and it worked.  So I’ve started doing that, and it’s awesome because I can add some extra texture and interest to an outfit that with one belt might just be ok.  It’s just a little more rock star, I guess.

So that’s day 5 of this round of the 21 Day Challenge.

What do you think?  Have you ever used multiple belts like this?  Share your thoughts in the comments.

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