Random Outfits: February

Woah, between the dog being sick and the Spring Fashionista Event going on, I almost completely forgot to post my Random Outfits for February! Admittedly, there aren’t nearly as many looks as I usually photograph, but that’s mostly because with everything going on with Trixie, taking outfit pics was the least of my concerns. Anyway, here are a few of the looks I wore in February…

Leather Skirt & Aerosmith Tee

I got this great leather skirt at Savers and had been thinking it would work for the trade show event I had later in Feb, but I wanted to spend a day in it to see how it worked out.  So I decided I’d wear it with my Aerosmith t-shirt and a heart print cardigan.  I added sheer leopard tights and my brown military style booties.  I added a pile of necklaces to finish it off.

Leather Skirt & Aerosmith Tee

The skirt is fantastic.  It fits me great and looks pretty flattering even though it’s one of those lengths that can be kind of spotty on me.  The only problem I had, and the reason I opted not to bring it to the trade show, was that occasionally, if I bent at the waist while I was sitting, one of the two buttons on the back of the skirt would pop open.  When wearing a cardigan, it’s not a huge deal, but I wasn’t planning on wearing layers while working the show, so I didn’t want to have to worry about needing to pay attention to that and fix it.

This outfit, though, I was a pretty big fan of.  It was a good mix of my Rockstar style and something office-appropriate that wasn’t jeans.  I’m trying hard to not wear jeans as often as I usually do, though it’s been tough with the colder weather.  Leather is in for spring, so I’m looking forward to trying to work this skirt into rotation, perhaps with florals and lighter-weight tops.

Chanel-Inspired Cardigan

I’d been looking for a Chanel-inspired cardigan or blazer forever.  I love the classic look and the texture.  I had almost given up my search when I found this great shrunken-look cardigan on the clearance rack at Target, of all places.  I didn’t even try it on, just tossed it in my cart and went.  It fits great, and while it’s been a little hard to wear with it being cooler (I like to keep my wrists covered in the office–keeps my hands warmer), I gave it a shot a couple days before Valentine’s Day.

I paired it with an orangey tee (also from target) and skinny black pants from GAP, along with my much-loved over the knee boots.  I wanted a little bit more color and texture, so I added this great floral thrifted scarf that didn’t quite match, but worked well with the orange.  I buttoned the very top button of the cardigan and let it hang open otherwise.

Chanel-Inspired Cardigan

This outfit worked pretty nicely, though I do feel like it’s missing a little something.  Maybe a stack of bracelets or something would have finished it off.  It is proving to be a slightly harder piece to wear than I thought, because it’s super classic, and with my style, it’s just… a challenge.  But I’m not going to get rid of it and I certainly don’t regret getting it!  I just have to try harder to make this work for me, that’s all.  A fun challenge, I think, and one I’m up for.

Valentine’s Day

I’m not one for wearing shades of red and pink on Valentine’s Day.  In fact, hubs and I barely celebrate any longer (we’re going on 13 years together, and at this point, don’t feel like we need a certain day to prove we still love each other).  At the same time, I’m not that girl who dresses in all black and curses the “holiday” or something like that (come on, you know you know someone like that!).

Last year I was subtle and wore a red heart locket.  This year, I decided to amp it up a little and wore my burgundy coated skinny jeans, which are by Rock & Republic and from Kohl’s.  On top, I wore a light blue oxford shirt (a gift from hubby, so I was thinking of him) under a black cable-knit sweater.  I piled on a whole bunch of long necklaces and added red plaid flats, which are also Rock & Republic via Kohl’s.

Valentine's Day

Subtle, but effective, I thought.  A great outfit, though my feet were freezing!  I thought I could handle flats and no socks, being that I work inside, but I was really thankful I had my space heater–it was on all day warming my poor cold toes up.  I really liked this outfit, though, despite the chilly tootsies.

Unicorns & Bunnies

I got this fantastic dress at a small boutique called KumBaYa on Las Olas Boulevard in Florida, when hubs and I were there with my parents in December.  It was pretty short for me as a dress, but the adorable pattern (and the super-sale price) sold me, and I bought it.  I wore it like a long tunic, adding thick leggings under it and a cardigan over it for warmth.  It was cold, and wet out, so I wore my purple Bearpaw boots, which actually picked up a color from the print.  I added a black scarf to tie the leggings in and tossed on a few bracelets, including my Rockstar Charity Bracelet, for some sparkle, and to “badass” up the cutesy pattern a little.

Unicorns & Bunnies

I loved this outfit, and am planning on trying other variations as it warms up.  For work, I’ll keep the leggings, but will for sure be trying other shoes, as well as other tops to keep warm (it’s just about sleeveless).  On weekends… we’ll see if I’m brave enough to actually wear this as a dress.  It’s pretty darn short, especially if I add heels!  I love it though, despite the risky length, and am really glad I decided to get it.

Sequin Bow Tank

I’ve had this sequin bow tank since about when it came out in 2010.  It’s from the Miley Cyrus Max Azaria line from Walmart, and I bought it on clearance, so I had little size choice.  It’s a large.  Makes it kinda hard to wear, but every time I clean out my closet, I can’t bear to part with it.

I decided I was going to finally wear it though, and put it over a plain black tank, topped it with a light cardigan and a distressed looking vest, and added my olive skinnies.  I added my glitter boots and a thick knit purpley infinity scarf from Forever21, finishing it all off with my Rockstar Charity Bracelet and a basic watch.

Sequin Bow Tank

This was actually the first time I wore this tank, and I think I’ve discovered that it’s wearable, and looks really cute!  I don’t know why I never layered it, and I feel dumb for not ever doing that, but it worked, and I loved it!  I liked muting it with neutral colors too.  This worked nicely, so I’ll be playing with this top more for sure. I knew there was a reason I never could get rid of it!

Pink Boots

I didn’t realize until I was going thru these pics that I had worn my Aerosmith tee twice in February.  Pretty impressive when you consider the size of my closet and the fact that February is a short month!  This was a totally different look though.  I layered the tee under a denim top, which I put under a sequin-neck cardigan.  I wore black leggings, cream leg warmers, and my trusty pink rainboots that I got when I was in my 20’s worked downtown.  I’m back and forth on whether they’re age-appropriate, but I think they’re working for me right now.  So there was a little more color in my outfit elsewhere, I added a floral scarf.  I took my pics outside during our first major snow…

Pink Boots

I’ve worn my boots a couple times since this, mostly because we’ve gotten a couple more snow storms like this, and they’re just the best for wading thru the parking lot to scrape off my car.  I love wearing leg warmers with them and quite liked this look.  It had lots of texture, and you know I love texture!  Plus it kept me warm and dry while doing all the notsofun weather-related stuff (like shoveling the driveway after work).

And that’s it.

Compared to other months, I know this is, like nothing, but it is what it is.  I’m surprised I only look exhausted in one of these pics, because let me tell you, February was a beast in terms of lack of sleep and stress.  But it’s over, things are looking up, and we’re actually sleeping through the night now (I swear, for a bit, it was like we had a newborn… there just were no poopy diapers, thankfully).

What was your favorite look?  See anything you’d try out?  Let me know in the comments!

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P.S. Happy birthday to my little bro! One year closer to 30!  Then you know what we day… “it’s all downhill from there”.

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