Review: eShakti Skirt

I was fortunate enough to receive another item from eShakti to review.

Like last time, I was able to choose an item from their newest collection.  And just like last time, the decision proved to be rather difficult.  There were so many cute items to choose from!  I opted to go with a skirt again, since my other one fits me so nicely but is a little more wintry.  I wanted something more suited to spring and summer.  And now that spring is here (or at least close enough to getting here full-time), I finally got a chance to wear it!

eShakti Skirt Review

I chose this skirt because it’s totally unlike anything in my closet.  I really liked the embroidered birds and the pale steely blue color.  Normally, I wouldn’t choose such a light color for a bottom, but I knew the skirt’s A line shape would be flattering on me, and the black waistband would really highlight my tiny waist.

Like my first eShakti skirt, this one came surprisingly quickly.  For something that they made specific to my measurements across the ocean in India, it’s pretty impressive just how fast it comes.  The skirt looks just like I expected it to (though possibly was a little longer than I was thinking it would be when I ordered), and fit me perfect.  And it also has pockets (which I adore).

The only thing I wasn’t quite comfortable with was the light color without a lining.  The fabric is significantly thick, but it just didn’t feel right to me that it wasn’t lined.  I was lucky, however, because I took a couple half-slips from my grandma, and the nude one was the perfect length for under this skirt.  So I didn’t have to worry about there not being a lining or anything.  I love when stuff like that works out, don’t you?

How I wore it.

It would have been super easy to pair this skirt with a plain black or white t-shirt and call it a day.  But where’s the fun in that?  Instead, I rummaged through my closet and found this great closet-orphan striped bodysuit.  While it was still simple black and white, the stripes made it a lot more fun than just a plain tee.  On the bottom I went with nude net tights for texture (and to help camouflage my pasty legs) and… well, the shoes were tricky.

Because of the length, I knew I wanted to wear heels.  In fact, I pretty much had to, otherwise it would shorten me, and I didn’t want that.  So I tried on a few different pairs of shoes to see what worked, and what suited my feet right now, because they’ve been not-so-happy with me as of late.  Too much heel-wearing, I suppose.  Bummer.  Here were some of my options.

eShakti Review: Many Shoes

After much consideration, I decided on my tan Vera Wang wedges from Kohl’s.  They’re lower heeled, so there wasn’t so much pressure on my toes that being in them all day hurt.  The tan worked nicely with the colors in the skirt, and helped elongate my legs a bit, which was a plus for sure.  To tie the tan in on top, I added an open dolman cardigan from Forever21, which was perfect for the office.

Once I decided on shoes, I picked jewelry.  I decided to go a little tribal-inspired, and layer.  I pulled this stone-embellished statement piece I got last winter at Forever21 and layered it with a triple strand necklace that’s also from there.  It pulled a couple of the colors from the skirt, and played against the natural theme of the birds really nicely.  But it also rocked it up a little, which I liked, of course.

Here’s the full look.

I was fortunate enough to wear this on a day that was just gorgeous!  It ended up being almost 80 degrees outside, so it was just perfect.  The cardigan was definitely not needed when I was ouside.  And I tell you, after weeks of cold, gross weather, this kind of day was definitely “wear a pretty skirt” weather!

eShakti Review: The Full Look

Shop eShakti!

While the skirt I ordered appears to be out of stock, there are a ton of gorgeous skirts available at eShakti, all customizable and all available in sizes 0 to 36W, just like everything else available there.

I received a sample as compensation for my post/review, but the opinions above are my own and were not influenced by compensation received.  For my full disclosure policy, go here.

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