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Today’s Fashion/Beauty Friend Friday post is hosted by Gina of Mommy Posh.  This week’s post is a pictorial review of what inspires us, and wants us to show shots we took on the streets, pulled from magazines or pinned. She wants to see the little things that inspire and that make us smile.  I’ve decided to focus solely on fashion and style here (as much as I’d love to fill this entire post with quotes about love, pictures of puppies and butterflies, and that kind of fluffy stuff).

I’ll start with Pinterest, my newest obsession.  I have a few boards there that apply to fashion, beauty, and style.  I’ve got tons of stuff pinned, from nail art and makeup ideas to haircut and styling ideas, as well as craft projects and full outfits I love.  Because I have the Pinterest app on my phone, I sometimes feel like I’m constantly pinning… but that’s ok.  Anyway, here are some looks and ideas that I’m loving right now


You can view all my boards at Pinterest here: www.pinterest.com/racheljay

Moving on to another obsession of mine, let’s talk about Polyvore.  At Polyvore, I spend a lot of time creating collections and browsing, as well as putting together ideas of my own, using wardrobe pieces and accessories I either own, or are similar to what I own.  I use the various collections I’ve created to inspire outfits on a regular basis, often browsing on my iPhone from home.  Here are some sets from other Polyvorians that I totally dig.

Airport style there's no secret What I'm Wearing Right Now Vintage. W.W.  Blood between my teeth.

You can check my sets and collections out on Polyvore here: racheljay.polyvore.com

And in addition to those two wonderful places, I find style inspiration in a few other places.  Mostly, I save images I find online in a folder on my computer.  The images are commonly from modeling sites, other fashion bloggers, sites like Chictopia, Google image searches for specific items or people, and shopping sites like UrbanOg, Forever21, Gap, Express, and JCrew.  I’ve also been known to snap photos on my phone from pages in magazines while I sit and paw thru them at the hair salon or wherever.  I’d love to be able share some of these images with you, but I wouldn’t be able to properly credit any of them, so I won’t.  When I save stuff, I don’t usually mark down where it came from, so yea.  I also have a subscription to Nylon magazine, which has provided me some great ideas too.

I use my phone a lot as well, as I’ve already mentioned.  I use my iPhone to browse the ‘net and save photos from, as well as take pics, browse Polyvore, and spend time pinning on the Pinterest app.  I find it a hugely helpful tool when I’m at a loss regarding what to wear, and have definitely browsed both Pinterest and Polyvore in the mornings before.

When I find something that catches my eye, I often don’t mark down what it is about it that I love.  I suppose the exception would be Pinterest, which is generally a bit more organized than the rest of my inspiration collections.  But largely, I find that pulling something and putting it in a folder means I’ll look at it later and could possibly find something else about it that I really like.  I also don’t delete stuff (with rare exception), because who knows when I might be inspired by something a second, tenth, or hundredth time?

So, there you have it.  Some insights into where I find fashion and beauty ideas and inspiration, as well as how I use the tools I have to continually find ideas and access them when I’m stuck.

Happy Friday!  Big weekend ahead, and a big week following that!  It’s the weekend before Halloween, which means parties for many.  Monday is, of course, Halloween.  And then next week, hubby and I are going to Vegas!  Stay tuned for some fun pics and posts about packing fashionably!

2 comments for “FBFF: Inspiration

  1. October 28, 2011 at 1:11 PM

    I love pinterest! It sort of does what Polyvore does, only isn’t as restrictive since you can pin from anywhere. I like polyvore for setting up looks, but pinterest is great for specific items.

  2. Rachel Jay
    October 28, 2011 at 1:16 PM

    I agree! And I love the Pinterest app for my phone too. It means I can be inspired whenever, wherever! 🙂 Though I do wish there was a way to pin from your phone (without just uploading a photo) too. But I’m totally addicted to both, LOL.

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