Wearing Goth Boots After 30: Successfully Squashing The Stereotype

Ok, so February really was crazy…

But it wasn’t just because of the dogI was actually secretly working on this project while everything else was going on.  It was nuts, I’ll be honest, and I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to get everything done I had planned on.  But I did, and now you have it!

Goth Boots After 30

These boots have been quite a challenge for me, but I just couldn’t justify getting rid of them.  They were a gift from a friend, and they’ve been sitting in my closet ever since, begging to be worn but a challenge (to say the least).  Most folks don’t look at goth boots and think “normal”; there’s quite a stigma attached to the look they present.  That, however, is the reason I had to strive to work them into my regular look.  After all, while my style is definitely Rock Star, I don’t tend to rock the stereotypical “goth” look that is certainly the one that comes to mind when one sees, well, goth boots.  But they’re a great, comfortable, statement shoe that adds some much-needed height to my petite frame, so I figured I’d tackle the challenge the goth boots presented to me as a 30 year old and share my results with you.  Here are 7 great looks I put together with them.

And The Band Played On

I decided to ease into wearing the goth boots by wearing them out on a weekend.  I figured they’d be a little easier to wear out at a bar, so when I went to see a band play at one of the local bars, I threw them into the mix.  I wore them over grey OTK socks and sheer charcoal tights, with black and grey pinstriped shorts and a black tank.  I added my striped jacket and some long necklaces.  I rocked out my hair a little, scrunching it as I dried it, and went with a darker eye.

Goth Boots Over 30: And The Band Played On

I totally loved this look, and realized that the boots were actually pretty suited to my Rock Star style.  Perhaps that’s a “duh” moment for you, but it was a big huge “ZOMG!” for me.  I was totally comfortable in this outfit, and got quite a few “hot boots” comments from other chicks at the bar.  And while I had the height of heels, my feet didn’t kill me at the end of the night like the normally would have, so total added bonus!

All That Glitters is Skull

I snagged this great red shirt with a studded skull on the front for a couple bucks at Discovery, and thought it would be a perfect way to wear my goth boots on a regular weekend day.  I layered my knit vest with the faux fur collar over the tee, and added a black scarf to balance out the heaviness of the boots.  I tucked my torn skinny jeans into the boots, but before I did I put on floral tights–I needed an extra layer of warmth because February was pretty chilly, but also liked the softness of the floral against the, uh, gothiness of the boots.

Goth Boots Over 30: All That Glitters is Skull

I really liked the textures in this look, and the juxtaposition of hard and soft.  The toughness of the torn jeans, the skull, and the boots were softened by the vest and the peeks of floral print.  This was a great outfit for random errands with hubs on a Saturday, and I loved the look!  I also loved keeping my feet dry trudging through slushy parking lots, haha.

Making Them Work At Work

I decided to brave wearing the goth boots to work, but wasn’t ready to totally “out” them.  I wore them as part of my Scary Spice costume on Halloween, and got some flack for them, so I knew the first time I wore them to work I’d hear the same kind of crap.  So the first time I wore them, I wore them under a long tan maxi skirt, with a black and white striped sweater.  Since I liked the way the black scarf balanced out the black boots, I wore it again (plus, it was cold).  I added a jean jacket, for another layer, and yes, I had sweater tights on under the skirt.

Goth Boots Over 30: Making Them Work At Work

This outfit was a resounding success!  Most people didn’t even notice the boots, and those who did were shocked they were the same ones I had on for Halloween.  Wearing them with normal clothing, it seems, totally changed the reception of them.  Yes, I had to change shoes for the drive there and home, but I did that anyway quite a few times in February because of the snow anyway, so it really wasn’t all that big of a deal.

Making His Heart Melt

I really wanted to try to dress them up a little bit, so when hubs and I decided to hit Melting Pot for a much-needed romantic night together, I took the opportunity.  We headed to our favorite restaurant before I left for my work trip, and I wore the goth boots with my black tiered skirt with an olive sweater tucked in (you might recognize it from 7 Days of Sparkle).  I wore sheer black tights, olive OTK socks, and the goth boots.  To dress it up a little more, I added some long strands of seed beads and a purple sparkly clutch.

Goth Boots After 30: Making His Heart Melt

Another successful outfit!  Hubby initially wasn’t super-thrilled I was wearing these out to a nicer restaurant, but I plead my case well (“they’re patent leather, people would be wearing jeans anyway, and platform shoes/boots are totally in style right now anyway”), and in the end, the look grew on him.  After I received a couple complements walking through the restaurant, he realized they actually didn’t look as bad as he’d thought.  I tried not to gloat, haha.

Sidenote: I wore my hair up quite a bit in February, I’m realizing.  Not necessarily the smartest thing, with it being cold, but with everything going on with the dog and work, an extra 15 minutes of sleep at the sacrifice of drying my hair was totally worth it.

Dressing Up For Work

When I got back from the trade show event, I had to give a presentation at work.  I figured I would take a little bit of a risk and really dress them up for the office.  I wore my black and white lace dress with a red cardigan and opaque black tights.  I balanced the bottom off, again, with the black scarf, and added an arm party and my black rhinestone leather cuff on the other arm.  I wore simple earrings and pulled my hair half up to make myself a little more polished-looking.

Goth Boots After 30: Dressing Up For Work

I honestly expected HR to send me home to change my shoes.  We had our monthly birthday celebration in the morning, where I saw pretty much the entire office, but it wasn’t an issue.  A couple people asked me if they were the same boots from Halloween, but instead of being met with “WTF” type attitudes, everyone was impressed that I was able to actually wear them “in real life”.  Even after the cake, I didn’t have a problem.  It was quite a breath of fresh air, and made me realize that if you style something right, it can actually work.  Granted, most people couldn’t pull goth boots off at the office, especially on a day they have to give a presentation, but I have a pretty lax office in terms of dress code, which I’ve talked about before.

Of Corsets Stylish!

Haha I’m such a pun nerd.  I probably could have gotten away with this outfit at work, but I don’t know that I’d risk the corset and the goth boots at the same time.  I wanted to dress a little bolder for an evening out with the girls.  We did dinner followed by dancing at one of the local clubs, and this look was perfect for both.  I wore a sheer-ish white buttondown under a leopard print corset with black leggings and the goth boots. For a little extra warmth at dinner, I added this fab washed grey, batwing cardigan.   Goth Boots After 30: Of Corsets Stylish

This was a pretty good look for the night, though with the corset I felt like it leaned a little towards the sterotypical look.  I don’t think I would have worn the corset with the shirt and leggings if I was different shoes.  But that’s ok.  Or maybe it’s something I need to try?  The corset was an impulse buy that I’ve been hanging on to because I knew I’d find a use for it the second I got rid of it, so perhaps I should try this look with different shoes, or maybe jeans.

Casual, Freaky Friday

Rounding out the 7th look is one I wore to work one Friday towards the end of February.  I wanted to be comfortable, so I wore dark grey skinny jeans tucked into the goth boots, with an oversized cream sweater (I’m sure you recognize it, I wore the heck out of it last year).  I wanted to balance out the dark on the bottom, but was a little sick of the black scarf… so I turned to my skully scarf and knotted it like a tight infinity scarf.  I added a long gold necklace with a claw on the end, and that was it.

Goth Boots After 30: Casual, Freaky Friday

The skulls and the claw necklace might have otherwise taken this outfit towards stereotypical goth, with the dark denim and the boots, but the comfy, chunky sweater offset all of it and make it work.  Kind of like the outfit with the floral tights–I think it’s the hard and soft thing that really works.  At this point, no one at work batted an eye at the goth boots, and they haven’t since.

Overall, project Goth Boots After 30 was a total success!

I learned quite a bit about styling and how it affects stereotypes around certain items of clothing.  I also learned that with styles getting a little more “out there”, pieces like goth boots are becoming a little more mainstream and easier for people to accept as part of everyday wear.

While not everyone can pull off something like this, do you think you’d be brave enough to try something like this?  Could you take an item that has such a stigma, such a stereotype look attached to it, and work it into your normal wardrobe?  Let me know what you think in the comments!

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